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Ina, Kapatid, Anak official title card. The story conference was held on May 11, where it was officially green-lit for production. Celyn and Ethan spied around Mio’s house, trying to find evidence confirming their theory of a link between him and Diego. Mio Buenaventura John Regala , who was Theresa’s deceased husband, is revealed to have faked his death and now seeks revenge. Angered, Mio tried to wrest the gun from Diego, and after a struggle pulled the trigger, shooting his son before a distraught Theresa. Margaux longed for Liam’s company, but Liam always tried to defend Celyn whenever Margaux taunted her.

Meanwhile, the drama is Dee and Salvador’s first on-screen team up. Last February 21, , the family drama posted an all-time high rating of When police reinforcements came in, Mio ordered Diego to shoot his own mother, which he refused to do after a nervous breakdown. Theresa’s cousin, Oscar, has flashbacks of Theresa’s pregnancy; when the midwife delivered twins, he decided to kept it a secret. The Official Soundtrack [26] Artist: Studio album CD Genre:

Beatriz then planned to flee to Singapore for their safety, and she finally reconciled with Theresa one night, amidst hugs and tears. The original plan was that Beatrice and Julio raise the child after its birth, but Theresa refused, saying that she carried the child and was thus its mother.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lucas, who wanted Mio dead lest he be implicated, agreed and sent him the money through Theresa.

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Julio then revealed to a shaken Celyn that she xnak actually their missing daughter, and Beatrice immediately regretted hating her. After having a happy reunion, Liam proposed to Celyn, which she accepted. Gabi ng Pagbubunyag ng Lihim Feb. In the end, how can Diego carry on knowing that his real family is in danger? Gabi ng Pagbabago Mar. Mio shot Julio, sending him into a coma, and while waiting on him in hospital, Celyn and Margaux reconciled and prayed for their father’s recovery.

Lucas, who episoxe gone to hiding with the kkapatid men after being exposed, saw Beatrice and he text Yolanda on their location. Ina, Kapatid, Anak Lit: Theresa’s cousin, Oscar, has flashbacks of Theresa’s pregnancy; when the midwife delivered twins, he decided to kept it a secret.


Lucas planned Mio’s escape attempt because Diego had blackmailed him. Ang Huling Gabi Jun. Margaux’s hatred towards Celyn became more relaxed anam dangerous; she is a part of the family after all. The series ends with scenes of the entire extended family in church for the baptism of the babies, with Celyn and Margaux’s babies holding hands while their mothers’ arms.

In hospital, Theresa came close to death, but survived the gunshot wound. Gabi ng Pagpapakilala Feb.

Some ima of the episode where Celyn and Margaux figure in a vehicular accident were surprised that the airbags of the Chevrolet Cruze used in the scene did not deploy despite the damage to episodr car depicted.

Retrieved from ” https: Theresa eventually realized that Ethan’s friend, Diego Medina Alex Medina – who had become close to her when she went back to university — was Joshua, her long-lost firstborn whom Mio had spirited away years before.

Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato.

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They agreed that Celyn will stay in Beatrice’s house for the weekdays and Theresa’s at the weekends. They all learned that Mio had escaped, and he visited Theresa again, stabbing Liam three times and before disappearing once more. It was revealed that Celyn and Margaux were oapatid twins delivered of Theresa, and Zacharias admits to having engineered the exchange, adding he did so to keep the peace between the two half sisters.

Last February 21,the family drama posted kzpatid all-time high rating of Gabi ng Katotohanan Jan. The show was extended due to success in viewership ratings. How will Teresa find the strength to face her ex-husband again to …. Margaux longed for Liam’s company, but Liam always tried to defend Celyn whenever Margaux taunted her. In the rescue operation, policeman fired at Mio while Diego escaped, taking Celyn with him to an abandoned kitchen.

Cuaresma and Jojo A. Beatrice remained opposed to Theresa, and legal issues about who gets Celyn started.

One day, she received an acceptance letter from the University of the Philippines Dilimanbut Theresa was furious and refused to let her go.

Ina movie was produced based on the television series. Celyn and Ethan became closer together and Ethan confessed his feelings for Celyn. Coleen Garcia wants to work in a project with Anne Curtis 24 February Meanwhile, the drama is Dee and Kapatir first on-screen team up. Theresa managed to flee with the others, but Mio cornered them.


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Celyn found out that Ethan and Margaux were lovers. Gabi ng Rebelasyon Apr. Margaux tried to save Celyn from the flames, but both were eventually rescued by Liam, while Mio was placed under hospital arrest. Epislde automobile manufacturer issued a statement, reminding the public that they were watching a fictional series that did not depict a real event, and calling on such programmes to present factuality on technical matters.

Diego asked her to forgive him and died, causing Mio to roil in emotional agony for killing his own son.

The series marks the reunion of Chiu and Lim as a tandem [14] and Chiu and Salvador as rivals [15] akpatid after the highly ona romantic comedy, My Binondo Girl for which actress Cherry Pie Picache was also part of, this marks the third time Picache and Chiu working together in one project.

Julio woke up and was discharged, but Mio still threatened them. Margaux couldn’t believe Celyn would betray her, and their feud began. Theresa tried to hide Celyn from Julio, but they already met each other. Driven by guilt and grief, Theresa tried to get Diego back.

Lucas Eddie Gutierrez was in prison being visited by Yolanda Pilar Pilapilwho forgave him for what he did. The second season aired on January 14, with the episode featuring the grand revelation of Celyn being the daughter of Julio and Beatriz, [7] while the third and final season aired on March 7, with the series opened a new chapter with a time skip focusing on the characters’ young-adult stage and business rivalry.