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Later, Manorama asks her to leave the house as Lavanya has learnt all the household chores. He finally finds Anjali in a temple and apologises for being rude. Later, Payal thanks Arnav for helping her and Akash. Why is Arnav hostile towards Khushi? To defeat Madhumati in the dance competition, Manorama mixes liquor in the juice. Anjali tells Arnav that Lavanya has sent him a bouquet.

Later, Anjali asks Khushi to explain Janmashtami to Lavanya. Khushi suggests them not to lie, but in vain. Khushi falls into a pit and Arnav finds her. Bua and Khushi are seen pushing a box somewhere with costumes for their dances. The wedding preparations confuse him. Later, Arnav finds Nanda Kishore chatting with Khushi over the phone. However, Arnav hurts the family when he brings a new air conditioner and toiletries in the house. Shyami in the kitchen searching frantically for his sweet box.

Manorama taunts the Gupta family about not making any wedding arrangements. The couple’s performance leaves everyone speechless. What has Anjali learnt about Shyam?

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Has Khushi Kumari arrived? Khushi worries why Arnav messaged her instead of Anjali and prays for him. She demands to know why he had married epiisode. Arnav agrees to go with Khushi after a lot of persuasion. Nani and Anjali also berate her for demeaning the sanctity of marriage. Will Arnav reveal his feelings to Khushi?


Arnav humiliates Khushi again, but Nani supports her and asks him to behave. Meanwhile, Shyam misbehaves with Khushi when they are out buying medicines.

Later, Madhumati arrives at the Raizada house to invite Payal for the rituals.

Shyam then apologises to her for his fraudulent ways. Later, Khushi demands the truth from Arnav. Arnav is amused starplater see Khushi dressed like Manorama. Anjali waits patiently for her husband to turn up so that she can break her fast as well.

Meanwhile, Arnav is served boiled food on Khushi’s instructions. Anjali notices Akash trying to get a better glimpse of Payal.

Arnav feels bad as he knows he has hurt Khushi unknowingly. All of them are shocked about Shyam living in the house.

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Lavanya fires her new assistant, Sonia. Meanwhile, Manorama is all excited to welcome their special guest from Sydney, Nanda Kishore. Khushi explains the disadvantages of a live-in relationship to Lavanya. Khushi and Arnav think about each other. Anjali spots him near the temple, dono he manages to escape again. Arnav shouts at Khushi for spoiling his image and plans to damage her business.

Shashi tries to retrieve Anjali’s number from Shyam’s episove. Meanwhile, some miscreants stop Khushi and Arnav. Later, Shyam misbehaves with Khushi. She tries to defend Lavanya and explain her view to Arnav.


Anjali tells Arnav that Lavanya has sent him a ,ya. Arnav and Khushi blame each other for the unplanned meeting. Khushi thinks Arnav is asleep, and tells Lakshmi about her plan to avoid seeing Arnav.

Arnav and Khushi taunt each other about the challenge. Arnav revives Khushi by giving her some water, thus breaking her fast. Madhumati confronts Manorama for lacing her drink with alcohol.

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Arnav puts his phone away and stares forlornly as Khushi laughs with NK. Later, she invites her neighbours wedding guests to stay in Madhumati’s house to irritate Arnav. Shyami in the kitchen searching frantically for his sweet box. Lavanya is shocked to know that Nani plans to test her. Arnav enjoys the food. Khushi realises the problems at home and decides to deliver the sweets to Arnav’s house. Lavanya scolds Khushi for not taking her work seriously.