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Monty is the animation master over at RoosterTeeth, leading the team for the awesome Red vs. Just In All Stories: Who’s that over there? Episode 26 Episode 25 Episode 24 Episode Remastered comes out next month, and Lupin III vs. Judi is the voice of Madison Paige in Heavy Rain, and she’s been working on some neat new things since then, so check it out! Today, Time of Eve: Grab your cowboy hat and deck of cards, it’s Owen Thomas!

Tune in to hear more about Initial P and his awesome tunes! Abuse of the TV. Edit Background No background information has been added to this title. PV Animax version 2. Today, new sneak peak for upcoming Gintama movie, Skullgirls looking for more funds, and PS Vita to get three new Neptunia games this year. Merry Melodies – Top 50 Episode Today, the next Etrian Odyssey game is in the works, Skullgirls gets five new characters, and Capcom remakes Ducktales. A familiar face in the Korner, Grant George returns.

Today, Etrian Odyssey Untold: There’s loads of other great stuff in here too, so check it out. Awakening, so check it out! If that wasn’t enough for ya, he’s also the voice of the new Furby!

Whether he’s pumping the bass up or onlune it hard, Rich Brown is always ready for action!

I can’t wait to see how this story turns out. But that is just my opinion, I hope you continue! And of course, wath Gogglehead is in the middle of everything. Today, The Melancholy of Suzumiya manga to end next month, Nintendo wants to know if you are good enough to enter their fan art challenge, and BoA to release new single in November.

Have a listen and find out more! Today, Kingdom wins the Tezuka Cultural Prize, Touhou based anime gets a second promo stream, and in Publisher Dream you can run your own video game studio. English dub preview, and Sengoku Basara 4 will go back to the beginning of the Sengoku period. Today, Psycho-Pass is one step closer to reality, Severing Crime Edge anime gets a six minute promo, and ACE announces many anime continuations in the works.


Coleman stopped by to tell us all about what it’s like to break out of prison just to be a cool guy like Cody, so have a listen! Another Champion joins us from the Fields of Justice! Today, Robotech Kickstarter reaches goal in three hours, Infinite Stratos 2nd season is confirmed, and Sentai Filmworks will be bringing some anime to you. Today, Diabolik Lovers opening theme announced, Giast Crusher has the spirit of Megaman, and Blue Exorcist spin-off one-shot gets its own series.

Kalob Martinez is the voice of Nezumi in No.

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Tune in to hear all about it! Grant and Jess dropped in together to talk about their tag team projects and tons of other neat stuff! Will the crossover be getting any larger? Add to My List.

This time we’re all about her role as Yukiko in Persona 4, but more importantly, you should all go her new book! Christmas sat down with the comedic Rob Mungle to talk about his various works over the years!

Today, get a first glimpse at the Mushibugyo 3DS game, Ghost Stories to get yet another live-action adaptation, and Best Buy has some games on sale. This looks to be an excellent story in the making.

Today, a Twitter tribute to the God of manga, Keiko Suenobu’s suspense manga to get live-action show, and virus hacker busted. Edit Ending Theme 1: For those who don’t know him on a first name basis, it’s LittleKuriboh again! Orion has been blasting through tons of new games like Fire Emblem: I’m always excited to see activity from you.


May 9, 5: It’s time for a remix! Today, Dragon Ball Z: The rain sure is heavy today, mostly because we’re talking to Judi Beecher! Have a listen or we’ll mushubugyo your face with pendulous breasts!

Lea had been all over the place working for various companies on various games! Today, Ace Attorney 5 comes to the west as a download only, Fripside’s Railgun S single tops Oricon weekly chart, onlihe expect great things from Kill la Kill. Hellsing so i’ll let you pick a characters for takato make friends and love harem he will meet. Will this rookie exterminator be able to rid the land of the horde of insects swarming in?

Juli has been a part of Funimation and the rest of the voice over world for quite some time, voicing cool characters like Pinako Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist and Kokoro in One Piece!

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It’s a fresh face! Today, a trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: Grab your cowboy hat and deck of cards, it’s Owen Thomas! Michael Stevens has worked not only on the Maid RPG, but tons of other fun games so you better check it out!

The people desperately beg the government to do something about it. Kana’s Korner – Wtach with Amanda C. Today, Snowboarding is amazing, Nintendo wins E3, and Swoosh effects are supremely important. The Game to life, Sony shocks with its low price, and Square Enix shows off it’s top tier titles.