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Then in the iCarly webcast, after Carly does her segment of making your own home-made smoothie, Sam announces the gig of Freddie and Gibby in their new band in the Groovy Smoothie and says that there is no way they are cancelling. When Sam’s longtime friend, Dana, is released from the juvenile detention facility, Carly really wants to meet her, but Sam doesn’t think it is a good idea. They travel to New York to meet Jimmy Fallon. Guitarist Kyle Matthew Hamilton Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Also, from Unreality TV: One Direction is performing on iCarly, but Carly and Harry get sick. Gibby tries to decide on a phone case with an extremely nervous store employee.

After Freddie is sent downstairs, he is caught by Gibby and Spencer. Madisen Hill as Girl and BooG! Carly and her friends do an episode of iCarly saying it was their fault and not Jimmy’s. These boys are so styled their hair barely moves! Then every time he has to answer a call, he has to slap his cast in the thigh section so he could answer the phone. It is a one-hour episode, but was originally planned as two half-hour episodes. Before Carly logs into iCarly.

This is the series finale. After the dance, Colonel Shay informs everyone that he has to return to his base in Italy, and invites Carly to move with him.

Is that a sock? Here is a plot summary: Because parrt this, they angrily split up to find out who the purple robot is.

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Nevel silences him and magnetically seals on the head so Freddie cannot take off the costume. Every one of them was really funny and they all knew their lines and I think they have very good chemistry and they seem like really good friends. Despite Carly’s initial reluctance, Carly receives supportive encouragement from everyone and accepts the offer.

To comfort Carly, Spencer asks to take Carly to the dance, and she accepts. The friends also can’t stand Spencer because of his childish nature. Meanwhile, Spencer has some fun with a pair of night-vision goggles that he found.

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Sam Puckett Nathan Kress Freddie successfully finds Nevel in the iCarly studio. British comedian James Corden a friend of One Direction’s was one of the well-wishers who was with One Direction backstage at “Saturday Night Live,” which was hosted by Sofia Vergara in the episode that had One Direction as the musical guest.


One Direction as themselves. While the gang starts dancing, Gibby’s pants fall down, causing indecent exposure on camera, as he is not wearing any undergarments at the time.

Then two nerds come on their way and sit down with the girls.

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Views Read Edit View history. When they get home, Sam goes to the fridge to get food and episodr her laptop in a pizza carton.

Benson is heavily pelted with corn. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Then every time he has to answer a call, he has to slap his cast in the thigh section so he could answer the phone.

After a hilarious episode where a case of jungle worms is passed around, the band began What Makes You Beautiful. Even though Principal Franklin, who is one of Gibby’s customers as well, agrees that the restaurant violates numerous school rules, he approves it and lets Sam and Gibby keep running it secretly when Mr. Spencer tries to apologize to him, giving him a free stuffed unicorn from the Jerk Basket, only for Freddie to throw it back at him.

The episode and series concludes with Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer and Gibby all reflecting on the many ups and downs they have shared over the years while Carly watches archived highlights of various iCarly webshows before her plane takes off. One Direction is performing on iCarly, but Carly and Harry get sick. Ethan Munck as Guppy, BooG!

Carly dresses up as a life-size serving of tuna sushi, Sam dresses up with a hat with “hand sanitizer” on it, and Freddie dresses up as Lewbert. Surprisingly, Colonel Shay arrives and escorts Carly to the dance after all. Downstairs, they find Spencer, who has been tied up by Chip. One Direction showcase their hidden talents as they guest star on iCarly Another string to their bow! Edit Cast Episode credited cast: It was cool, just seeing the five of us mesh with the five of them.

The final season saw the iCarly gang getting more popular. At the Pear Store, Freddie is still getting dumb customers, and Sam has been promoted to assistant manager. Corden tweeted backstage photos of the guys in One Direction. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Start your free trial.


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Spencer’s birthday is coming up and Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby think that since Spencer has had fights with T-Bo, been kicked out of places and hangs out with too many people younger than him, he needs some friends his own age. After this, Sam quits her job. Meanwhile, Spencer starts a fire for the 18th time after fixing the snow woman which nearly burns down the living room, so the fire department refuses to put out any future fires, which causes Carly to be upset at Spencer and she forces him to make up with them.

Realizing Harry is playing sick for the attention, they hatch a plan to get him back in the group by telling him Gibby has become their newest patt member. On May 17,it was announced that this season would be the final season, and the series finale event would air in November This is our perfect kind of show [and] we get involved as much as we can. Then, Sam asks them to remember the time where they came there and changed their minds iyo Carly and Spencer leaving, which turns out to be a replay of the scene with Lewbert and Bushwell entering the door.

This is the th produced episode of iCarly. The gang heads upstairs to the studio to stream their last iCarly webcast together, with Colonel Shay present. Nevel finally feels he has had his revenge for the”iCarlys” not regaining his popularity after the incident with the man in a wheelchair. What did you think of the highly anticipated One Direction episode of iCarly?

One of the scenes that fans were talking about the most was of Harry in bed, holding on to Carly’s arm as he asked her, “Can I have some fruits? Meanwhile, Spencer finds his old lunchbox filled with Funk E. Gibby Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Tina Fey as herself. Retrieved June 6,