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Train robbers who were sentenced later, and by different judges, received shorter terms. Born on the original Christmas in the stable next door to Jesus, Brian of Nazareth spends his life being mistaken for a messiah. When he returned to South London , he ran a drinking club and became a professional criminal. Daly was clever in avoiding having a photo taken when he was arrested until he could shave his beard. Notify me of new comments via email. He was famous for breaking up the Richardson Gang at a time when a significant number of London-based detectives were known to be corrupt. One of them is the man responsible for the attack on the train driver. Field changed his name to Brian Carlton to disappear.

In , Douglas Gordon Goody revealed to journalists the name of “The Ulsterman” as Patrick McKenna, a year-old postal worker living in Salford , Lancashire at the time of the robbery. A man explores the process of formation of sexuality and is looking for a woman that does not exist. Unfortunately, during his prison stint, his daughter Lorraine had died in a car accident. He climbed down from the cab to call the signalman from a railway track-side telephone, only to find the cables had been cut. The staff were made to lie face down on the floor in a corner of the carriage. With the exception of the minor accomplices Lennie Field, Bill Boal and the train driver, the list was complete, although of course the Ulsterman was not identified.

When a Jewish prince is betrayed and sent into slavery by a Roman friend, he regains his freedom and comes back for revenge. Roy James James went back to motor racing following his release on 15 August With no other alternative available to them, it was quickly decided that Mills would have to move the train to the stopping point near the bridge, which was indicated by a white sheet stretched between poles on the track.

Raeburn went on to say that Daly had played the Monopoly game with his brother-in-law Bruce Reynolds fklm inand that he had gone underground only because he was associated with people publicly sought by the police. Copy from this list Export Report this list.

But in spite of our strong suspicions, nothing could be proved against him and so no charge could be brought. Much focus of the trial and in subsequent reporting, has been on the train driver Jack Mills, but Mills secondman, David Whitby as well as other staff were attacked, and Whitby appears to have survived Mills by only a few years despite being younger.

As a signal stop was unexpected at this time and place, Whitby climbed down from the cab to call the signalman from a line-side telephone, only to find the cables had been cut. The informant had just been jailed in a provincial jail before the train robbery, and was hoping to get parole and other favorable outcomes from talking.


The second carriage behind the engine was known as the HVP High Value Packages coach, which carried large quantities of money and registered mail for sorting.

Aylesbury Malcolm Fewtrell Buckinghamshire Constabulary. He robbeey to bring in bank clerks robber count the damp and musty money to determine the final sum.

He took a while to learn how to live harmoniously with his wife Rene his daughter Marilyn having moved out upon his return.

With a few rlbbery exceptions, the money was quickly laundered or divided by friends, family and associates of the robbers. The ringleaders were sentenced to 30 years in jail. This process of exchange allowed mail doumentary be distributed locally without delaying the train with unnecessary stops. This resulted in most of the robbers going to ground. This gang, although very successful in the criminal underworld, had virtually no experience in stopping and robbing trains.

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It is not clear whether his wife Sian ever knew of his past. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Docjmentary your comment here He was the last of those convicted in Aylesbury to be released. Retrieved 12 August Notify me of new comments via email.

Boal tragically died in jail. Millen stated in his book “Specialist in Crime”, ‘the break-through with the informer came at a moment when I and my colleagues at the Yard were in a state of frustration almost approaching despair’. New bid to clear name of Bill Boal 43 years after he died in prison protesting his innocence – Mirror Online”.

Archived from the original on 1 July On 13 Julythe appeals by Lennie Field and Brian Field no relation against the charges of conspiracy to rob were allowed.

A 16th man, an unnamed retired train rrain, was also present at the time of the robbery. Jimmy White — With the other robbers on the run and thf fled the country, only White was at large in the United Kingdom. Having suffered a series of strokes after his release, and unable to speak for the previous three years, Biggs died at the Carlton Court Care home, London on 18 December Sometime after his release from prison, he married Welsh-born Sian.

In fact, the money was soon seized and spent by predatory gangsters and greedy associates, relatives and lawyers. He died in July He threatened the man left in charge of his share of the theft to retrieve the remainder.

Wilson’s funeral on 10 May was attended by Bruce Reynolds, who reported seeing Edwards, Roy James who got into a verbal argument with the pressWelch hobbling on crutches and White who went unnoticed most due to his ability to blend into the background.


Despite claiming that his negotiations were responsible for the return of this money, Williams in his book No Fixed Address claimed not robberj know the identity of the person who had returned the money, although he did mention several robbers to whom he had offered deals through intermediaries. Reynolds was reincarcerated in the mids for dealing amphetamines. The fitting of radios was also considered but they were deemed to be documentay expensive and the measure was not implemented.


Ronnie Biggs — Biggs fled to Paris, where he acquired new identity papers and underwent plastic surgery. On Friday 16 Augusttwo people who had decided to take a morning stroll in Dorking Woods discovered a briefcase, a holdall documentarh a camel-skin bag, all containing money.


Gang members entered the cabin from both sides of the train and as Mills grappled with one robber and attempted to force him off the footplate, he was struck from behind by another gang member with a coshrendering him semi-conscious. Following the robbery, Pembroke is said to have turned doocumentary back on crime and lived quietly in Trai, working as a cab driver.

Mills had constant trauma headaches for the rest of his life. A watch was put on the seaports. The robbers who spent much time on the run overseas—Reynolds, Wilson and Edwards—had very little left when finally arrested, having had to spend money avoiding capture and indulging vis lavish lifestyles without finding employment. In the end Lennie Field and Bill Boal got some measure of justice, but Boal died in prison in after a long folm.

Given that the police had no evidence against “Thomas”, either at Leatherslade Farm or connection with either of the two gangs, Butler was prepared to let him go. This lends credence to the claim that a deal was done with “Alf Thomas” which later caused outrage in the police hierarchy.

It seems that ghe he was an older man, he still had to apply for two weeks leave of absence from his job. The white notes quickly became far more conspicuous to use, making it harder for them to be spent. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Eleven months after Wilson’s escape, in JulyBiggs escaped from Wandsworth Prison15 months into his sentence. It was determined that although the farm had been cleaned for fingerprints, some finger and palm prints presumably of the robbers had been overlooked, including those on a ketchup bottle and documfntary the Monopoly set which had been used after the robbery for a game, but with real money.