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Exit Blume Angle the camera up to access the hacking point and install the spyware. Watch Dogs Guide Strategy Guide. Activate the forklift marked in screenshot 1, and then switch to the camera in the nearby caretaker’s lodge. One done, now the harder one. Once the other guy comes to investigate deal with him. If you want to rely on hacking, you first need to distract this one, e. Access the camera and move it up to access the laptop camera in the security room.

The next one is the guard close to the control panel and looking towards it. With those done, hack into the server in front of you to implant the spyware. You can hide behind the low walls and attack the enemies by surprise. That doesn’t look good, but let’s take care of ourselves first. After you start this mission, take the main road to Blume offices. When the guard moves access his camera and wait for him to go through the door. Once in view of the hackable box, you know what to do. The first one is the abovementioned guard with camera on him.

Watch the guard in the middle, and as soon as he wath away from the security room, creep inside and take down the guard within.

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Bluke logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Now move up one point and turn it three more times to unlock the point at the very bottom. Activate the forklift marked in infiltratd 1, and then switch to the camera in the nearby caretaker’s lodge. Only then, hack into the smartphone, wait for the guard with camera to approach it and hack into the ctOS box only then. May 28, at If you want to, you can try dragging him away, into a secluded place, with e.


Eavesdrop on the conversation, then get out of Blume.

You need to return to the router that you have scanned with the Profiler, several minutes earlier. The second ctOS box is in the enclosed area shown in the above screenshot, which is located in the North-Eastern corner of the facility.

Get so that you’re hacked into a security camera up above this alley to the left of the main gate. Access the camera above the room next to the stationary guard.

Hack into the camera infiltdate, then wait to hack into the camera on the guard walking around. Profile the ctOS box Objective: Sneak your way out the way you came in. We need to get over watcn. Go over to it and you’ll have to solve the two hacking puzzles. Personally, I recommend against using the North-Eastern entrance, because you would have to go a longer way to reach the current destination. When nobody is looking, quickly move in and use the console.

Quickly, switch to the camera attached to his armor and hack the first ctOS box remotely. Key information Main uses. When the guard on patrol infiltrage the body nearby he will investigate — take him down. It is best to take him down in melee, although you can also shoot him with a suppressed weapon. After you start this mission, take the main road to Blume offices.

Turn blme upper left point once, then unlock the point in the middle.

Start by going to the left wach the main entry gate. Now go back to the main ctOS box and start the mini game.

Watch Dogs Walkthrough: The Future is in Blume – boxes, spyware, escape

Access the camera to spot four guards in the immediate area. Wath missions – Act II. In the latter case, watch out for another guard, who is patrolling the area. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. If he is, turn the solar panel to distract him then put him down. Basic information Description of the available skills.


Watch Dogs Walkthrough: The Future is in Blume – boxes, spyware, escape – VG

Use the shutters to start luring the security guard with a camera out of his spot, then hop into his camera. The basics Objects and activities that help avoid detection. One done, now imfiltrate harder one. Introduction and map You see that office up on the second floor by a few guards?

Around, there should, permanently, be two opponents, where there appears one more person, occasionally. Main missions – Act IV. After you leave the facility, reach the marker next to the parked bikes, to complete this mission.

If you have not yet managed to get away from the router, hide behind, e. Cogs mission can not be done entirely using cameras, which is a shame, but alas.

Now access the target panel. Move up one point, unlock it, turn it three times before moving left one point and turn it twice, unlocking the final point on the far right giving access to the camera.

Target the smartphone here and activate it.