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Sep 20, Pamela rated it liked it Shelves: Wang Guang-mei is not so wise. Mereka adalah para petani miskin yang putus asa, karena berbagai bencana alam, yang menyebabkan mereka gagal panen dan kelaparan. This, in itself, is not a problem, but showing a woman with some integrity and strong belief would have helped generate some interest in the story. February 12, 5 Nov 16, Jul 10, Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: Her switching viewpoints from the first to third person on just about every page would be in other cases off-putting, but somehow seemed to work here.

Preview — Empress Orchid by Anchee Min. I don’t know enough about Chinese history to tell you whether this aspect of the story was accurate or realistic, but I can tell you this — it bored me. My father used to say to “deny, deny, deny” when confronted with a lie. But its told in three different voices — often on the same page — which makes it difficult to follow and not very engaging. To ask other readers questions about The Last Empress , please sign up. China is a neighbour we share border with and probably has a civilization as old as ours, if not more. The book follows the story of Tzu Hsi known as Orchid who enters the Forbidden City as one of the Emperors concubines at the age of seventeen.

Ayahnya mati dirundung malu. There is nothing I can do about this. Most of the rest were Hawaiian, Japanese, or Chinese.

However, it has left me wanting more history and facts – I feel I only got a fiml of the relationship in the Maoist inparateasa pie! From there she would end up in Yenan the home turf of the Chinese Communists led by Mao Tze Tung and from there Lan would become fascinated with Mao and would become his lover eventually, in which they would marry but Mao’s party comrades would disprove of the Mao-Lan marriage because it was a slap to the face of Mao’s orhldee wife and to the moral character of the Communist party.

This continues the story of Orchid. In addition, you never get into the character. In the ‘s European incursions and peasant rebellions were already undermining the Dynasty. View all 4 comments.


Împărăteasa Orhidee

This book is certainly thought-provoking. There was a whole lot of gas-expelling in this book–more than in any book I ever read! The prose was cheesey as fuck either way. Instead, you are left hating the so called heroine of the book and wondering if it will I have read several books by Anchee Min and this by far is the worst.

Dan saatnya kita mulai belajar. His skin is the surface of the moon. She is a lady who knows when to shut up, when to disappear, and she treats me like a queen.

Becoming Madame Mao by Anchee Min

Her grandfather taught her to love Chinese opera, and at a young age, she ran away to join a local opera troupe. She sees that to be a truly good leader, education must be a balance of the glories of history, the harshness of reality coupled with the tools of reasoning.

It was oh so romantic, this and that person fucked me over, I was the only little girl to suffer from feet binding in China that was nasty.

I felt gilm because I liked Azalea so much that I really wanted to like orhixee one, but I just couldn’t do it.

Becoming Madame Mao

I liked learning about the imperial court life by learning about the culture and the politics. May 31, Jen Johnson rated it it was ok Shelves: Kaisar Imparatewsa Feng akhirnya meninggal dunia pada umurnya yang begitu muda karena penyakit dan stress, tiga imparataesa tahun, meninggalkan permaisuri dan selir-selirnya. Min deserves credit and respect for tackling such a difficult topic. Yes, men don’t like women having influence in politics or life in general. This book is written as if it were a memoir of the wife of Mao Zidong.

That’s a pretty broad overview of Chinese 20th century history, and I liked that. Jan 17, Beth rated it it was amazing. Who is the real Empress Orchid?

View all comments. I adored reading about what Orchid did to be chosen as a wife, and what she did later to gain the Emperor’s interest. Anchee Min, prin aceste doua carti, ii da un dr Un pic mai istorica decat Imparateasa Orhidee, Ultima imparateasa e mai apasatoare. Konteks seperti ini, seakan mirip dengan apa yang terjadi saat ini.


Maybe this book shows a side that traditional historical writers have omitted. His own reputation as a leader maintained intact, while his country went to hell. Era diagnosticata cu cancer la gat. The biggest problem with this though was how hurried and rushed it felt in places.

Metoda pe care o foloseste Anchee Min, memoriile fictive ale doamnei Mao othidee un paragraf mai jos prin orhicee istoric intrerupe firul narativ ceea ce la inceput deranjeaza putin dar te tine ancorat in realitate, riscand altfel sa o iei pe o alee periculoasa a empatiei cu domna Mao.

Anggrek di tengah penderitaannya bertemu Yung Lu, bawahan Su Shun yang pandai, tampan, dan setia padanya. She moved to the United States in Mao is allowed to divorce his wife, but Jiang Ching is blamed. Even the Orhkdee that fled to Hong Kong, they turned their backs on their countrymen. Maybe the young Min had fantasies about the bitch girl who had a nicer regulation something or other than she had? No matter what you do, you are going to be defamed. During her lifetime, some important facts I come to know about Madame Mao, she had 3 Chinese names, 4 husbands including Mao, 1 daughter Nah whom she was not much of a mother too and was known as the White bone demon because of her influential support to the proletarian Cultural Revolution which destroyed and changed many lives across China.

Imparateasq Hsi is not your usual 19th century Chinese woman. I love this author normally but this book was blah.