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It is doubtful that she could love the man Salman Ansar was. In the scene where Mahira looks at herself in the mirror, wondering about what lacked in her that her husband fell in love with another woman — is nothing short of a masterpiece. For me SEZ is a complete package and i find everyone doing great acting. Do check it out. Sher e zaat last scene 1 years ago. JK Rowling gave away over m pounds and lost her billionaire status because of giving charity. Her rage is everywhere yet she stands quietly. Jee chahay toe sheesha ban ja

Yet Salman is barely even attracted to her, let alone consider her as an important part of his life. His looks coupled with his acting abilities do make him the perfect Salman Ansar. The entire force of the scene, regardless of how well the veteran actors are playing it, crumbles within seconds. Indeed no woman should go through what Salman is putting her through right now. This page was last edited on 16 January , at To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The play also assumes that people who are rich are not humanists or give charity. Episodes 16 — 19 Recap:

And yes Mikaal has shown tremendous growth as an actor, as everybody else has commented as well.

Shehr E Zaat Episodes

LOVE the back, the front not so much … probably need to wear it to see how that tie like thing and the pockets look on me. Logically or rationally speaking, she would not be attracted to a man who treats her terribly. The toxic masculinity affects us all, and men the most. Falak is an educated, intelligent person.

There is also little explanation by the writer as to why Falak has found an overpowering feeling of love for Salman. Falak, often lauded and loved for her beauty and cherished as the only daughter of a superfluously rich industrialist — has never episodee this kind of an attitude episodw she is treated so off-handedly. Revisiting Shehr e Zaat, part 2.

However, I still think it was a great effort and we do need these new innovative ways of doing things to keep our dramas interesting so Well done Sarmad and Mahira.


Played beautifully by Munawar Saeed, the fakir warns Falak of materialism and ego. Would you be so epizode and please: I use to be such an avid follower of her show and her whole crush on Tom Cruise bit!

There are many humanists across the world, billionaires, who have donated their wealth out of compassion for their fellow human beings rather than finding spiritualism or any other notion as such. But her nani convinces her to forgive and she goes back to him. The pace of the drama is precise and to the point.

Shehr-e-Zaat Episode 11 By HUM TV – video dailymotion

Am I putting two and two together and making it five? Episode 12 was def the climax of the drama and best episode yet! I did want to see the full red dress though — editors kyun kaata woh outfit! Falak notices the vulgar changes Tabinda has made to the house ehehr retains her composure.

Coming to the episode. I agree with you about the dialogues we hear during the bathroom scene. I totally agree with you SZ Mahira was Brilliant in this episode. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Loved the confrontation scene of Tabinda and Falak and the washroom mirror scene.

Falak has a nervous breakdown and then moves out of Salman and her home back with her parents.

Shehr-E-Zaat – Episode 11 Complete (HQ) On Hum TV(480p_H.264-AAC)

Falak later finds out the home of the boy and finds out that he is dead. Sometimes, women are taught to adhere to standards of perfection that make their own lives miserable.

A period of time later, Falak and Salman go out for dinner. There are many factors that shape us and make us and turn us into who we are and what we choose in life. Nobody thinks or talks like that!

Mahira has a natural grace under fire probably why the acid-throwing angle seemed more implausible than ever and a commanding presence that is a sight to watch as it shakes and is thrown out of its loop.


Not to say that the others are not shehg a great job but their roles are less demanding.

This shfhr uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now i can break away from my habit epieode reading the current reviews and getting annoyed at them,Nice to see so many same old people. It is curious to see how other writers tend to execute similar dichotomies unsuccessfully. LOL the interest in the outfit I ordered, yes Falak mania is indeed very much in the air! Otherwise, it seemed that the role has been written in a way that could have made Falak really annoying really fast.

Glad to have you on board!

Shehr e Zaat – review and recap.

I noticed that your blog has been put up on the official page of Umera Ahmed. I love what Sarmad does with mirrors, and when I saw the big mirror in the bathroom I knew we were in for a fabulous moment. You can check out a full list here. Shehr-e-Zaat Episode sheh English Subtitles 3 years ago.

Hum Awards Hum Films List of programs. What made him apologize? Interestingly no one else seems to have any problem with this man apart from Hamza, who tells Falak that there is a stark difference sbehr the love Hamza has for Falak and the love Falak has for Salman. Moomal Productions 7th Sky Entertainment.

But there is incredible intensity in Mahira standing before herself, questioning everything, finding no answers, completely empty and completely broken. The little boy, Majid, has a poverty stricken home which Falak visits and gives the family some money to help them out.

Gut wrenching but a turning point in the story.