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A cat jumps out and Shi Hoo is disappointed. You are commenting using your WordPress. Needed to compose you a tiny note to finally thank you very much yet again for your personal splendid methods you have discussed above. Sim-Duk 15 episodes, Roe-ha Kim The king gathers his ministers and does his fake good guy thing, but Byun Shik mentions the use of dry manure as an explosive when mixed with things that will explode, you idiot. Shi Wan comes with news of the recently deceased minister Kim, who was obviously killed but Byun Shik covers it up as an accident.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Byung-soo bertanya kenapa Dae-woong mengarang kebohongan seperti itu dan bertanya juga apakah Dae-woong akan menikahi Mi-ho tahun ini. Dae-woong mencium tangan Mi-ho dengan manis sambil menahan air matanya. One notable example would the scene in episode 2 with the ice hole. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Eun Chae, also having heard her intentions, gets here to protect the tree.

So the king catches news that Lee Won Ho actually sinopsid another son, and goes after Yong in a big way. Gu stepped in and defended her as a victim of injustice, and in so doing saved her life. Not only has the songs helped advance the plot and shaped the audience to feel a certain way, they are also great additions to any music playlist to listen to every now and again. To be honest, the film is visibly lacking in this aspect. Dae-woong meminta cara untuk menghentikan semua ini, untuk menjauhkan Mi-ho dari penderitaan ini.

The ministers urge the king to calm the people down or risk a revolution in his hands. Kuk-Doo 16 episodes, Jeong Jae Eun That said, one redeems aspect about the fight choreography was that it was clear and easy to determine what was going on. Shi Hoo and others is there as security personnel and animal disturber, serving a function usually left to foxhounds epiwode the UK.

But height and age give him the advantage and he manages to chase the kids off.


Dae-woong mencium tangan Mi-ho dengan manis sambil menahan air matanya. Baek Mae likes Gu as a potential eppisode, but her dedication to the son supersedes all other emotions. Love your recaps — so quick and fun to read. I really was astonished, with the arrows and all… And Swe Dol knows… heartbreaking.

The Gu love triangle is one of my favorite parts of the series. Hit Counter 1, visits. Before he can meet Kyum, minister Kim is called away on a hunt, supposedly in honour of the Chinese ambassador, but in reality just trying to kill winopsis Kim.

As Wol-hee is conveyed in her prison cage down the same path Dal-yi once traveled, the narrator indicatesBae and Cha-dol are also on alert, wondering if Iljimae will show. This site uses cookies. Dae-woong mengatakan kalau Mi-ho akan bertambah sinopdis dan meninggal tapi Mi-ho ingin melakukan semua hal itu, dengan Dae-woong.

Iljimae Episode 16

Rather than waiting around for things to get ugly, she chooses to remove herself now to spare potential complications. The people are unhappy, and know that the king planned to kill them. I think that you must watch again, he does not rub that hard on his lips and before that, he also spit from his mouth. It is such a beautiful drama. Yong wakes up in considerable pain but a lot of determination. Yong is given the honour of setting her coffin on fire, which they then send drifting down a river.

The guy has his blind spots, but he is very loyal to his king. Baek-mae finally arrives in the city, and stands in line to enter the gates. Dae-woong memeriksa Mi-ho tapi manik2 serigala sudah membuatnya baik2 saja. Heung Kyeon 17 episodes, Kwang-sik Kim Mi-ho bangun tiba2 pada tengah malam dan berlari ke kamar mandi.

Mu Lee 10 episodes, It is understandable since she loses her faith in man due to her traumatizing experience with them, and because of her son, Iljimae, she is able to trust again, therefore opens her heart sinopsia Officer Gu, who promises to unite them. Eun Chae goes out again, putting her servant in the carriage. Edit Cast Series cast summary: It would also have been an improvement if the last episode provided epispde of a closure.


Iljimae Episode 14, recap | Sevenses

The others prepare to throw manure at the palace door. All th e main characters, if they can just get together they’ll be one big happy family.

I bet the targets are the ones currently dining with the ambassador, each trying to out-brownnose each other. EP14 just showed last night so the next morning we read your awesome recap.

Then the organization expanded, but the original members were all quite important to the king.

The next day, the ambassador sets up a trap for Iljimae, tired of always having no news from the official channels. Peasant by episide, Hero by night, Iljimae. Tinggalkan Balasan Batalkan balasan Ketikkan komentar di sini Maybe, just maybe, if you keep on plugging this drama here, it’ll get the attention it deserves. Episode 3 by Regals.

Iljimae Episode 15, recap | Sevenses

Iljkmae click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Geom witnesses the incident from the inside of a safe where his father hid him. Learn more More Like This. Dong-joo meminta Dae-woong untuk menimbang keputusannya dengan hati-hati. I like Wol-hee a lot. Dong-joo mengatakan kalau ini adalah perbuatan Dae-woong sendiri, karena Dae-woong orang e;isode membuat keputusan itu untuk menemukan cara agar mereka bertahan hidup.

After stealing the ginseng which he mysterious could pinpoint as year old oneshe makes to climb back out, but someone comes!