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The Wee Hours [ edit ] Lauren: He laughed at my jokes. Come on… what’s changed? And I like that the writers have created a story arc that might establish the beginning of episodic arcs that would otherwise turn out to be episodic character arcs for either Maxine or Amy. Season 3 Episode A few words about her other case: I hate all of my clothes Maxine:

Somebody who doesn’t have children. He laughed at my jokes. I’ve seen you rant. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She told me to give you these. I have a good memory.

Episode Review: JUDGING AMY (“Rights of Passage”) | Lifetime of Television

Oh, honey, Grandma doesn’t do non-dairy. Christine Elise Susan Natali. November 20, CBS. Well, if somebody’s keeping score, then I should be heading into the bonus round right about now. Werewolves of Hartford [ edit ] Ignacio: Everyone else’s mother’s always look good. It’s always the same thing.

In the desperate hope that you two have some kind of secret language you can’t speak in front of women, here’s what I’m going to do. You Don’t Know Me [ edit ] Amy: Okay, okay, then just listen to me. Its main character Brenneman is a judge who serves in a family court for the Connecticut Superior Court ‘s Hartford district; in addition to the crimd cases that she adjudicates, many episodes focus on her experiences as a divorced mother and on the experiences of her mother, a social worker in the anx of child welfare.


You worry about my stress levels when the truth is half the stress in my life comes from you! A Pretty Good Day [ edit ] Amy: You are afraid to be alone.

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On July 17,UP the former Gospel Music Channel began airing the series daily, albeit with content and episode edits including episode removals to conform to the network’s programming direction and ownership. The Masked Singer 5. I’ll congratulate you when you learn how to take a nap. So, yeah, this was great shit.

Why are they talking about us like we’re not here? I like things the way they are, that’s what I think is ctime. And to be honest, I loved to see Kyle failing in his first full-time job episode. I’ll say you weren’t home.

Judging Amy

I was hoping for a political storyline for more than just three episodes, but once again the writers extinguish the fire luzzlement too soon. Yeah, especially when he uses an axe the way Oscar did. Maxine laughs I will. May I assume since you’re calling me “Mr. When Lauren was walking out with her mom, she almost had something mature about herself. Available to Stream Watch on. I’m in the shower! Your father was a pragmatist, Vincent and he loved his family very much. Rights of Passage [ edit ] Maxine: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.


Do you understand that? Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! December 18, Cgime It was a solid episode, but the most interesting part definitely came at the end of the hour.

It’s the lady from the hardware store, he met her looking for screws.

So, we’re talking nada? In this episode, Amy is attending her Harvard Law School class’ tenth reunion, and her old friends cannot seem to remember Amy has moved to Hartford.

No, if I sit still, I’ll think terrible things. Also, having Lauren present during the reverse wedding ceremony was nice as well.

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And now that I mention it: My life is kind of weird right now. Hey Mom, this is between me and Lauren. He’s my therapist Sean, you wanted me to go to therapy, I’m going. You are giving your baby the gift of non-violent birth. Lullaby [ edit ] Lauren: The scene in the pool almost had something romantic, because Kyle was not only helping Robert out, but also himself. Why are you cutting so many tethers in your life?