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How can I turn my back and go. Jumong returns to Buyeo, and after meeting Emperor Kumwa, he is appointed as commander of the palace guards. I am preparing a small gift for my wife-to-be. What was her name? In return, Haemosu shows Jumong sword fighting techniques that are unlike anything that Musong has taught him. Nazif baba tore himself up to pieces made his best just that I do not lower my head The videos do not have English subs, but the action scenes speak for themselves. Feride decides to leave home.

My request for you to stay was accepted. We do not know, mother. You have tried and struggled so much abi and in the end you overcame all the problems. Historical period drama Romance Action. Feride, Mahir and his family go in the living room Jumong Episode 7 9. They did not tell us too.

Jumong Episode 3 8. We understand that a covenant marriage is for life. No, let us go and get a date. Jumong Episode 60 9.

Jumong Episode 81(Final Episode)

Now if I complain from you, I would commit ungratefulness. We can stay at your parents. I just met with the real estate agent, I am looking for a house near the Courthouse. What my father has done has made me feel ashamed a lot. Jumong Episode 73 sumkary. Element of patterns Photojournalism It seems there is a problem with the papers. Write your claim brother and complain. Quote of the Day. We did not say anything Mr. I want to spend my life with him. Are you happy with what you have done?


Our little friend Seyis is waiting for Orhan. Jumong Episode 39 9. But you are still upset?

And my father too will not be able to separate us. Doing that will only open for more problems.

Mahir is the one that gives me this strength. I would say they can stay here, but there is no space. Seyis came out of the prison and his driver was waiting for him.

Haemosu meets and falls in love with Lady Yuhwa, the daughter of the Habaek tribal leader. What will you do then? Jumong Episode 6 9. Sinan and Necdet are talking about the shipment. Vallah, I do not know what to say. Wallah, these are the orders. Emperor Kumwa invites Jumong and his officers to come to Buyeo. Jumong decides to leave Buyeo in order to learn more about Haemosu and eipsode Damul Army. But Governor Hwang immediately attacks Buyeo. They leave, Mahir jumon her face, telling her not to upset herself The city raided the episose and are closing it down.

Good day to you. On the other hand, Dochi offers Youngpo a way of getting salt despite the Han embargo. But we know to stand back up from the place we have fallen from. Jumong Episode 4 9.

You were by my side every time I needed you.

Jumong Episode 69 8. When Emperor Kumwa finds out about the alliance between the Damul Army and Gyeruh, he plans to send soldiers to help Songyang.

Let them get married, and then we will find a solution.


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Put your hand on your conscience. Do not turn your back on your family for someone else. Emperor Kumwa allows Jumong to pay his last respects to Lady Yuhwa.

Yangjung wants to use the refugees as human shields, but his plan backfires when Jumong and the advance guard rescue the refugees. Safiye came and knocked on the door. Jumong wants to use the Eupru pirates to sail south and get the provisions that Jolbon desperately needs. And go enjoy your celibacy episodee now. Is it forbidden for me to come inside the house now?

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While everyone is ready to enjoy the coffee, shall we make my brother such a bitter coffee? I will try to be worthy of that love as long as I live. Have regular hours for epidode and play; make each day both useful and pleasant, and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well.

Did something bad happen? Last time I was surprised when your friend said that you will leave the house.

Thank Goodness that peace will come in our lives.