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Back to Rin however, Labra and Rossa asked Rin about their luck on getting their next Magic Jewel as she calculated their luck and said they’re gonna be lucky. As they discussed more, Sapphie sniffed something burning as they all rushed to the kitchen to see the pancake he’s cooking got burned. As the situation is getting worse, they all went to Jewelina and informed her about it. After countless times, they all end in failure as Opal knows they didn’t taste well. Luna herself knew how happy Ruby and Chiari were relating each other that Luna is not happy on her job due to summer fatigue. Back at the base, Nene, Sapphie and Garnet surveyed on where Tata is going next and found out he’s going straight to the Academy. Back inside, Chiari is worried on what happened to Amelie with both Ruruka and Rossa feeling the same. In the continued search for the Magic Gems and running the cafe at the same time, the Jewelpets and the three girls were happy that they get the second Magic Gem in the Jewel Box.

Episode 50 April 19, The Papillon Jewelpet answered the girl is named Ayame, her assistant. As Nene enters the shop, Garnet took her away in hopes to get her second Magic Gem while Labra wanders off as both Angela and Rossa wondered. Episode 2 April 19, The other teams were all busy as well during practice as the competition is looming in while Sachi is still having a hard time catching up as the girls showed up and cheer for her, flattering her. The girls find it hard, but decided to go for that approach for them to get more customers. But after they got out, the high schoolers started to admire Taira with Fluola in his arms, embarrassing him as he coldly dropped Fluola to the ground and walked away, crushing her feelings. Nene got it right as she does the next lesson correctly as well.

She then shifted her focus to Machiko but then ignored her. Back to Ruruka, after she took Labra to the comfort room, Labra then got hungry as Ruruka took her out for lunch.


Back in the bazaar, a little girl is passing out some lost and found pamphlets regarding her missing doll looking like Angel as she reached Ruby’s booth. Nobara was worried as she and Marie left.

As they went to the cafeteria, Marie and the others knew what’s going on and used this chance haopiness her to get another Magic Gem.

Yuku himself is saddened as he walked away, not knowing that the Red Moon started to take control of him. On the other hand, Rossa and Sapphie were both attending the senior’s class in the other classroom, with the boys impressed on her appearance. The girls and the jewekpet were worried where she is hiding, however they got another problem regarding the coffee beans for the Christmas Cake as Nene decided to happines to the Rocks Cafe while searching for Amelie.


At the academy, Rin also used her magic to pull a prank on Chiari, embarrassing her in front of class and another to Labra, Angela and Rossa, which ruined their hard work on putting the clothes up for drying. But Peridot herself is actually in trouble about her life these days as they decided to help her. In the cafe however, things gets worse with Angela, being all torn out from what Takumi told her and the girls tried to cheer her up but got pushed back and out of the shop by her continuous growing wool.

Happineas were informed about it but they had no idea where the doll is and wanted to know more. The Papillon Jewelpet answered the girl is named Ayame, her assistant.

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They noticed about her costume as they invited Charlotte to their hideout to talk about her taste in costumes and tries to get along. Later in the secret base, the girls are busy on the lookout for Tata while Marie felt its a waste of time as Nobara told her her chance to work with spisode and get her own Magic Gem. Takumi, now jewelprt more motivated, asked Angela for a special favor while petting her, as this can be the key to his victory against Afroski.

She felt serious depressed on this as Sapphie said it’s ok and Garnet told them the renovation was Garnet’s idea to make up her mistakes on leaving her place as manager. As they arrived at Peridot’s tent and check, Peridot greeted them in a calm gesture as she gave them some bad news: Because of this, Amelie felt worried and at the same time, guilty that her friends will scold her, enough for the Red Moon to make its move and possess Amelie using a red jewel.

Peridot apologized as they introduced each other and she starts to read Chiari’s fortune. Both Episodee and Rurka think this hurts until they heard Angela as they went to look for her but they saw Asano playing a game.

Sachi raised her hand and volunteered alongside Nene and Ruruka. She then jswelpet her eyes on Rossa, cleaning the tables as she went to her and nicely asked to play with her. Ruby tries 93 remedy this using her magic, however Garnet never allowed her to do so due to she will blow up the cafe, along with their hard work.


The next day, Chiari, Nene and Ruruka, roommates who attend the prestigious Jewel Academy were preparing for school as Chiari checks her fortune. Sapphie herself is worried as Nephrite told Garnet to bring the girls some desserts as she rushed to the kitchen. Machiko on the other hand again worked hard on her manga and then went back to Eplsode to see it jewdlpet ok for her, only getting rejected. However before they do, Chiari asked about the girl beside Peridot.

Chiari jeselpet amazed on it as Sapphie took them to Jewelina’s secret base and showed them where she’s keeping some of the magic: Sapphie felt sorry for her and allowed her to go with Chiari again as she left the cafe in glee, and used her magic to go to Jewel Town, and knowing this is hapiness beginning of their troubles. Later on the girls discussed on how Episoed helped her with the good as Fluola starts to admire him.

But when Mouri is taken away, Ruby decides to save her using her magic, which again failed. She then explained that he also excelled in every bit of studies in the academy as well, especially chess.

Meanwhile, both Chiari and Ruby were helping Io’s species problem by teaching him on how to be a dog to impress Nobara, yet the training itself is not going well as planned.

Chiari and her friends were all watching a detective drama one night as they were all about to go to bed. But the good news is that Opal finally liked that one coffee he made for her as the girls were happy.

Nene assigned them to their different jobs in the cafe as they get to work. She said that both Humans and Jewelpets must compete together, making both Chiari and Ruby excited.

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They were then got a visit from Charlotte, a bumblebee Jewelpet who guards the campus at night who checks on the girls before she left. But everyone wanted to see the episkde for themselves which make him guilty that telling them a lie about the ghost. Having a hard time in the cafe. Hzppiness on, the trio were watching Asano playing his game again as one of the high schoolers told Chiari about Asano is part of the quartet of heartthrobs in the Academy.

Sapphie noticed the ominous glow as she told Nephrite to purify her using the Happines Shot.