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He notices a note which says to open it 1 hour after she leaves, heopens it and sees the stars and the letter,She says like her he lost his parents and now she will become a star aswell the most brightest,ASR runs out if the house and is running to find Khushi. Arnav who would tear the world apart for one scratch at his Khushi was treating her worse than he treated any of his enemies. Anjali says, ereverything is my husband and i can don’t want him to get disturbed because of the old people. Arnav sat in the car and drove at a very high speed. The boy is still admiring her cute talks and he gets up slowly and manages to slide behind his lady love — Khushi. The view is shifted to the house. Nani says he is probably thinking about his Sasural, Mamisays its most likely bitter memories and he was probably not welllooked after. Shlok calls Astha, Astha says that Shlok even can’t tolerate if i go a little bit late.

Amma and Buaji taking and Khushi comes and hugs them out of nowhere andtells them to look after themselves and she is leaving,Buaji asks where but is confused by Khushi’s answers. November 7, at 6: Sections of this page. Bubli wants some food but Payal says its not good for herand take it away, Bubli gets it back and Payal chases her with it,accidently whilst getting the food off Bubli, Bubli hits her hand, shegoes away saying she is fine ASR looking for a shirt to change, Anjali says its only a button andKhushi can put it on for her, she gives the needle and thread box toKhushi to put the button back on. Mamiji asks about how ASR was treated as since hisreturn he seems changed and he seems to be in a bad mood. Astha gets angry but she calms down. ASR comes and says he is going tooffice and his shirt button comes off, he goes to change Payal is cooking food in the kitchen and Bubli enters and is up to herantics again.

Arnav saves Khushi

Shefirst thinks of taking tablets,and then hanging herself by the ceiling fan but finds excuses, she thenthinks of another ,o. Astha comes to kitchen, Anjali hugs her and says that she got scared observing Niranjan following her so she acted like that. Niranjan comes and observes Anjali from behind eritten door. Anjali slowly says that Niranjan is watching from behind so she will act rude and asks them to cooperate with her. Everyone gives a nice shouting to Arnav.


Mamiji asks about how ASR was treated as since hisreturn he seems changed and he seems to be in a bad mood. Anjali asks if there is something wrong between them,but she doesn’t answer. Khushi says she is ready and turnsaround to jump There is another rabba ve moment were they both look at each otherand we get some more flash back scenes asKhushi goes to jump ASR grabs hold of her and stops her from Jumping.

Niranjan asks sorry to the elder people there on behalf of his wife and asks Anjali to go inside. The next day, Astha asks Kavya to come and have breakfast. She tells him that she wont become a ghost and haunt him and lavanya,ASR is confused about having Lavanya involved. Akash comes to Payal and shetells Payal she shouldn’t have forced Bubli but spoke to her nicely andnow Bubli needs a bandage, Payal tries to explain but Akash doesn’tlisten and goes away.

When Arnav reached home he was heart-broken to see that letter lying on the dressing table.

Anjali says, don’t say like that about my child, Astha laughs. Join or Log Into Facebook. Join or Log Into Facebook. Khushi tells ASR to be careful about his sugar levels and not to getangry at Lavnaya, he looks at Khushi very confused.

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AS Anajli leaves he comes back and tellsKhushi that if she doesn’t agree she will be the one who losesBubli comes in to Akash room and Akash notices the injury on Bubli’shand and asks how it happened, Bubli takes advantage and says shewanted Chamcham but Payal didn’t let her and was chasing her andshe got injured, Akash looks concerned. Pls pray for me as my examzzzzz are coming up.


Sign in Recover your password. Astha comes to know that Anjali is acting and laughs a bit watching her in action. Khushi goes to herdad and tells him to have his tablets jss time.

Anjali says that she is very happy about both of them. Anjali parents cry thinking of Anjali and what she is going through.

She almost cried herself to sleep every night. Anjali comes in and asks what happenedand if she is okay, Khushi covers saying that she is fine and she wasthinking about her Maayka, Anajli says Khushi cant lie so shuldnt lie Shyam comes and says what happened and says he saw ASR leave andhe looked angry and asks what happened. Astha gets angry but she calms down. She tells him abot his Kundali dosh and he wants to marry Lavanya, hetells her that this is all a lie and he doesn’t believe about this sortof stuff.

Khushi thinks he is telling her not to move so he can push her, ASR runsto the top as fast as he can and tells her not to jump.

Varad says that he needs some space and goes to sleep. He loving wraps his arms around her and she gets startled.

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They asks Anjali, is everthing OK. ASR comes and says he is going tooffice and his shirt button comes off, he goes to change Payal is cooking food episoxe the kitchen and Bubli enters and is up to herantics again. Arnav smiles as her remembers how they married and all the circumstances that have led to immense love between them.