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Churna Island is a small uninhabited island located in the Arabian Sea, about 9 km 5. There are also U. A little bit of more attention of government can make this beach as beautiful as the beaches of other developed countries. The market contains shops that sell meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and other groceries. It is the second largest fresh water lake in Pakistan. Visitors bursting with energy, Cosy Park can be yours ultimate water sports holiday destination. Sadquain spent last year of his life, painting a huge mural on the ceiling of the gallery bur, sadly, did not live to complete it.

Suites add living areas with sofas. It is one of the major recreation and amusement areas in Karachi. The beach ends into the huge rocks that are the bottom of the distant hills that we see, thus giving the effect of privacy. Different artifacts of maritime and naval heritage have been incorporated through attractive dioramas, relief sculpture, murals and miniature paintings, touch screen computers, taxidermy and ancient weapons. There is an adventure park called as Goaish is also running in Safari Park, another amusement section Aladin Park is also a part of Safari Park. From famous bun kababs to Brain Masala and Karahi, this place has something for everyone.

Picnic World Water Park Park is a hi-tech, action packed, thrilling entertainer with amazing features for all ages. Unlike Burns Road and Hussainabad, this food street is is quite and peaceful. Haleji Lake 86 kms from Karachi is the largest bird sanctuary near Karachi, where every winter, thousands of migratory birds come from as far as Siberia. There are many species of fish, crabs and lobsters.

World’s second largest Fountain is also built there. Clifton Beach, or Sea View is the only cheapest and easily accessible picnic point of Karachi. Sandspit beach is quite a popular hangout and relaxation spot in Karachi. There are nine domes, with a centre dome in the middle; while the windows in the front portion opening out into the garden are of blue colour and those in the rear area are arched windows with stained glass.

It is an important source of drinking water for Thatta District and Karachi city. In addition, there are larger stores which are more specific in their products. Parking for over cars with complimentary valet service, pristine public restrooms, plenty of pedestrian friendly walkways are additional attractions. Near Sapari park 2.


Yachting Yachting continues in Karachi all year round. While it is dangerous to be around such a rocky beach in the monsoon season, it is double the fun or more in the summers!

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Hawksbay is one of the few beaches in the world where green marine turtles come to lay eggs. A large number of people visit it daily from Karachi, Hyderabad and Thatta to enjoy picnic, swimming, jxiels, and boating. This is the point where you can get stalls of refreshment foods.

The museum is based on modern concepts of presentation and interactive education. For children, small pools are also available with full safety measures for them. The palace has large stately rooms designed for entertainment on the ground floor and more private facilities on the first floor, where there is a terrace provided with a shade from intense sunlight.

Facilities and activities include golf, horse-back riding, a gym and sports courts, as well as an outdoor water park, a spa and a lagoon with boating and a beach. Frere Hall itself was built in as a tribute to Sir Bartle Frere In there were only four galleries in the Museum.

Surrounded by a boundary wall, it has some 20 huts constructed by villagers for hire.

In recent years the WWF-Pakistan has also become actively involved in turtle conservation activities by establishing a Wetland Centre at the Sandspit beach. Bunder boats are available at Kemari and if required, the crew provides the bait as 6–d as tackle and other fishing gear. Aga Khan University hospital was constructed in s was Asia’s largest hospital and may be still.

Riding camels, eating corn, driving a lit up dune buggy all over the place is unbeatable! It is a wonderful sight to see the multicolour sails of the yachts in the harbour, contrasting with blues of the sea and the sky. It is one of the major recreation and amusement areas in Karachi. Each day people from all parts of the city, especially families, visit this park.

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This two storey Venetian Gothic building now houses the Liaquat Municipal Library on the ground floor and an art galley on the first floor.

It will end up leading to the dock. Visitors bursting with energy, The Great Fiesta can be yours ultimate water sports holiday destination. The coast between the mouth of the Hub River and the promontory of Gadani is rich in prehistoric sites of different ages, which were discovered and partly radiocarbon-dated during the last years.


In the process, the street will get narrower and narrower. Facilities at the Sandspit Beach includes horseback and camel riding. Karachi Golf Club Golf, a popular sport in Karachi, is played on an hole green course throughout the year.

Frequent mention has been made of Bhukkur in the history of Sindh, emphasizing its strategic location, as command of the island was crucial for further military intrusions into upper Sindh. There are very few huts at Tushan, because there is not a lot of space in this area. For the kids and the children there are 17 Water Slides, each with its own amazing exclusivity plus a host of superb water sports and games.

Karachi has several fantastic upscale restaurants.

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For enjoying in seaside, just go to straight path after mubarak cineka. It is the presence of coral reefs around this island that attracts the number of big game fish around it. Originally called Frere Hall, it was once used as Town Hall where, during colonial days, concerts and social events were held regularly.

Visitors bursting with energy, Cosy Park can be jixrls ultimate water sports holiday destination. Big pools and slides along with greenery environment are available here. Seaview is a beach in Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. A computer based maritime information retrieval system has also been incorporated to facilitate the visitors and students for easy access.


Facilities for deep-sea fishing are available which must be arranged in advance. Visitors to the city are welcome 6-f play for a small fee.

Al Mehran Water Park is one of the finest places in Karachi for visitors who attract mainly for its big pools and soothing atmosphere. Keeping in view of exceptional working standards and required safety measures, proficient experts were hired from abroad for the construction of this project.