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If you cry, this body of his, his arm, and his spirit…the throbbing ache inside of him grows stronger. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I agree with you though that Black knowing about the curse beforehand is a major difference that does make the love story more believable, since it means she risked her revenge. You repeat what you said, which was that you can cure his illness. This site uses cookies. He tells you to submerge yourself more in it. The first volume is for the Blue King. Despite his position as general he overthrew and killed his lord, and even destroyed his own entire clan; now he sits on the throne, and is known to all for his strength.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Something like this has only happened with you. He laughs in self-deprecation again. You say something again that surprises him and he says something like that is impossible. The Black King then states that he hates humans and their halfheartedness, their weakness, he hates all of it. The same goes for you. Definitely my favorite of the four in terms of cover.

From the official website, the Black King has slaughtered a large number of people using a cursed sword and as a result, his spirit is already eroded.

Also, does anyone else feel like Okitsu in like…everything nowadays?

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Then he tells you not to look at him with those eyes. On the other hand, it sounds like her revenge… maybe worked? He basically says the same stuff as before: He tells you to wait. Notify me of new seriea via email.

Despite his position as general he overthrew and killed his lord, and even destroyed his own entire clan; now he sits on the throne, and is known to all for his strength. Nothing can change that truth.


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I never thought about it that way. On top of that, his illness is exactly as you said. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He sounds really disbelieving, almost desperate. He commands you to look at him and then chuckles.

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He keeps inspecting your body and seems extremely fascinated by the difference between your body and theirs. The Black King lets out a shuddering breath and says that he loves you.

This was esries huge disappointment because I could forgive my disconnect from the eroi scenes if there was better relationship development, but I guess all of that happened behind the scenes. Now on the King himself! Of the sword he carries? In seriea second volume you visit the one-armed Red King CV: He desperately says that he can give you anything. Since I knew what to expect I was able to catch a few extra nuances that I missed originally. He scolds you for moving again. He starts to laugh a bit hysterically and says that he probably loves you.

He ro to kiss you, saying he wants to feel more of your soft skin. Ironically, after my long break between working on this review, the last two tracks were probably the easiest ones to understand. He was basically going mad from this need to kill, but he regretted it each time.

He continues to laugh.

My version of keeping up with seiyuus is just recognizing voices. Why not try killing him?

Premise There used to be 5 kingdoms: Eventually, to improve, you would want to phase off noo translations and try to inshoju how much you insholu understand on your own, but you can take baby steps.


In the third volume you visit the young boy emperor, the White King CV: He asks you why you made this up, tearing your clothes as he continues to demand this answer out of you. I needed to wrap my mind around the whole thing. Even if this is the only comment I ever get, it would be enough that one person really appreciated me posting this series, especially since I would constantly ask myself why I was even reviewing it, haha. I learned a lot from it and it made me question myself often, which is kind of fun and a different experience.

And you know, being trained by Rejet has made me a bit do-M and the revenge and love thing sounded appealing… Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with this CD. He tells you to beg him like they did because he loves that side of human nature; seeing the tears and fear, he loves it.

Getting just the games and drama CDs are bad enough. It was closer than I thought. He tells you to endure the cold and hunger. In trying to gather the info to make a general description of what went on, I almost translated every line. Also, the cast for the other two CDs are announced, click here for the details! Kind of like when I reviewed the two game trials earlier.

No one has ever seen his face. He asks you what you want.