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Even I feel ashame of studying in that college due to the Poor vocabulary he use. All brothers standin border.. No sir, everything he did those days was for money. They all have rosen from roots. I know always it happens like this in my college. This college is really a bull shit with stupid rules. The message for both the students and for the parents was very encouraging.

Even we guys use to laugh like anything. Can some one tell Jappiar to address in Tamil. Nearly a couple of month ago, Internet witnessed a bizarre video of delivery eating the food which he was supposed to deliver to the This is the same mentality that leads to honor killings if young people fall in love or marry outside their communities. You have entered an incorrect email address! Now, enjoy these English sentences from Jeppiar. Well if the instituite want to set Global standards the management must come out with broad thinking to acheive the Great Goals.

Please enter your email address here. He will, however, have his own abilities and administrative powers. But you people dont have guts to meet him directly. Jeppiar tell the mother, give no money to the girl, Jeppiar the give the food, girl the kud study. I am surprised that this person got popularity through his language.

Jeppiar has 4 girls and so their is no possibility for the statement. Who made Tamil nadu a total literate state. Accepted, don v hav friends to party with? It is high amount. Velammal Engineering College is also segregate boys and girls in the name of discipline. Mother cry to the Jeppiar. I come, you still welcome…. Why did revolution in education. Not just implementing one should not talk to fellow girl, late comers,making silly human error punishment etc.

Jeppiaar is far better…his entrepreneurship and administration schools should be taken up for B-School case study. Colleges with mentor such as jeppiar should be relooked into by AICTE as well as an independent body of students.


He is a great person to learn english. One has to learn a lot from him about management. They run just for the sake of money nothing else.

Jeppiar Talkies | The Spoken Word

Myself Anand John jeppiaae St. The leader is a dada. All you have given comments on this post…I am asking you all, can you show me a institute with this kind of infrastructures and facilities to student community? Jeppiaar is indeed a great person who has done so much in grooming the students with quality in all fields so that they excel not only during the four years but even after finishing with degrees.

Jeppiaar strict, you for worry. You get good mark, you for happy. I happy to you the for my support. I really tried to think what I did those 2 years but all I could remember was getting up at 6 am ,catch the bus at 7 and be in the class at 8 ,have breakfast ,goto class listen to the lecturers Many of them were my seniors by 12 or 1 pm have lunch then go back to class.

Here Is A List Of Jeppiaar’s Top 8 English Phrases.. Which Are Hilarious AF!!

Many parents think that JPR institutions are best for their discipline and career. Basically the attitude is you will try flirt with every unknown woman in terms of sociality but when it comes to your sister you will speak tradition.

Most of the boys who studied or stuying are forced and compelled by their parents fully. Jeppiaar may not be good at english, but his ideas are good. They r previleged to be in Sathyabama as they cant pass if admitted to any other insti.


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So the people who were talking of the administrative skills of this asshole … he is a curse on education…. U matherchods motherfuckers are good for nothing. And he asked 1,21, We can understand the message what he wants comfdy tell. The world members will recognise you as Sathyabama students 2. Please get a life first u cunts.

Smart, Neat dress … Smart walkingneat dress is important for Sathyabama.

And i am civil department. Your rules will be automatically implemented. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I, as a parent, have recently attended the Inauguration function on the 11th Aug Some can be happy for his food but do not realize s;eech they are losing. Attitude is a combination of bravery, outspoken, shyless, dare to do etc. Let the atmosphere come in. Dis coll is a piece o shit!!

I very much believe what I am saying is not biased and it is all jeppaar what I and my friends experienced.

Always laughing at others mistakes…… Dont U have any other works. The fact that these engineering colleges flourish shows the sick-mindedness of spdech parents themselves. Youth is the lifeline of every nation and our country boasts of really talented, wise and progressive young people.

Jeppiaar Comedy Speech (Official)

Please enter your name here. I tel u some thing it not english tat he speaks. Can those people just ask some honest question to themselves? Just stop commenting on others.