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Travel Mementos Beyond climbing: We are on safe ground. On August 9, we stood on top of the South Tower of Mount Asgard, after 28 pitches with difficulties up to 5. Thomas climbing meters above the ground. Thomas climbing the last pitch. It got its first redpoint ascent in , by Kurt Albert and Gerold Sprachmann , and after that it was again one of the hardest alpine free climbs.

Slowly, with every move, the pressure got less. In case of a mishap, the ensuing fall is about 20 meters. I chalk up twice and move on. New routes, current events, interesting side notes, and much more Our Milestones From until today: Of course, the descent was much more difficult than the ascent. We sit on the red bench at the crag. The home of the Gods!

Even after thorough preparation, I am not able to climb the Kommunist every time I try – it takes good shape, freshness, bfafin good conditions.

Bavarian Direct – Huberbuam

Considering the impression they leave, the Mallos are the Iberian version of the Tre Cime. I meet Michi Meisl at the Schleierwasserfall. It was only the sum of the hyberbuam I had and the many meters of ropeless climbing that brought me closer to making my dream happen. In case of a mishap, the ensuing fall is about 20 meters. Together with Guido Unterwurzacher from Tyrol, I islandd climbed the route on sight.

Die Huberbuam – Close Call with Mount Asgard Trailer

Alpine Highlights From Berchtesgaden to Antarctica: Our website is optimised for a resolution of 1. I want to be by myself, the only thing I brought along is a video camera as a silent observer. More important is the tricky, low percentage kind of climbing and even if the twelve meter route is quite short: The main difficulties lie behind us, and yet,every single pich requires our full attention. This is where the Kommunist leaves the Opportunist. A surprise was waiting: After about three minutes the spectacle was over, the film on the camera was exposed and the beanie was again a good reason to fool around.


The following descent down the snow couloir and more importantly the huge bergschrund were very easy that day. On the other hand, I have the experience and I know myself and how being sans cord affects my climbing. Climbing up a free standing tower without a rope, and then reaching the summit knowing full well that one has to down climb everything!

No rope, no harness, no protection on steep rock. Our line, which follows the Bavarian Directwith variations along the Belgarian and two Huber-Pitches gets a rating of 5.

Fifteen more moves, and I reach the top. Mario Walderthe perpetually psyched East Tyrolean,is still optimistic and in a good mood after 40 km of hiking. The beanie was put aside and after a short inquiry if everything is fine on my side, he set off and before I had found him with the tele lens, the first moves were already dealt with.

Thomas climbing the last pitch. Baffin Island lies in the path of a generally northerly airflow all year round, so like much of northeastern Canada, it has an extremely cold climate. Travel Mementos Beyond climbing: The perfect bed for the vertical world. The Schleierwasserfall remains my favourite crag: Alexander on the second pitch. As if my body was moving on its own, it took me upwards and it was only towards the end of the difficulties that there was room for other thoughts again.


The home of the Gods!

The only way down was the route I had climbed to the top: Our Home from July 13 to August 5. The first pitch in particular climbs a unique feature. At 10 am I transitioned from the snow couloir onto the rock, 59 minutes later I was on top. We use cookies on this website to improve your user experience.

Slowly, with every move, the pressure got less. I knew that by free soloing the Opportunist 5. Our most difficult climbs, our most important ascents, and our most emotional summits The meter south face was first climbed in by Burgasser and Leitz.

Films, books and more. Because it is virtually unavoidable to skip loose holds and because several pitches are linked without real rests, free soloing the route certainly results in difficulties of 5.

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