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Freddie failed because his technology composting project caused him to import worms from Portugal by burning a lot of jet fuel. Bob Steel Geneva King. His only appearance was in ” iPie “. Despite this, Carly is relieved that Griffin no longer wishes to date her. She is not seen after this but her songs can be heard in the background of iCarly and Victorious. He is featured on the bit “Messin’ with Lewbert” on iCarly, in which Carly, Sam and Freddie pull pranks on him, once going so far that they accidentally blew his wart off his face with an “exploding muffin basket”, made to shoot confetti, but blew up as an explosive. The next day at school, Freddie tries to disguise himself, but Carly makes him remove the disguise.

To Carly, Sam, and Freddie’s amazement they think that it is not the most manly thing in the world, Spencer also agrees. Spencer Shay Jerry Trainor is Carly’s immature, childish, hyperactive, older brother. He sings a song before his “death” and falls to the ground. Some policemen recognize Cal as a criminal at the Groovy Smoothie and arrest him. Carly is a kind and easygoing person who would do anything for her friends, although “iDate a Bad Boy” shows that she can be shallow, as she had a dislike of Griffin’s hobby of collecting Pee Wee Babies a parody of Beanie Babies. At the hotel, they are visited by Kyoko and Yuki, fellow competitors for the same award. The sign also malfunctioned and spelled out “Pee on Carl”, which Officer Carl thought was targeted at him. In other projects Wikiquote.

Thanks to Freddie, iCarly wins the award show due to their performance. Then in “iDate Sam and Freddie”, they kept arguing, while Carly helped them get along, and eventually they would make-up and kiss afterwards. Retrieved September 15, Cal was actually a criminal because he built illegal nuclear projects using black market uranium. Meanwhile, Spencer and Freddie find Charles Dingo’s rumored frozen head and come up with a plan.

Then in “iDate Sam and Freddie”, they kept arguing, while having Carly help them get along. Chuck Chambers [12] Ryan Ochoa first made an appearance in “iHurt Lewbert”, when playing racquetball in the lobby, which Spencer got him grounded by his father for two days.

The five later parachute into Japan out of an unsanitary possum -filled cargo plane after the pilot literally makes them fly “over” Japan. Carly and Spencer catch their new neighbor, Griffin, stealing Spencer’s motorcycle. That leads to Freddie getting teased by several classmates and iCarly fans and even little girls after Mr. Carly makes Sam realize what she did was wrong and that it is ruining Freddie’s life. There is a running gag in the show where Sam is prone to say bacon.


Carly, Sam, and Freddie try to reunite Marta and Lewbert to put an end to Lewbert’s attitude in ” iFind Lewbert’s Lost Love “, only to find out that they broke up after 5 weeks of dating because of Marta’s obsessiveness and that she is the presumed cause of Lewbert becoming an irritable person.

The two artists made amends and started to make a sculpture of a jaw for a local dentist. Meanwhile, Spencer hires an incompetent repairman dancer to fix the elevator because he thinks it’ll take longer.

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Audible Download Audio Books. The two of them end up sharing a final kiss before she leaves. After Spencer defeats her, they flirt briefly, and she is never seen in the series again. The girls set up several lcarly scenarios to try to convince Shane into kissing them, but they are unsuccessful. They only appear in the special “iDo”. In addition to ” iPsycho “, Guppy also appears in ” iSell Penny Tees ” when he was on the iCarly webcast, “iDo” when he was riding in his little flame car that is attached to Gibby’s bike, and in “iStart A Xtriker War” in which he, Gibby, and their grandfather are driving to Webicon.

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She has a bullhorn, and commonly uses it in the school hallways. James is a mean math teacher and detention moderator with an extremely unpleasant personality. It is shown in “iSam’s Mom” that she is somewhat desperate since she asks strioer stranger if he would like to marry her. Benson would pay attention to her “injured” son rather than her relationship with Lewbert.

Spencer is sometimes attacked, pranked, and tormented by Chuck Chambers, a trouble-making boy who lives in the apartment building. She means well, but can be overprotective, although they love each other.

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Howard’s request to have it closed. Carly, confused about the situation, questions Nevel on how he won the contest.

Duke Doug Brochu is an aggressive student in Ridgeway who likes to strikrr. She appears also in “iGo Nuclear” when Sam gives Gibby a wedgie and she needed to give him his new underwear, “iPsycho” when she took Guppy to visit Gibby at Spencer and Carly’s loft, and in “iEnrage Gibby” offering Gibby a snack while he was punching a punching bag.

However, he tends to get overprotective, as shown when he intercepts and interrogates Carly when she enters her apartment. Mark archive footage Terrell Lee He is very skilled in beat boxing, which he frequently does, much to other people’s annoyance. Sam Puckett Nathan Kress In several episodes, it is stated that Spencer went to law school ivarly of his father’s wishes for three days before dropping out.


Nevel then test-drives the spaceship car and crashes into a flower shop, and iCarly succeeds in preventing the end of the webshow. Carly and Freddie then hire someone to give the money they earned to Sam in a tip at the restaurant where she is working.

He reappears two seasons later in the episode “iBust ocarly Thief”. Freddie gradually gets used to this so much so that in “iKiss”, he stated that “his life would feel too weird if she didn’t make him miserable all the time” and kisses Sam after they mutually compromise to “get their first kiss over with”.

He also enjoys drinking milk in the shower, as stated in the episode “iGot A Hot Room”. At the pageant, Sam finds out she can compete because it has been seven and a half years since the ban. Freddy tests it on Sam, and it said she was in love. He also appears in the iCarly video game. To get revenge on Sam for pulling a revenge prank on him by putting a dead fish in his locker, Freddie pulls a prank on her by handcuffing her to Gibby Noah Munck.

She occasionally refers to herself as “Momma. Generally, she is indeed hostile to Sam, in which, Sam is hostile in the same manner. Galini who works at Galini’s pie shop. It is also revealed that, unlike Cort, Ashley is actually intelligent and works at the Brilliance Bar at the local Pear Computers store Freddie makes her act stupid to trick Carly and Sam into firing Cort. She is worried about him getting hurt or having relationships with girls especially Carlybut in “iWill Date Freddie”, she wanted Carly to love him.

It turns out Foogtor’s brother is the one who can translate causing Spencer to yell “well why didn’t you ask the brother? Carly cries, learning how much the world would change if Spencer is born normal.

Meanwhile, Sam teaches Spencer to lie when he has a rented movie that is 10 years overdue and he fails to lie at the rental store, but the store owner reveals that it was a prank.

After Nevel tricks her into believing Carly meant to tackle her grandmother, she, Freddie, Carly, Gibby and Sam get their revenge on him. Linda Peeloff archive footage Jamie Snow