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The story revolves around Shalini, a school teacher, and Abhay, a journalist. She ask him not do such a difficult ritual, but Abhay does not agree with her. Continuing this, Abhay asks her not to be possessive and consider, Shalini as her daughter. When questioned, Abhay tells that he is here for his honeymoon. She tells him that Vaishnavi was found in the market, and looking at her physical condition and by knowing she had no one to take care, she brought her to orphanage. While going, he shocked to notice Shalini who is sweeping near entrance of the temple. We’ll contact you shortly.

More Videos of Jothe Jotheyalli. Shalini agrees with her, but Abhay tells that, it is not good for health to drink coffee with thick milk. Upload Menus Upload menu files with. And even some times, he looks as a small kid. Shalini refuses go to the movie with Abhay. The story revolves around Shalini, a school teacher, and Abhay, a journalist.

After the lady saint asks Abhay to take care of Shalini well, he decides to offer Seva to the God.

By the time Shalini decides to go to Europe with Abhay, he cancels their Europe trip and instead books the tickets for Kerala to visit the Krishna temple, which Shalini wanted to go. When asked, Abhay’s mother, Shanthi lies to her friends that Shalini is not at home.

After a while she sees a dream eepisode which she sees Ranjit and wakes up. Thank you for rating this Product. Seeing this, Shalini gets shocked.

He further tells that he can’t live without her. He asks Shalini to sleep as it already late. But, she tells that since it is the first time, she want to watch the movie with all the family members.


Jothe Jotheyalli

Abhay then asks about her imagination of a life partner. Later when Shalini and Abhay leave to Abhay’s home where Shanthi finds the Saree that Shalini’s parents had gifted her to be disgusting, she starts insulted them. Evolution of Indian Television Serials 11 Tips. He then asks her to suggest any alternative place.

Looking at sunset, Shalini interprets it as everybody in the world has to die one or the other day. Abhay and Shalini are getting ready to go for their honeymoon trip.

Tips on American Series 26 Tips. But, Abhay asks her to think positively and see the sun as a person who is tired of whole day’s work, and is going to his house for a rest. Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel. Shalini’s epiisode gets a call from Abhay’s mother and blames her, for not treating Abhay properly at their home.

She ask him to plan the trip for Kerala’s Ambalpuza and episods a Krishna Temple. Meantime, Abhay starts to soak himself in jotheyalii and starts the ritual of rolling around the temple. Shalini’s parents gift a saree and a ‘Panchche’ to Shalini and Abhay. This makes Shalini sad and upset, as if their eplsode has washed away. Abhay’s father explains Shanthi that she is just concerned about the cost of the saree and is not at all bothered about the love that is hidden behind this saree.

Five Best Serials of the Year. Abhay takes Shalini’s hand with him while they are sleeping, a hesitant Shalini does not wants to hurt Abhay’s emotions but she feels that what she is doing is not at all right.


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Upload menu files with. But, at the same time, Shalini comes there with the juices for them. When questioned, Abhay tells that he is here for his honeymoon.

To cool down Shanthi, Shalini gives the sari to Shanthi.

Jothe Jotheyalli | Indian Kannada Story | Episode 97 | #ZeeKannada TV Serial | Best Scene

Meanwhile, Shalini and Abhay reach the hotel room. Epiosde leaves Shalini and goes out saying he will come back with a small surprise. She wakes up and walks before the God’s idol and prays him to kill her bad memories.

Shalini gets frightened by this and asks him to go slow. Your Mobile has been activated successfully.

Shalini and her mother are talking about Abhay in the kitchen. Enter your email address. More Videos of Jothe Jotheyalli. When he doesn’t reduce the speed, Shalini angrily asks him to stop the bike, gets down and takes an auto.

She sarcastically tells him that both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are of same age. While riding the bike, Abhay goes in speed. She ask him not do such a difficult ritual, but Abhay does not agree with her. Thank you for sharing the requirements with us. She talks to herself and apologizes him for not being able to a wife for him, and by his goodness and sacrifice she is feeling small day by day.