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Shlok mistakes Astha to be Swati. Astha’s plan saves Anjali. Will Jyoti and Abhay reunite? Astha tries to comfort Shlok. Kalindi discovers Ankush’s truth. Brahmanand accepts Uttara to stop her from siding with Devyani.

Niranjan decides to host a party. Astha asks Anjali about Swati. Niranjan reveals his plans. Indrajeet plans to marry Barkha. Australia and New Zealand. Veera, aired on 30th October , Baldev breaks his relationship with Veera Baldev breaks his relationship with Veera as she does not believe him. Barkha-Indrajeet argue over Shlok.

Sapna goes to Kolhapur. Shlok is upset with Anjali. Astha’s plan saves Anjali. Niranjan bags the tender.

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Astha down memory lane! The Sarkars celebrate Holi.

Varad wishes to reconcile. Astha tends to Shlok. Renuka apologises to Siddharth. Niranjan succeeds in escaping.

Shlok and Astha move back to Pune. Avadhoot naam gold for the puja. Niranjan apologises to Kavita. Astha inquire about Swati. Anjali enquires about her parents.


Khushi Ke Ghar Khushkhabri – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Jyoti gets upset with Siddharth. Niranjan sets study room on fire. Shlok gives a rose to Astha.

Ep obmadmin 3 years ago 53 Views 0 Comments 0 Likes In episode of Saraswatichandra, aired on 21st AprilKumud learns about Ghuman’s secret Kajal and Kusum complain to the police against Sunanda.

Indrajeet gifts a watch to Sapna. Siddharth agrees to marry Jyoti. Abhay learns about Jyoti. Niranjan apologises to Anjali. Astha asks Anjali to fight back. Shlok searches for Astha. Niranjan thinks he has an allergy.

Niranjan seeks Jyoti’s signature. Viren decides to contin Shlok returns home drunk. Astha and Shlok move to Shanta’s house. Apsara – Indrajeet’s new maid. Shlok assaults Raghu Bhai. Avadhoot fears Niranjan’s ire. Varad stands up for Astha. Naaniji is angry paar Vrinda for upsetting the Pooja. Astha escapes from goons.

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Anjali moves to old age home. Barkha wants to meet her parents. Astha apologises to Shlok. Shlok’s voice worries Indrajeet. Ajinkya and Aditi’s arrival. Niranjan, Indrajit and a tender! Shlok and Astha’s anniversary. Shlok gets beaten up!


Siddharth enters Jyoti’s room. Astha tries to impress Shlok. Click here to watch Tere Sheher Mein on hotstar – http: Astha does the dopn