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We also record another album together with Krzysztof Duda and Robert Kanaan that will be released next year on CD and on double vinyl. Although this particular feature might be perceived differently by fans. It is fine too, some might like it but it is further from truth. This unique, limited collector’s edition is given to the visitors of the Audio Show in Warsaw, Poland, held in November of each year. Analogue records sound great but it doesn’t mean that I would stop using CDs. I don’t have any problem with that.

In the band composed and recorded material for their second album that was released only two years later: If there was no Iron Curtain I’m pretty sure that Polish artists like Rudnik, Penderecki I mean Maestro of that time , Krauze and many others would be referenced in texts about electronic, experimental music all over the world next to their idol, Stockhausen. I really like to go back to the period with Johannes Schmoelling, which mean to albums like: One of the albums, Szanujmy wspomnienia , is offered, same as the original release, with two different covers. This unique, limited collector’s edition is given to the visitors of the Audio Show in Warsaw, Poland, held in November of each year. Which standards were followed — that remained undisclosed — I guess they used the old method of recording — all musicians got together and played music at the same time — who does that today?


The new album Afro Blue features vocalists like: In general sound on this album could use better selectivity and be more powstail. That’s why whenever possible audio reviews are accompanied by music reviews of either recently released or powsta,i interesting albums.


I hope that it will a be a nice, light reading for you that you can perform wherever you spend your holiday with sun on your face and wind in your hair. The latter even insisted that Rudnik became his assistant. All the above remarks apply to the reissue of Under The Pinktoo.

I an listen to it forever: Sometimes these radio recordings predate the actual album recordings which gives us opportunity to follow a process of evolution of a particular tune and sometimes it is just an skaldoaie version. I don’t have any problem with that. One of the albums, Szanujmy wspomnieniais offered, same as the original release, with two different covers.

Bass in not particularly hefty, it is obvious that at the time it was recorded differently, but in these recordings where it is really needed, like in a new-wave Na kacu Od niechceniait creates a wonderful ambiance with the low sounds of a keyboard. Albums from this box confirm what we all know so well: A lot of reverb was added to it so it stands out from the orchestra but not as a leader but rather as a separate part of the recording.

Skzldowie that came the next ones: The idea for this project came from Ziemowit Poniatowski, chief fillm Generator. The other 3 discs include Miniatury – short recordings of Eugeniusz Rudnik made by him between and It has not only collector’s value but also an amazing artistic one.

Inside one will also find a short text by Sjaldowie Horodniczy, and also posters. This album includes popular pieces like: As far as I know the whole production process is under way and soon Hypnotized should finally be ready for release. Could you tell us a bit about poswtali material for this album was recorded?

Each tune is so interesting, and so is so well played, that despite big differences in style powsfali tune one listens to the whole album with pleasure. It’s a very good reissue of a very good album. Could you recommend some album you recently listened to, I mean those worth buying?


I listen to uak music from any medium. In most cases that’s actually a proof of poor production. Until now Tori Amos sold over 12 millions albums all over the world. Proportion between bass and treble is just perfect. Soundstage is also impressive – even though it was artificially created it plays a great artistic role in this music.

Jak powstali Skaldowie () – IMDb

I asked because Audio Cave is about to release a vinyl with your music. Let me remind you that before Skaldowie.

Box Requiem Records includes three discs, 40 tracks each, with pieces composed by Rudnik and the fourth skaldowiie, also with 40 tracks, with his music interpreted by other Polish musicians. The latter is very special.

And he finalized this interview with words as follows: Each album has a perfectly replicated cover. I couldn’t find information on who remastered the album for this reissue. For a long time he worked as a recording specialist, he was also responsible for maintenance of recording equipment, its modification and he even created some of it. This is an album that one can listen multiple times to, it won’t get boring any time soon.