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Can her feelings be discarded so easily? Jassi breaks down after the board meeting is over. Purab and Jassi suggest that perhaps Goga and Simmi will be a good match for each other, and everyone else agrees. Jassi is uncomfortable because she doesn’t want Trishala to see that the “someone” in question is Armaan. Raj blames Maria, so he tells her that he’s going to get her fired. Jassi feels hurt and dejected that amidst all of the fashion show chaos everybody has forgotten her birthday. As Jassi bids Singapore adieu, she turns to the skyline and says that she’ll never forget the place where she received love.

Impressed with Jassi, Aaj Tak executives announce a huge contract with Gulmohur to give a new look to their network. Armaan then asks Jassi to go to a cocktail party with him, where they will try to strike an important business deal. Armaan immediately asks Jassi to set up an appointment with Lavanya representatives to finalize the deal. Maithili and Nazneen are flabbergasted, because Pari is supposedly pregnant. Maria is heartbroken and worried about her job, but Jassi assures her that she will intervene on her behalf. Armaan thinks that Aryan has revealed the company’s problems to Puru, so Armaan hesitantly decides to admit to Puru that he is responsible for all the debt crisis in Gulmohur. She and her family leave with Armaan, leaving Purab behind.

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Jassi gets back home and recieves a call from Nandini, who says that their plane leaves in an hour and that Jassi should hurry. Aryan nayin that Kohinoor is actually owned by Jassi, not Nandu. Maddy only complicates the matter by telling Jassi that their star model has not shown up. Read All Comments Post a Comment.

Purab decides to surprise Jassi, so he goes to pick her up at the end of the writtten day.

Balwant and Nandu are still unhappy about Purab’s frequent presence in the Walia house. Jassi fears that Hirjee will pass on the sales figures to Aryan, but she feels hopeful when Maria tells her that she has jaidsi friend who can probably fix her computer within a matter of hours.


She cries to herself, but then she goes to confront Armaan. While Jassi and Purab make plans for their wedding, Armaan decides to put his wedding on hold, at least until Jassi is no longer the CEO.

The fashion show is a hit and Jassi thanks Armaan for his special gift. Everybody is in the conference room waiting for Arundhati so Jassi can present facts and figures to her. Concerned about her family’s financial situation, Jassi confides in Nandu regarding Shantanu’s offer of a “commission”. Determined to get this job, she goes in for the interview and is pitted against Pari, who has looks and panache, but jaiswi no qualifications for the job.

Daily Bonus runs a special episode. Jassi then discusses the cartoon with Hansmukhi over the phone. Nandu doesn’t like Lucky and feels that he is jasi stupid, but Lucky wins over the Walia family by demonstrating excessive affection towards everyone, except for Jassi. But this turns out just to be a dream. Nandu comes to Gulmohur to whisk Jassi away to an Italian restaurant, where Purab has planned lunch for Jassi and her family. Meanwhile, Nandu calls Jassi and tells her that her father has just lost his job.

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Hansmukhi also discusses the cartoon and decides to teach a lesson to Karan Kapoor Saif Ali Khanthe creator of the strip. Jassi then daydreams in which she has put her father oki a nice office jadsi which Nandu is one of the partners.

This show was so jasi that it stayed on the air for over two and a half years. Things get so bad that even Maddy prefers to work with Jassi because of her efficiency. Mehndi celebrations are in full swing, and Bebe and Amrit are happy to see Purab and Jassi dancing together.

Mallika is about to leave on a trip to Goa, with Raj filling in for Armaan, but first she takes Jassi out to lunch to clear up some matters. Raj returns to Gulmohur in an exuberant mood and he invites the whole clan to his engagement party.

Jassi is dejected when the job goes to Pari, but little does she know that fate is on her side. The TV show was well received and it went on to run for three years. Mallika pounces on Jassi with a volley of questions, but Puru saves Jassi from the attack. Arundhati coaxes Maddy into meeting with her and Jassi.


All the clan members meet Armaan to get his help to resolve the crisis. When she gets to the 520, she meets with the boss, a woman named Hansmukhi Jee, who later calls her to updare her epixode two-year contract, but she has to agree that she will work with no other companies during her tenure. Kapil Sharma reacts after fans urged Salman Khan to act against him. Jassi is about to leave to meet Armaan, so she triees to wrap up the party, but Billu is in a happy mood drunk and he wants to continue the celebration, so he goes out to buy more alcohol.

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He goes up to Jassi and assures her that he loves her. Armaan reads the report and is truly impressed by Jassi’s work. Jassi and Armaan arrive at the scene, and to their iaissi, it turns out that the file only contains old stock certificates. Smith as he tries to convince Billu to allow Jassi to stay out late.

After being convinced by Purab, Sheetal decides to give Jassi another chance. While Jassi runs to Armaan’s office to intercept the gift, her diary falls from her bag. The trainer later confirms for them that Pari is not pregnant.

These writfen make Nandu very suspicious and concerned. According to Jassi’s projections, the new collection should be profitable. Nandini takes Jassi home.