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Editor 1 hour ago. The movie is draped with melodious hummable songs, dances, funny comic scenes, teenagish one-liners. How-ever Ishq Vishk is the movie for current decade – set in contemporary times with fresh approach relevant to todays world and portrayed using new faces, which is what makes the movie click. Views Read Edit View history. Kumar Taurani Ramesh Taurani. Then comes the time for the trip and by some persuasion, Payal is allowed by her father to go. Yash Tonk as the college love guru is good. A young man is hellbent to destroy his arch enemy and his lover, who destroyed his life.

Kumar Taurani Ramesh Taurani. Chance Pe Dance All is hunky dory till they are forced to shut shop until a plan comes up. Payal realizes that Rajiv doesn’t love her and slaps him. Shahid Kapoor , Vishal Malhotra Actress: This Week’s Top Trailers.

Browse Movie by Actress. Alisha and Rajiv leave with everyone accusing him of fighting with his friends. Retrieved from ” https: Browse Movie By Year. This movie is perfect debut vehicle for Shahid Kapoor. She has proved her hold on other actresses. Muhammad Shahbaz 8 years ago. This page was last edited on 2 Februaryat How-ever Ishq Vishk is the movie for current decade – set in contemporary times with fresh approach relevant to todays world and portrayed using new faces, which is what makes the movie click.

He,imagining Alisha to be Payal, hugs her and says “I love you, Payal”.

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Rajiv doesn’t accept her apology and asks her to kiss him in front of everyone. But Rajiv rebukes him. Teri Meri Kahaani Remember the first time you fell in love, held your partner’s hand in public, announced to your gang you were ‘seeing someone’; how you enthusiastically rooted for your college in inter-college festivals, dressed up for traditional day, hung out with buddies in the canteen, did last minute cramming for exams, gave proxy attendances for friends, were named on the dreaded blacklist, ogled at the college ‘item’, begged parental permission for ivshq picnics and were perennially short of money?


She apologizes to Payal for her behavior and wishes them good luck.

Both the actor and director are to watch out for. Editor 3 weeks ago. He then realizes his mistake as Payal still loves him and Mambo was just being her friend. However, he has different plans in mind. Payal refuses saying that she doesn’t need to prove her love by doing such a cheap act. Both of them accompany Danny, Javed and their girlfriends and stay at Danny’s beach house; however, Rajiv’s drink is laced by Danny and, being intoxicated, he behaves badly with Payal.

Ishq Vishk Ishq Vishk was definitely the film of the year! Anonymous 9 years ago. Amrita Rao plays the innocent girl convincingly and walking away with audience’s compassion.

Ishq Vishk Hindi Movie 2003 Part 1

Alka YagnikKumar Sanu. He tells her he loves her a lot, even though she might not believe him. Write us a letter. Rajiv is taken aback by the subhitles that it was Payal and not Alisha who bothered to wish him first, as Alisha is busy with her modelling shoot.

Number of User Comments: Views Read Edit View history. The subtitoes revolves around Rajeev and his group, his childhood friend Payal and college hot property Alisha. Rajiv then takes the mic and publicly apologizes to Payal.


Payal gets emotional and tells him she now thinks that her views about love were wrong and that is why Wtih is so mpvie with Alisha, something which was not with Payal. The story is pretty stale and has been made practically in each decade since the inception of Bollywood. See what’s trending now. Rajiv starts noticing that Payal and Mambo are coming close which irks him. Share this Rating Title: He is unable to differentiate the good from the bad and is carried over into a world full of women and wealth.

Their relationship falls apart and Rajiv challenges that he’ll have the most beautiful girlfriend of the college. While Payal is in love with Rajiv, it takes him a bit longer to return her feelings. Chandramouli Editor 1 month ago 2. Anu Malik Background Score: Retrieved 12 November Payal has always been in love with Rajeev who snglish reciprocate her feelings because she is simple and therefore not ‘his type’.

Archived from the original on 15 February During the outing, he gets intoxicated, and attempts to molest her, and she decides to dump him.