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Jeff took some time to chat with Zap2it and explain why he got everything he hoped to from his experience on ” The Biggest Loser ” ranch — and a whole lot more. I am a meat eater,” she said. Audible Download Audio Books. With the White Team with only two members, Danni was recruited to help the Blue Team and Pam to cheer on for the Red Team because she was not medically fit for the challenge. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that TC currently weighed at pounds, losing 56 pounds since his weight loss journey. Francelina Morillo on “The Biggest Loser. America voted Jackson into the finals over Joe. If you’re anxious for Monday night’s live finale of ” The Biggest Loser ” Season 14, you’re certainly not alone.

But, he says, “When you see someone at their worst Francelina was eliminated, and Jeff especially was very upset about it, as he and Francelina formed a very special bond throughout the competition. The team who accumulated the least points would suffer the disadvantage of being isolated in a temptation room full of junk food and video games. Francelina Morillo on “The Biggest Loser. They both lost their fathers at a young age and turned to food for comfort. As for medical school, she sounded downright giddy:

There was no other option for me really. Nathan fell victim to the red line with his five-pound weight loss, and biggesr eliminated. They managed to do so with six seconds to spare, giving them another 10 pound advantage. I hoped and prayed for change many times, and I cried myself to sleep many nights. After a pop challenge about nutrition and a fitness test where the kids served as ambassadorsthe weight needed was reduced to 61 pounds.

It was a close three team battle, but the White Team successfully spelled it first, winning the team a franceelina advantage in the first weigh-in.


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Thousands of hopeful contestants gathered at a theater to find out which fifteen contestants will participate in the new season. He exceeds both goals, losing a total of seventeen pounds.

Honestly though, I just hoped that if maybe each of my followers on Instagram could donate just one dollar, I would be so close ffrancelina my goal. Jeff is the fourth to weigh in, and to win immunity he must also lose at least fourteen pounds. David Jones51, Kiefer, OK.

‘Biggest Loser’s’ Francelina + Jeff: ‘We have something special’

We found love in a weight loss place Jeff and fellow contestant Francelina Morillo found love at the ranch, and for the past six weeks, they’ve been staying together in Chicago as Jeff prepares for the live finale. The skin is a big discomfort to me when it comes to working out, choosing an outfit, and just seeing all the progress that I have made.

At the weigh-in, tensions ran high yet again with the White Team. Even though there were tense pairings such as Gina and Joethe contestants got to experience trust on a whole new level.

But, he says, “When you see someone at their worst Jeff Nichols24, Monroe, MI. America voted Jackson into the finals over Joe.

If the bihgest failed to meet the goal, the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss would fall below the red line. It premiered on January 6, Afterwards, the trainers Bob, Dolvett and returnee Jillian face the crowd and re-introduce themselves to the new outreach of the show. So many things were out of reach for me because of my weight.

Nikki’s emotional toll proved to be too much, francelkna decided to walk out of the ranch for good. There were a lot of mixed feelings, as Gina’s positive mind-set ticked Jillian off, the latter saying that Gina should have been positive this whole week. Following their makeovers, all of the contestants are sent home for the rest of the week, where they reveal their new bodies to their friends and family members.


Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. We realized there was something there more than friends and we just decided to act on it. Joe weighs in next.

Monroe man beats the bulge, finds love in NBC’s Biggest Loser

Teams trained in specially built seaso gyms by their trainers for the entire week. Tim Gunn and Ken Paves arrive to help the contestants find new looks to help them complete their transformations. He loses a whopping nineteen pounds, demolishing his goal and securing immunity for himself.

The contestants prepare for their final weigh-in on the ranch, where they’ll do battle with not one but two elimination lines. Her fears turn out to be unfounded, as she successfully loses ten pounds. The other challenge involved an ice skating rink and a flashing light,when the light shined on a spot each player would have to run to it the last player to get there in each round would lose,and the winner would get letters from home and letters for another person.

Because of their lack of working harder for the week, Jillian takes her team inside to personally improve and rejuvenate their skills. All the contestants reunited for the finale sans Nikki who quit the competition in week 1.

With a three for three, the White Team pulled another surprising win.