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As Khushi faints, Arnav decides to drop her home. She completes it and submits the reports on time. Shyam makes another attempt to kill Anjali. Later at the party, Arnav insults the guests for gossiping about him and Khushi. Why does Khushi faint? Khushi is sad and upset on seeing Shyam’s condition.

Arnav is possessive about Khushi. In turn, Arnav threatens to ruin Payal’s marriage. Khushi panics when Akash obediently signs. Later, Anjali asks Khushi to explain Janmashtami to Lavanya. Arnav is enraged as he gets to know that Khushi spoke about his relationship with Lavanya to Nani and sends her to work at his guest house. Arnav cries for Anjali even though she is fine. He is horrified when he realises that Khushi is trapped in the building. Khushi wants to retrieve a figurine from her office desk before she leaves.

Nanda Kishore plans to sneak out of the Raizada house to see Khushi at midnight. Did Khushi meet with an accident?

Khushi Ke Ghar Khushkhabri РIss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon РVid̩o dailymotion

Anjali asks them to prepare dinner. Khushi is stunned when Lavanya fires her.

Will Arnav reveal his feelings to Khushi? Sinha decides that the building is in a bad condition and may collapse any moment. Khushi is bullied by a rowdy gang. Arnav is possessive about Khushi. Later, Anjali asks Shyam about his wedding ring. She notices Anjali ordering Shyam to change his white shirt. He accuses Khushi of immorality.

Arnav saves her and clears all accusations after reading the letter. But he later realises that she has fever.

The contractor refuses to pay Khushi. Meanwhile, Manorama is all excited to welcome their special guest from Sydney, Nanda Kishore. Arnav and Nani decide to keep their differences aside during Anjali and Shyam’s anniversary party. Shyam tells her that he is looking for his clothes.


Arnav instructs her to look happy in front of his family. Shyam tries to convince Khushi against accepting Anjali’s offer. Shyam anticipates Anjali’s death and makes arrangements for her funeral. Khushi is unhappy when she hears this. Nani and Anjali are happy to see Arnav and Khushi having feelings for each other.

While practicing for the competition, Madhumati catches Shyam secretly looking at Khushi. When Shyam brings food for Khushi, she insults him. Their conversation is overheard. Khushi is plaer seething from being humiliated by Arnav. Anjali is happy to see Khushi take care of Arnav. While, Anjali is surprised to see Shyam worried, Arnav continues thinking about Khushi. Will Arnav be able to retrieve them?

She stays up all night to look after him. Naniji behaves rather suspiciously. Meanwhile, Nani is unhappy to see Lavanya come home. Meanwhile, Khushi keeps irritating Arnav to force him to send her home. Will she see Shyam?

Khushi Ke Ghar Khushkhabri – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Will he convince her to accept his proposal? The Raizadas and the Guptas are stunned to see Arnav volunteering to dance with Khushi. Arnav sees the footage of Haam setting off the fire alarms with her lamp lighting ritual. Akash sneaks into the room where the rasam is happening to get a glimpse of Payal.

Khushi arrives at the Raizada house to epiaode Payal from signing the divorce papers. Later, Arnav shouts at Khushi for playing pranks and she retaliates.


iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

She gives pyaae dress and jewellery to Khushi and instructs her to get ready. Meanwhile, Nani doubts Lavanya’s cooking skills and Manorama reveals the truth about the dinner preparation. Nani, however, insists Arnav to play Ranjha’s role.

Manorama is excited after Arnav gifts her jewellery. Later, she receives Diwali gifts from Anjali. She insults him back. Meanwhile, Anjali tries to console Khushi’s family. Arnav is furious to see a card from Shyam, and asks her to avoid him. Arnav refuses to answer her questions. Nani praises Lavanya and tells her that she wishes her to marry Arnav.

Akash drops Buaji and Payal home after the pooja, but Khushi stays plzyer.

Meanwhile, Arnav asks Lavanya to choose between house and office. Khushi comes home to find everybody angry. Nani and Lavanya continue their fake fight to make Khushi stay. Later, Nani invites Khushi’s family for the pooja, but Lavanya decides to spoil it.