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New York, and “Stiamo parlando di miliardi” both appearing in Gli arancini di Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri not yet translated into English. And while the inquiry goes on, the Commissioner is under pressure from all sides: Yes No Report this. Catarella phones to let Montalbano know early in the morning that Alberto Larussa had committed suicide in his laboratory inside his home, and Galluzzo is first on the scene. The sound effects are remarkably authentic. Wings of the Sphinx Ep

Start your free trial. The Commissioner on the one hand tries to manage the worsening relations between two major Mafia families of Vigata Cuffaro and Sinagra , and on the other is engaged in the search for a foreign girl; and the trail leads into the Sicilian countryside, and to an abandoned railway station located Biagio, where a mentally disabled person confesses to having delivered the girl to a dangerous criminal involved in the white slave trade. Some of her letters were found in which the she reveals her jealousy to Angelo even if she had written these under his dictation with the intention of making his sister stop opposing his relationship with Elena. Murder, betrayal, office politics, temptation Andrea Camilleri Lists of Italian television series episodes. The story has unexpected consequences.

The supporting characters intrigue too.

An elderly import-export merchant is found murdered and a young woman who may have been mixed up with him disappears the same day. The show was initially launched on Rai 2but moved to Rai 1 from the third series onwards based on viewing figures. Camilleri poked fun at this in one of the books, where it’s acknowledged that the TV series exists in the Montalbano universe.

In the series generated a prequelThe Young Montalbano. Trivia Although he is a fan of the show, Montalbano creator Andrea Camilleri has openly stated that Luca Zingaretti ‘s characterization differs somewhat from how he had mohtalbano envisioned the character.


BBC Four – Inspector Montalbano, Series 1, The Artist’s Touch

Montalbano finds his decaying body in a bedroom where his lover put him after shooting him while he slept. TV Show – Episodi. See all episodes from Inspector Montalbano. Montalbano found her boyfriend Francesco to be a great help in lifting the veil from what seems now a strange kidnapping. An old foreman is killed, hit by a car. Epixode while the inquiry goes on, the Commissioner is monta,bano pressure from all sides: A ruthless crime in a suburb of Vigata.

Montalbano discovers that the young boy has survived on his own for several days by stealing snacks from other children at his school. Dozing off en route to a funeral, Montalbano is awakened when his driver crashes next to a seemingly abandoned villa. The opening shots of the programme also show Guerrieri Viaduct, which is in Modica. The investigation concerns the death which was made to look like an accident of Mr and Mrs.

Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But Ingrid informs Montalbano that Luparello was not attracted to women. Saturday evening slot, [2] previously occupied by both series of The Killing and, more recently, Borgen.

Detective Montalbano

Not translated yet [16]. Edit Storyline Det Salvo Montalbano is discouraged by corruption with the force and has thoughts of quitting; until Mimi has his say. Caruso 14 episodes, Montalbano is confronted by two passionate women; Michela Pardo who was morbidly attached to her brother and full of anger toward Elena Scalani, ex-lover of Pardo who had grown tired of inapector relationship.

Montalbano’s Croquettes Ep 8. The Goldfinch and the Cat Ep 10 Episode 10 A series of drive-by muggings of little old ladies escalates to murder. Montalbano investigates the connection between a corpse found at sea and a yacht anchored in Vigata’s harbor.

The commissioner has no sooner summoned his men to help than the horse disappears: Montalbano does not remain insensitive to the “foreigner’s” advances, but in the end succeeds in passing her off onto his deputy Mimi Augello, always vulnerable to feminine charms.


He manages to get an extra day to investigate from the deputy prosecutor Lo Bianco. There Montalbano discovers the tomb of two skeletons embracing each other. Lillo had placed the bodies of the two lovers in the cave with the dog and bowl of coins in accordance with the formula of an Arab folk legend of two doomed young lovers that he had read about. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Inspector Montalbano

Young inspector Luca Manara is a playboy. Photos Add Image Add an image Nispector you have any images for this title? Mon 27 Dec Was this review helpful to you? After a handwriting expert proves the will is false, James is arrested, but declares himself as being innocent. Together with a young man, Giacomo Pellegrino, who helped him in the business, he has left no trace.

engllsh Wed 5 Oct Speaking first with her friend Anna Tropeano, who found the body, and then with the Larussa’s cleaner, Maria Antonietta Vullo; he discovers that Larussa was paralysed after falling from a horse. Full Cast and Crew.

Montalbano encounters a floating corpse during one of his early morning swims. Characters may be stereotypes but well-written ones, especially one of the most fascinating foreign detective mystery dramas titular characters there is to me and the scene-stealing Catarella hilarious comic relief but more than that. He was involved in clandestine abortions and drug smuggling with one of the local mafiosa families.