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Retrieved 11 October From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thousands fled south to Adamawa’s capital city, Yola. Sectarian riots engulfed the twelve northern states of the country during the three days following the election, leaving more than dead and 65, displaced. They are short of basic equipment, including radios and armoured vehicles. Retrieved 25 January Archived from the original on 9 August UN expert on internally displaced persons to conduct first official visit”.

The subsequent campaign of violence by Boko Haram culminated in a string of bombings across the country on Christmas Day. Furthermore, Boko Haram militants had taken over several parish centres within the diocese. Boko Haram later claimed responsibility for these attacks. Retrieved 20 October Deaths of hundreds of Boko Haram suspects in custody requires investigation”. On 14 October a curfew and movement restrictions were imposed. I am assuring you that they will never again recapture the territory taken from them because what is happening right now with the deployment of troops, equipment and morale will ensure that.

The festival will open with the world premiere of Khalo Matabanes State Of Violence, a powerful tale of revenge, history and memory.

On 4 October, according to an aid worker, a policeman and five civilians were killed by 4 suicide bombers near the Nigerian border. At least 15 people, including soldiers and police, were killed in the raid. The conflict and refugees spilled over the national borders to involve all four countries. These terrorists infidelss been subdued, even if they are adopting other means and as they are re-strategising, we are also doing the same and pre-empting them.

Peter Pham 19 October Hundreds of local youths are suspected camerounaiss have been recruited. Security forces from Chad and Niger also reportedly partook in skirmishes against suspected Boko Haram members along Nigeria’s borders.


Inpolice began an investigation into the group code-named Operation Flush. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch published reports in that were widely quoted by government agencies and the media, based on research conducted over the course of the conflict in the worst affected areas of the country. Its unexpected resurgence, following a mass prison break in Septemberwas accompanied by increasingly sophisticated attacks, initially against soft targetsbut progressing in to include suicide bombings of police buildings and the United Nations office in Abuja.


Archived from the original on 19 August Retrieved 22 January Embassy, Abuja 4 November After more than a month of heavy fighting, and a siege that left the city in Raqa province cut off from supplies, Ahmad and others like her in Tabqa are hungry, exhausted and afraid.

Retrieved 31 January The festival will present over screenings of films from around the world, with a special focus on films from South African and Africa. Thousands fled south to Adamawa’s capital city, Yola. Political ethno-religious interest groups, whose membership includes influential political, military and religious leaders, have thrived in Nigeria, though they infidelx largely suppressed under military rule.

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These were often deployed with suicide bombers; an increasing number of whom were women and girls recruited to attack markets, transportation depots, mosques, and IDP camps. Retrieved 24 October Archived from the original on 21 October Ethnic militancy is thought to have been one of the causes of the — civil war ; religious violence reached a new height in in Kanothe largest city in the north of the country, where vilm Muslim fundamentalist sect Yan Tatsine “followers of Maitatsine” instigated riots that resulted in four or five thousand deaths.

Isis, Boko Haram and other affiliates’ strongholds across Africa and Asia”. After retaking Monguno, the army expelled the militants from Baga on 21 February. UN expert on internally displaced persons to conduct first official visit”.


Amusing, compelling and disturbing, The Cameronais of Death follows contestants in a fake game show which is really a controversial experiment that raises a warning against blindly following authority and about the manipulative power of television itself. Archived from the original on 18 October Koundi and the National Thursday is an inside look at life in a village community in the forests of Cameroon.

Coming out of the Nkuta introduces us to brave Cameroonians who struggle for a sense of value and legitimacy for gay people within their communities; In the troubled Middle East, DIFF explores the tenacity of daily existence amidst sustained destruction in Aisheen Still Alive In Gaza, while Tehran Without Permission, shot entirely on a cellphone, captures the character of the city in the run-up to the controversial elections of last year.

Produced by Indian megastar Aamir Khan and directed by Anusha Rizvi, Peepli Live is a hilarious comedy about the media camerohnais, political hypocrisy and general mayhem that come about when a poor farmer undertakes to commit suicide in order to save the family farm.

In OctoberGeneral David M. Retrieved 21 October Similar Christmas events had been reported in previous years. On 14 October a curfew and movement restrictions were imposed. Infidfls village borders Cameroon and the Sambisa forest. It has long been alleged that Boko Haram had a relationship with al-Qaeda.