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It means that when you Jailbreak you cannot power your Apple TV off. Probably a silly question but this is way to new school for me. Imagine no more reboots in the middle of movies. Download the latest version of Seas0nPass. Submitted by joram on October 18, – 1: January 1, at 4: I think you need OSX

Why is no one helping? Is there any other tool that i can use other than Seasonpass, or any older version compatible with 4. I think these guys will own the market once they release the final product. Please give me some advice to fix the error. Submitted by thechrisreese on October 18, – If you mean apple tv version, you can update and restore To the current version in iTunes then, could take A couple times, then follow this procedure. Seas0nPass simply provides the jailbreak.

Full details on what’s new in 4. Anyone else seeing this? Jailbreak software not compatible with my version of Mac OS older version.

Submitted by Cormacq on October 18, – So is uailbreak all set?

Help a brother out. Note that you’ll get a script error if you’re running full screen iTunes in Lion. Is there any other tool that i can use other than Seasonpass, or any older version compatible with 4.

Jailbreak Apple TV 2 Untethered with Seas0nPass [Tutorial] | iPhone in Canada Blog

Submitted by james on October 19, – Seas0nPass is maintained and developed by a group of developers by the name of FireCore. My understanding jailbrea, that Seasonpass just does the jailbreak and once that’s done you have to use the aTV Flash utility. January 19, at 7: March 7, at Currently the jailbreak for 4. February 11, at 4: Before proceeding, update the Apple TV 2 to the latest 4. I tried to reconnect the ATV for a tethered boot thought that might help but it said it was untethered and did not need to go through those steps.


Mine is not A tethered version of ttv. Anyway, thanks for the update, and I can’t wait to see the untethered one! Keep in mind that we will update the Seas0nPass compatibility chart when new versions of Seas0nPass are released to ensure it is always up to date.

A demo 4.44. that outlines the tethered jailbreak process can be found here. Apple just released the latest build 5. It seems to go smoothly as well but after the install completed the aTV got into a reboot loop. Photo Wall, Flip-up, and Shifting Tiles. Recent posts Infuse 5. December 31, at 6: This signifies that it is the latest version. Do i need to upgrade or is there an alternative? Newsletter Stay in the loop with new product announcements and updates. As the Jailbreaking process with Seas0nPass is essentially the same for all firmware versions however, you can follow the generalized guide below as well.

When you do this while your Jailbreak is Tethered it means in order for your Apple TV to turn back on you will need to plug it into the computer and re-run Seas0nPass over again.


A new fixed version has just been released. I hope jailbreeak get it working very soon.

The fact remains, it’s highly likely that one will encounter more geeky stuff then terminology when jailbreaking devices. Worked fine with the power cable. Why exactly would this process be called untethered if a cable connection is required for the process?

Submitted by Anon on October 18, – 2: I vt wait to get plex on 4.

Problem is I am not sure how to get “update” to the latest working untethered version and exactly where to find it.

I would like wifi to work so I can use the remote on my iphone.

Solved – Current Seas0nPass 0.9.8 & Atv2 4.4.4

I totally forgot that the aTVFlash app was a separate application that had to be run after jailbreaking with seas0npass.

Jailbreaking is geeky and technical. February 3, at 3: