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They return back to their own time and as it turns out her mom was late because she had to pick up the dress she re-sized at the tailor for Miria. At first Dian took the lead but thanks to the team battles Ruby managed to catch up. Headmaster Moldavie ordered another one of his dangerous mail order items, three stop hiccuping items. Nicola and Titana end up getting into a fight and try to look for new partners. Miria, Akari, Sara and Leon are all going on a picnic. Miria won and Angelina and her became friends. It’s the only Jewelpet season so far to get a sequel, which comes in the form of an OVA, released in the Summer of The last exams in the magical academy will start soon as the Jewel Star Grand Prix is about to begin.

She also told her about what Yuuma said to her and then realized that Alma must look forward for things to come and try new things. It’s exam time and Leon and Miria are to get a dragon scale from the black dragon, Sara is to get some herbs, and Nicola and Akari are to get the witch to say thank you to them and the time limit is 3 days. Akari Sakura is on her way to start her sixth grade at the Winston Academy, when she meets the magical talking rabbit Ruby. She continuously decomposes Alma’s spells into other substances in an effort to find her weak point draining most of her power in the process. Battest continues to spread and the others can’t get inside to help. And if they tell anybody the secret, they both turn into toads. She always wanted to become a singer like her but somewhere along the line she forgot that so they fix the dress and her mom goes to the audition.

Just then battest consumes her and tries to take her life but Diana jumps in the way and is reduced to a Jewelept. The spell ends up being too much for her and Alma gets the second orb into the statue winning the match. Leon and the others decide to retrieve the pearl and end up being chased into a cave by dragons while Kohaku gets dragged off by one of the dragons.

Jewelpet twinkle E 13 vf

When Akari arrives everyone crowds around her trancais praises her for her powerful fight with Alma and the teachers explain who he is. She continuously decomposes Alma’s spells into other substances in an effort to find her weak point draining most of her power in the process.

Akari can’t get over what happened the previous day and asks Yuuma if he knows a boy named Alma or at tinkkle has a relative that look a lot like him be he doesn’t even know what she’s talking about so she heads to Jewel Land. When they wake up though they all think it was a jewflpet but are re-energized and are able to finish the manga. Akari later decides to try out the spell herself but ends up making the Tinklw bigger and her smaller.

She then sees Yuuma playing basketball in the park and decideds to watch, when he notices her and they start to talk. But Miria’s cupcakes taste awful until Leon suggest they dip it in coconut juice. Everyone is now excited on the competition, except Miria, who jewelpst has 11 Jewel Stones.


They transform to get to the match and make it in time for the last 30 seconds. Later at the school the Jewelpets notice their partners Jewelstones sparkling brighter than ever before inside their heart and with a little help from Jewelina they are able to give their partners their Jewelstones back because Jewelstones come from within their hearts tinkke they will never truly disappear.

She later rfancais at her house and finds out that Akari’s feelings matches hers as a Jewel Charm appeared out of nowhere.

Even though Nicola lost, he was happy to be in jewelpeh Grand Prix with Titana. This time both Laiya and Leon were going to compete in a sword battle. Though successful in saying goodbye to Yuuma, Akari still can’t get the Rangula spell right and after being scolded the school bells suddenly break and the headmaster informs them that not even he can fix the bells. In the end no matter how useful they hinkle they still need to go back and through a careless question the Headmaster asks them things get a little out of hand and the Headmaster ends up reaping what he sows.

Garnet and Sango want to cheer her up so they make a concert for Miria, but sadly no one came because they are busy. Angelina and Miria are in a “Dress Up” francai. Sara won in the semi finals. They have to catch a jewelpet named Fluola. Alma sinks even deeper into sorrow and giant vines of battest trap her and Akari and Yuuma run inside to try to save her but they are taken to separate places by battest. Upon his arrival he discovers that the dragons were just trying to protect their egg and he accidentally drops the pearl into the lava creating a huge monster.

The next day in the Manga Club, the members were amazed on Akari’s improvement as Alma took a peek inside the club, seeing how happy as she ran away outside. Sara transforms and manages to find her and learns the spell fine it was jewelpte the emotion behind it and everyone is returned to normal.

Jewelpet Twinkle. 13. L’épreuve du dragon

Ruby transform both her and Akari francas different people and they enter the studio where her sister is filming. Leon arrives and finds Akari’s bag for her and walks her to class, much to Miria’s surprise and jealousy, who then tries to impress him by summoning up a cake which turns out to be horrible.

With all the Jewelpets on the starting line they find out that all the previous matches didn’t matter and whoever wins this match will win the game and with that the Jewelpets were off. Many matches fly by, and the preliminaries are over.

Akari uses the smile spell she learned franncais the memories of Opal to melt all the ice earning her 2 more Jewelstones making her a 5th grader. Akari follows her in an attempt to stop but they drancais end up going except for Labra. Everybody already used theirs and the only one left is Akari. Ruby finds out where Akari was tinklw using the Jewelpot and goes hinkle with Labra to bring her back rpisode between the Jewel Land and the Rarerare world. They return back to their own time and as it turns out her mom was late because she had to pick up the dress she re-sized at the tailor for Miria.


Due to her magic, Akari is late for class after she and Ruby fall into the water. Retrieved March 10, The class is practicing transformation magic and everyone decides to transform into their dads but Akari is embarrassed to show her dad because he’s not very cool looking and ends up lying to the class that it wasn’t accurate.

The dragon, the witch, Halite, and the headmaster all try to stop battest but it proves to be too difficult a task so the others all ask what they can do to help seal battest. However she refuses due to her needing to manage the flower shop along with their mother, Fealina. Alma herself is looking at the window wondering then looked back at her Jewel Charms, crying.

Miria turned over the tables as she made a shining glamorous moon dress full of light while using the night sky that Angelina made to her advantage. Akari at first refuses, but after they come to understand each other, she decides to accept. Leon learns from the dragon that because he’s so perfect he can’t believe in his friends.

Miria and Akari end up running into each other and they are both taken back to the old school building by Diana to face off against Alma once again who is curious about Akari’s powers. Akari learns that Sara has already memorized every textbook of every class there is to know and she is now creating new spells after class. During lunch break a fortunetelling Jewelpet was shocked to find out how much luck Ruby has which re-energized her to the fullest.

Jewelpet Twinkle. L’épreuve du dragon – Vidéo dailymotion

At first the group epidode decide on a story but Akari offers to make a story involving all of their ideas and after some good advice from Akari’s pen she is able to make a great story that everyone likes. Leon goes epiode save him and they later ponder on why the dragons didn’t hurt Kohaku and realize that they are just wn to prevent people from approaching the mountain.

Both pets then used their magic to project an image of Alma and Akari together as Opal is amazed. Even worse when she get to school, some of the students ate her chocolates and goes love-crazy at Akari. They find out that the can make any spell and is 10 times more powerful than their original magic powers. Akari gave up making, Ruby call her a coward. In the end, Labra won the all year free ice cream at the strawberry cafe. Because of Miria’s kindness, Headmaster Moldavite gave her the twelfth tnkle final Jewel Stone, allowing her to compete in the Jewel Star Grand Prix along with her friends.