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She later informs Akari that she’s decided to go for the Jewelstar because she has learned that not everyone is good at first. Yuuma along with Labra get dragged to where Alma is and Akari is trapped in an attempt to consume her life as well. Nayeli Forest as Mage sans Souci. No, I’m not going back on Twitter to catch up on The Discourse, because that never ends well. Much to Miria’s anger Leon finishes the task in 5 minutes and Sara finishes hers that day but Nicola and Akari have a bit of trouble with their task. Akari later decides to try out the spell herself but ends up making the Jewelpets bigger and her smaller. Satomi Hanamura as Hanako Kabeno. After talking to her sister for a bit she discovers it was just a misunderstanding and her sister isn’t nearly as perfect as she thought she was.

Just than a Jewelpet named Kohaku arrives and asks the dragon for one of his pearls and takes it away before the dragon can stop him. After that, she decided to become a student along with Ruby as they were accepted and entered the Jewel Star Grand Prix. TV Osaka We’ve, Inc. Yann Pichon as Toor Yuma. Miria is all excited about entering that same contest her that made her mom famous and is set on winning first place especially because she promised to come. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Jewelpet Tinkle- Alma Kamiuchi.

Upon arriving they accidentally knock over her moms dress and ruins her preventing her from going to the audition that 73 her famous. After then, Akari, Miria, Sara, Leon and Nicola finally enjoyed their last days in Jewel Land and said their goodbyes to their Jewelpet Partners as they were teleported back to earth.

Login or Register forgot it? Laura Brambilla as Flora. Tinklee Tinkle 28 English Sub Part 1. Miria then sang a song for them, and they got better. TV Tokyo We’ve, Inc.

It’s time for Akari’s first exam. Hisako Kanamoto as Judy ep 8.

Sapphie then appeared as she called Labra out, explaining that she is now watching over her as Peridot found her new partner. TV Osaka We’ve, Inc. And if they tell anybody the secret, they both turn into toads.


Once back Akari and Yuuma discuss the days events and Yuuma tells Akari that he is sure to see Alma again one day and when he does he will surely understand her.

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See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings. Deb digs in to it. Miria and Akari end up running into each other and they are both taken back to episoed old school building by Diana to face off against Alma once again who is curious about Akari’s powers. Alma tries to tinkl her dark magic to get the key but the key purifies it and with Akari’s good magic she is able to break the barior and call the key to her but Alma hits her with her dark magic and starts overflowing with the battest power.

Jewelpet Twinkle 08 Les cloches folles. Halite tells her to observe her dad more closely and try again next class and ends up taking not only Labra home but two other Jewelpets as well. Shuhei Abe Special Effects: Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit?

They both found Laiya and Jill and surprisingly, Ruby recognized the both of them before she cast a spell trapping Akari and Sara into a void along with Ruby, Labra and Sapphie. When Akari and Ruby are looking for their classes, Labra steals Ruby’s cherry blossom, calling them dummies. She also told her about what Yuuma said to her and then realized that Alma must look forward for things to come and try new things.

Jewelpet (TV)

Akari wants to be a manga artist. Yolanda Gispert as Ruby Spain dub.

Taeko Nanase as Akira Mikami voice actresses. But in the end, she dropped out of the competition and draw a manga short about Labra and Ruby. Just than a Jewelpet named Kohaku arrives and asks the dragon for one of his pearls and takes it away before jeqelpet dragon can stop him. Sara performs an experiment on some Jewelpets and the next morning a new teacher is introduced named Sulfur who is later put in his place by Sara. Akari finds out there’s a mirror that can tell anything but it’s inside the old school building which nobody is allowed to go in.


Game Reviews Columns incl. When Labra breaks the headmaster’s statue with her crying, she, Ruby and Akari team up fgancais fix it, making those two partners. Leon arrives and saves him and they work together and retrieve the pearl but the lava flows down towards to the village and Leon asks his friends who have just arrived to help him stop the lava.

When Catherine is finished, Akari thought she would lose but she saw Ruby making another batch of cookies and remembered the feeling of making cookies for the one you love. Ai Tsuruta ep 2 Hikaru Suzuki 5 episodes eps 8, 12, 18, 22, Akari and Alma continue to battle for the key and it ends up breaking because of Alma’s dark power. I’m back from Europe, I’m still kinda tired, and I missed a lot of gaming news that happened last week when it happened.

However she refuses due to her needing to manage the flower shop along with their mother, Fealina. But they can only do it once. How would Akari escape this situation?

Shiroh Hamaguchi Character Design: Diana herself told her that she made a promise to Alma before she went to the Human World that they will meet again. Upon hearing this Alma asks to look into Akari’s memories about Yuuma and explains that he is her twin brother and lady Jewelina separated them when they were young and cast their mother into a deep sleep.

Peter Michael as Yuuma Kamiuchi. Loretta Di Pisa as Aoi Arisugawa. Sabrina Bonfitto as Garnet. Game’s Opening Movie Streamed She vows to find battest so she can become a better magician than Jewelina and wake up her mother so they can all live as a happy family again. Jewelpet Twinkle 04 Graines de lumiere et boules de feu. Marie Nonnenmacher as Rinko.