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It plans to release the film in Ireland in early July , with the UK release following later that month. Anyone that sees this film and cannot get past all the verbose behavior in the film will not grasp the underlying love that is being purveyed. This was a bad movie, and that’s not slang for “good”; it’s a substitute word for terrible. I’m also a fan of Billy Bob Thornton, but I can’t say that all of his movies are works of genius. ALL the acting is good. I really was hoping this would be better. What a shame his last appearance was in this thing.

Rated R; Director and Screenwriter: I have known them all in one form or fashion. Of course, maybe I know more of those for whom the Bible-belt actually has meaning. Retrieved July 9, Films set in Arkansas. Start your free trial. I’m from the deep south, Mississippi, and love southern stories with eccentric characters.

I most certainly agree with him that Prine does, indeed, steal the movie!

That was actually a decision of good taste on the part of the distributors. So funny on so many levels it gets better every time I watch it. Edit Did You Know? The subtle humor builds with each viewing.

BBT did the right thing in adding Varney to the cast. Add the first question.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! But if you want to watch chronically dissatisfied married people yell and scream at each other for 2 hours straight over ancient history, or believe jealousy to be a virtue, or enjoy adoring XCUs of Laura Dern’s big ol’ head, this is the film for you.

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The Natural State Movies. Its to funny, fine and different to miss out on!

I expected something a little out of the ordinary, having been a fan of Billy Bob Thornton since Slingblade, and this ALMOST worked but didn’t quite – ultimately let down by Thornton’s inability to end the movie. Add the fact that Jim Varney was unable ourslves complete the film, which I’m sure, created some last minute re-writes and the botch job the editors did in the cutting room and the answer becomes more obvious. Seeing as though the IMDb patrons gave this movie only barely more than a 5 score, what I am going to say now will be controversial: It looks like the lack of marketing for this film has really caused the filmgoing public to be deprived.


All the characters appear to be enjoying themselves most of the time, except Ben Affleck and Jamie Lee Curtis. Since it’s a Billy Bob-er, the language is kinda raw, and it’s a real hoot to see and especially hear old Sheriff Andy get down and dirty! Ruby and Claude Montgomery are a very insecure and jealous couple, who must help when Claude’s Uncle Hazel is jailed for attempted murder.

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Start your free trial. And Then We Drove. Quotes [ last lines ] Ruby Montgomery: CD available at Amazon. Nobody thinks these people are interesting in real life – so why does a movie about the bottom-of-the-septic tank types appeal to a movie maker? Billy Bob Thornton ourslves done a fine job directing and writing this movie. And if you don’t have roots in the South, the title itself “Daddy and Them” won’t, spitr, make a lick of sense.

The movie had a superior cast and each thespian was spot on in the portrayal of their respective roles. I can only wonder at what has caused the release of this movie to be delayed.

Daddy and Them is a American comedy-drama film written, directed by, and starring Billy Bob Thornton. You must be a spife user to use the IMDb rating plugin. And off I was still am going through a complicated divorce when I saw the movie, it made lurselves cringe a few times in the first half of the movie. From Billy Bob who’s wife, Laura Dern constantly reminds him of all the studs she bedded before him to her mother in the film and in real life Dianne Ladd constantly trying start an argument between them to the her sister Kelly Preston who has never really gotten Billy Bob’s character out of her system to the “Out of towners”, usually from UP NORTH who think they are SO much superior to the local folk.


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Rank of Ben Affleck’s movies by Box Office performance. In short, this movie is about life, and not everyone’s life, but hopefully about the life of someone everyone knows. From the matriarch who is slowly slipping into senility and the patriarch who is Not dealing with that or anything pine too well, to the “stud” brother who drinks too kn Jeff Baily and goes ourselces a lot of cars.

You can see the potential for change and growth in all walks of humanity. They are his immediate family, plus his wife’s Laura Dernwho’ve gotten together because Uncle Hazel Jim Varney, in a very small, thankfully non-Ernest role has been arrested for attempted murder. And Jim Varney- approachable, friendly, a regular guy.

What an odd little film.

Tennessee Valley Authority TVA chronicles its history, the multiple problems it has both caused and overcome, and the issues that still plagued it in First off, let me off that I am a southerner.