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Look at the deep love that he had for his mom. I could have the cleanest home with the least amount of clutter in the best neighborhood and someone will appear and tell me I’m in the ghetto in a shack with no room, 35 other people and it is covered in everything that can crawl. I’ll refrain fr Sandra slander today? That is in my status field on my MS Lync. Especially in Uptown Charlotte where there are no electronic stores and only like 2 retail stores. I have noticed that TGIT hasn’t been promoted as heavily as it has in the past. They better explain quick why Shine Johnson is being allowed to have his way at Empire.

Like Denzel said in Training Day That’s exactly what I was thinking. None of Time Jr books are really age appropriate. No extra scenes, no extra checks, just peace! I see any bs that I think is close and you’re getting a phone call. The viewers are down, there’s tweets about too much gay in the show, so they’re cleaning it up? But first thing that came to mind were the priests in The Exorcist.

Yes, to all of this.

I hope it’s not one of those days on the blog. Who know who IS thankful or should be Iggy-Iggy IDK if she consciously chooses white men or if Black men simply don’t like her. It was great last night. I’m confused by that. It just so happens that I have the taste of an elementary school kid. My stuff is in storage containers, in great condition. LOL I was thinking the same thing great legacy and htgam seems tainted with white snow.


Did anyone see the dig at Power at the concert? Click the link to see which one of these ladies will haunt your dreams this season on Empire. Hakim can’t get himself together.

They started doing it by accident. They had a story something like this on Queen Sugar last night. Not to your priest on your deathbed. He’s a really nice gentlemen.

How To Get Away With Murder Episode 3

I’d just love to have seen him have as much reverence for Black women as Black women have for him. I’m Kindle user for life!

I have noticed that TGIT hasn’t been promoted as heavily as eeason has in the past. And that is the code to live by when you do foul stuff. It was good last night. I liked her on Girlfriend’s. She bashed me once to my mom.

The only thing she needs to pay attention to is her sew-in. Bc Cherokee where the casino is What if his commute is long! Epixode chile I ain’t even think about that. I see any bs that I think is close and you’re getting a phone call. Who the phuck let his ass in to a church.

How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 3

I see your point It’s sad that I have to dumb down my writing for my readers. I just can’t believe it. You and your trojan horse riders can hurl off into the sunset. So now all the shows are like that. I can, however, see him using Halle as a come up. I won’t spoil it in the event someone hasn’t watched it yet, but it was good. Sometimes, I just want to talk tv with someone, but I don’t want to impose.


I don’t put it past the writers for her to have slept with lucious too But she’s quiet long enough for us to hear him whisper in her ear that she’d better lie about the fight with Rhonda to make it look like an accident.

But damn how far is htgawn for yall? I want to be free. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I’d love to read what people think about this. Have a good life, troll. I’m a catch up this weekend. See me with questions. Yes her shows do.

In Case You Missed It: Empire, Season 3, Episode 1: ‘Light In Darkness’

We ALL know who you ill. It is so well written.

You in here reading Jackie Collins and Stephen King. They go on hiatus and Vdotomen forget and by the time I remember they are gone.