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Mereka khawatir kalau perjalanan ke Cina akan sulit untuk mereka, jadi mereka menggunakan kunjungan ke rumah sakit untuk mendapat cukup waktu dari Ban Doo-hong. The son of Kim Jongseo, Seungyoo, is a handsome and wise man who carries a noble quality. Si Wan 18 episodes, Dia dikuasai oleh manik2 serigala yang lapar akan energi manusia. Her hand actually touches his faceā€¦ Iljmae: The hunter spies on Yong, who waits impatiently. Speaking of whom, Swe Dol looks a bit ill after a night of no sleep. Tapi Dae-woong benar2 sakit melihat ini.

All the actors have done well in this drama, especaily Jung II Woo, who plays the title roll. Dong-joo malah berkata kalau dia tidak tahu apa-apa lagi. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: His newly invented lock is unopenable, besides being super pretty and shiny. None of the three robbed nobles are on that list. Full Cast and Crew.

Dae-woong membalas balik kalau dia tahu hari apa sekarang tanpa Dong-joo harus repot2 datang kesini untuk mengingatkannya. Yong’s relationship with his foster father was touching and felt genuine, in part due to the script and the actor playing the father’s brilliant constant look of concern, in part also due to the comedic relief he provided do separate him from the other characters with devious intentions.

Iljimae Episode 16

Mi-ho khawatir tapi Dae-woong berkeras kalau dia baik2 saja. Please enter your username or email address. She has served him ever since. The son of Kim Jongseo, Seungyoo, is a handsome and wise man who carries a noble quality.

Hye-in menenggelamkan kesedihan bibi dengan bir lalu membuat keputusan kejam dengan mengirimkan foto Mi-ho yang memamerkan ekornya pada bibi Min-sook. Wow, Return of Illjimae is sounding better and better. Wol was born as Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a noble family who won the love of the Ketika Dae-woong meletakkannya, Mi-ho terbangun dan melihat Dae-woong di atasnya.

Dae-woong berlari sejauh yang bisa dicapai oleh kakinya saat Mi-ho melihat dari atap. Yong was actually awake having just come from robbing the noble of his ginseng and looks at the sleeping Swe Dol. Sinipsis 20 episodes, This is an annual expedition for the monk.


It’s like those silent scenes where all the feelings seem to be jumping out and I found myself nearly teary at moments. Arang and the Magistrate Woong, bagaimana kalau aku berubah menjadi seperti itu, setiap hari?

The Return of Iljimae 1-24 (Final)

Eun Illjimae gazes up with admiration, sparking jealousy in Shi Hoo, but then she notices an assassin archer climbing up to the roof. After the confession of the previous episode, when Iljimae explained to Wol-hee what Dal-yi meant to him, the air is strained between them. Who, being possessed of a fine radar and new skills, can see him as soon as he appeared. So will the Oscars still rock you?

Iljimae Episode 16

Except Shi Hoo knows his mother is Dani, and figures it out. I am wondering what is the meaning of the bells rung during the opening credits, when you hear the sound of the page turning To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: She asks Soo-ryun what her son looks like. Byun Shik goes home and tries to scold and beat Eun Chae with his shoe in hand, but her glare makes him drop his shoe.

Swe Dol snores so hard sinopss wakes himself up, and he sees Yong lying asleep next to him. Dae-woong menjelaskan kalau Mi-ho sudah mengambil setengah dan dia baik2 saja, jadi Dae-woong berpikir kalau akan baik2 saja bila Mi-ho mengambilnya lagi.

I am really beginning to feel sorry for Wol-hee.

Jadi dia tidak mau menyianyiakan apapun. You are commenting using your WordPress. Sinopis are commenting using your WordPress. It seems that the mother and son have a lot in common. Mi-ho bertanya-tanya apakah dia sudah membuat Dae-woong khawatir, tapi Dae-woong tidak bisa memberitahu Mi-ho apapun jadi dia bergegas menemui Dong-joo.

By way of explanation, Soo-ryun relates the story of her own life: As Wol-hee is conveyed in her prison cage down the same path Dal-yi once traveled, the narrator indicatesBae and Cha-dol are also on alert, wondering if Iljimae will show. Mereka khawatir kalau perjalanan ke Cina akan sulit untuk mereka, jadi mereka menggunakan kunjungan ke rumah sakit untuk mendapat cukup waktu dari Ban Doo-hong. The fight choreography was victim to the common one-on-one fighting motif which is unrealistic and impractical.


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The performance is kind of scary, actually. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Sim-Duk 15 episodes, Are your ROI recaps becoming better and better?! At first he was this crazy damn guy but he really grew on me. Siinopsis tells her to hurry to the cave where Keol-chi is waiting, and sends the horse away.

Satu bulan kemudian, Dae-woong sinposis dari Cina dengan seluruh kru film sebab mereka sudah menyelesaikan syutingnya. That said, this portrayal sometimes goes too far, making villains, most nobles that is, seem like one-dimensional, greedy creatures with no sense of shame or any other emotions for that matter. I agree with you javabeans; Why does BBF get all the love?

How they confirmed, is a mystery, since Kyum is obviously alive. Kuk-Doo 16 episodes, You are commenting using your Facebook account. It also has a lot of “rewatch potential”. In fact, the other officers are also startled, knowing how Dal-yi came to her end. Ampong sedih skli walaupun filmnya msh episode 13 tapi Terharu pas baca ampun pngen nangis;: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Mi-ho menghentikan Dae-woong, meminta agar bisa pergi dengannya, dan memohon agar Dae-woong marah saja kalau dia memang marah serta melakukan apapun yang dia suka selama dia masih bisa berada di sisi Dae-woong.