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Soon after boxing up his text books, Nagi considers becoming the Last Ninja to build up his resume. Scroll 36 – Ring and Revenge January 1 st , Fill out the signup form and start watching instantly. Inspired by Takaharu’s resolve, Fuka and her cousins find their courage as Tsumuji arrives with their Ninja Ichibantou. Plot Keywords good vs evil , martial arts , superhero , anthology , tokusatsu , superhero team , ensemble cast , masked superhero , franchise , super sentai. After overpowering the ninja, Nekomata opens a Time Door to and enters it with Takaharu, who broke free, chasing after him. Thunder and Ninjas January 1 st ,

Join the network of satisfied members and try this service for Free. Hurrier and the Counterattack January 1 st , After having the Ninningers attempt basic ninjustsu with poor success, Sasuke and Yosuke deem Takaharu the ill-prepared of the lot as the group are altered to a Yokai. One that looks like the two he piloted and one that has the raging arrow. Thunder and Ninjas January 1 st , Footage from Hurricanger episode 37 when Motodrome transforms into a more dangerous form and the Hurricane megazord is finally introduced. After helping Takaharu with his fear of green peppers, the Ninningers find Kinji as he watches his father and brother killed. Father and Sons’ Bonds January 1 st ,

The Trap and the Eternal Life January 1 st Idol and Friendship September 15 th Meteors and the Three Wolves January 1 st But upon hearing of the Yokai already killed, Kinji freaks out over not coming to Japan sooner before being alerted to a Yokai minutes before the other Ninningers. The Medal and the Comedian January 1 st Throughout the contest, his quarry having competition in other ninja groups, Starninger makes attempts on the Ninningers’ life in the a perilous flag race and then Ball Rolling.


The Mammoth and the Six Ninjas January 1 st The Chief and the Bath January 1 st The Punch and the Rival January 1 st The Ghost and the Schoolgirl January 1 st The Demon Sword and the Epissode January 1 st While Tsumuji explains he saw the item in the old dojo, he is shocked to find the End Shuriken as a brooch in his sister’s latest clothing episoe. But this causes friction between Takaharu and Yakumo with the latter taking his leave.

The Flash and the Three-String January 1 st Rasuto Ninja no Shiren ” Japanese: Takaharu is then taken into custody while episodde others flee.

After reviving Nekomata as he destroyed by a Shironinger-piloted Shurikenjin Paoon, the fight witnessed by a mysterious ninja, Kyuemon has a realization on the End Shuriken.

Super Sentai Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger Episode 51 Scroll Wind, Water and Earth

Later, having set up how Kinji’s assassination attempts will occur on a daily basis, Fuka trains with Takaharu to become stronger. Mission and nurricanger Heavenly Ninja January 26 th Join the network of satisfied members and try this service for Free. The Mushroom and Points January 1 st After expressing that he had fun dealing with the Last Ninja’s students, Masakage reveals to Kyuemon that he knows the episdoe was with Kibaoni and warns him that he will kill him if he does anything he finds untoward.


The Flash and the Three-String January 1 st Father and Sons’ Bonds January 1 st After a couple more training courses, Fuka confronts Takaharu about acting on his own despite taking out all hugricanger enemies. Later, Kasumi reveals that she already parsed out Ungaikyo’s scheme and that she wants to be both a scientist and the Last Hurridanger, Takaharu then realizes that he has completely forgotten his promise to face Raizo as the villain is lividly waiting for him.

The ninjas accept the challenge from the enemy, but Yoshitaka orders Takaharu to stay behind and have a final bout against him. Later, after Kasumi returned to the university, the other Ninningers find Takaharu slacking off.

Hruricanger Ghost and the Schoolgirl January 1 st Idol and Friendship September 15 th Meanwhile, Kyuemon uses the fear he gathered to bring another of Kibaoni’s followers back to life. But the mysterious figure revives Kappa into a giant with the Ninningers forming Shurikenzin to fight him.

Yoshitaka appears to pick up Takaharu in the Special Investigations Division while Go watches over a mysterious phenomena appearing in the sky when a warrior introducing himself as Kamen Rider 3 epjsode him.

The Ghost and the Schoolgirl January 1 st Giant and Mecha January 1 st The Armor and the Raging Arrow January 1 st ,