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She also explained that she is trying to assist them in the shadows but the rest thinks its suspicious. The magic burst then landed somewhere in the part and into a doll where its eyes ominously glow red. Sapphie decides to help Azusa to grow the little Rose for the contest itself. Jewelpet Happiness Official Illustration Art for the series, showing the main characters. After he got through, he found out she’s gone. Kosuke told Ruby to use her magic once more, which increases her size as Kosuke ejects from his plane and Ruby landed safely on the ground.

Marie is still continuing her concentration training as the strange Fish Jewelpet is following them. Sapphie decided to turn to the Vegetable Sommellier, Dian, as he knows some advice what to serve at the new cafe. They then went to the department store, on which became one big playground thanks to Jewelina’s magic, as they encountered Labra, Angela and Rossa again. Both of them made it to the park and go look for her, until Chiari spotted Labra, Angela and Rossa in the park. Later in the cafe, Ruby explained to her what Halloween is and how some customs like “Trick or Treating” goes as they all manage this year’s Halloween Party. But Diana still insisted her to join so she will have a good time and decided to train Sachi for the track meet, with a lot of failed results. Another school day has ended and both Chiari and Ruby were about to race each other back to the Jewelpet Cafe.

Retrieved from ” https: At the school grounds, the girls finished setting up their booth to sell some goods and with Garnet featuring a line of Maneki-neko statues modelled after her. Opal interrupted them and decided to compete with their own group in the Relay Race as well. A while later, the girls were planning on sending a lot of invitations to their friends while Chiari, Nene and Ruruka had a serious malfunction in their Jewel Pods.

The girls and the pets in the Jewelpet Cafe attended the live interview of Takumi Asano, with them admiring his looks and skills during the event. Back at the cafe, the whole place is full of life as Azusa and Jewelina arrived to check on everything.

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Yuku explained that he met her 10 years ago when he was a puppy. Happinness they were handling more orders, Sapphie asked what happened to Ruby as she is missing.

Opal also told them to go to the Rock Cafe to enjoy some coffee as Ruby agreed. Chiari and Ruby were happy that all 3 of them will compete while they’re gonna cheer for them. Labra wanted to see it while wanting to know how she can obtain one for herself as Sapphie explained that both the hearts of the Jewelpets and Humans must unite together.


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In the academy, everything is going all according to plan as Lapis tickle tortures both Aples and the School Nurse. A while later, Charlotte is wandering in Jewel Land regarding about her hhappiness for Halloween until she encountered three Jewelpets: As she gave him a few eposode words and left her table, Taira told her he can prepare a special coffee blend to impress her.

Sapphie noticed the ominous glow as she told Nephrite to purify her using the Happines Shot. Kosuke and the girls sortie to take on a berserk Tata at the falls. On the other hand, Labra and Rossa looked at the ice sculpture that looks like Yuke and he told them it is his childhood friend.

Back in the cafe, the girls counted how many candy they collected for their trick or treating and discussed about the next jeweppet that will be held in Nene’s Mall.

As they were surprised, Sapphie entered the room with one of her inventions on hand as Nephrite fell in love with her. Angela told them it’s been 3 hours and is saddening her that she has competition and cried. As Diana appears, the girls were all puzzled on why she is all depressed while both Chiari and Ruby cheered.

Seeing that she’s being the boss of the cafe gave her a hard time keeping everything in shape. However Garnet harshly reminded them that they still need to open their presents they got from the Christmas Party and clean up the cafe as Sapphie told them.

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The girls think hers is average until they decided to try hapiness gut breaking Owarai as Titana, a Chipmunk Jewelpet appears and shows off his skills to make the three laugh, it failed however on them while the pets laughed hard. As the power of Red Moon grows every day, trouble is starting to brew in the academy and she declared she will succeed. She felt serious depressed on this as Happjness said it’s ok and Garnet told them the renovation was Garnet’s idea to make up her mistakes on leaving her place as manager.

Later in the Jewelpet Cafe, Nephrite decided to help the other pets in their job, much to their dismay. That night in the Jewel Tower, Jewelina is busy cleaning the place using a vacuum, while also worrying about the Red Moon’s powers growing. Opal scolded him for not doing a good job on managing while he’s gone. He decides to go where she’s going but he’s been blocked by various obstructions that prevent him from advancing and meeting Nene.


Charlotte in the other hand is deeply confused on the entire holiday while talking to Ruby and the others, convincing her to episodr a costume for this year.

Chiari and Ruby were very excited on this day yearning to cheer on the students competing at the annual meet as their homeroom teacher picked the two last participants for the obstacle race: Marie on the other hand is not happy as she took the flyer from Angela and reads her, but her mood changes as she can use this for her to get her own Magic Gem. Next episofe is how to put make-up properly, in which Kaiya is inspecting each one of them.

A ball is about to hit Chiari on the back until Mouri quickly went in and kicked it away from her. As the students cheered on the two, Sachi felt kinda confused. However, Ruby checked her Jewel Pod and saw that the Academy is about to be sold, with the episodr staff being possessed by the Red Moon itself.

As he went back to the girl’s dorm, he is greeted by Nobara, giving him a bowl of dog food for him to eat and also dressed him up in a blue dress. Later in the cafe, Ruby explained to her what Halloween is and how some customs like “Trick or Treating” goes as they all manage this year’s Halloween Party.

Meanwhile, both Chiari and Ruby were helping Io’s species problem by teaching him on how to be a dog to impress Nobara, yet the training itself is not going well as planned. Even worse, the Red Moon’s influence on the three pets is making the situation worse and Charlotte herself in a huge pinch.

The Jewelpets had finally attended school and Ruby and her friends were now attending Chiari’s class for the whole year.

After school, Chiari and Ruby went to the cafe where Sanada and the other hang out as they gather info about Asano’s problems episods the boys were discussing about it. With her plan failed, she then decided to take over the Jewel Academy as her own for the Red Moon and the girls will going to try to stop her evil plans as Lapis left. They all discussed more about how they can improve their business as Sakuran is excited and proposed a Sweets Fair.

As they tasted, they all like the jeweppet and taste of the newly baked desserts as Garnet will use this opportunity to impress her customers.