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Bathroom Stall of Overheard Insults: The Secret Society soon bring in the newest teacher into their ranks leading to his face heel turn. Jasper said he found it at the school. Eddie calls Patricia “Yacker. Sweet to leave the house. The Sibunas find their third reflector in the library, but Fabian now knows Jasper has been lying to him.

Her fault is that she trusts him. Later, as Mick is leaving the house for good, Mara emotionally runs to him and they share a goodbye kiss. At the school, Mr. To Alfie, he taunted him for thinking he could stop him and rescue the unknowing KT, and claimed, “You always get it wrong, Alfie. Amber also had shades of this while running against Mara in the school election, this time over the affection of Mick. Not exactly a band of brothers though, as it’s, as Amber puts it, “Three girls and two men.

You sound just like Corbierre [Victor’s stuffed raven], Amber.

House of Anubis: The Reawakening Season 3 Episode 24 Ending Victor is Trapped by Robert

eeawakening Meanwhile, Eddie overhears Patricia telling Joy that she likes him. Jerome’s search for Frobisher heirlooms leads him to Nina and Amber’s room, where he finds Sarah’s dollhouse. As Sibuna enters the antechamber, they are shocked to find Victor standing there. KT thinks that Eddie is lying and is still convinced that Frobisher is dead, and she is very sad and broken up.

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Nina gets like this reawakeing lot in season 2. Eddie and Fabian have the anubix weird dream. At the gatehouse, Frobisher gives Caroline a mission: Joy agrees to Mara’s plan to flirt, date, and break Jerome’s heart, but she has some difficulties; Mara learns she is next in line to inherit a Lord’s estate, making Jerome jealous that he has lost an opportunity to be rich; Eddie escapes the crypt after having a vision of Patricia being kidnapped by Denby, Frobisher, and Victor; Eddie goes to the school to find Patricia.

Patricia lets herself out the next morning while KT is asleep, but later Willow finds KT and lets her out. Trudy finds him and thinks that he had stolen the object. Denby and Victor are putting together an after-show party to keep the Anubis kids distracted.

Nina gets a clue from Sarah in a dream where Sarah tells her, “You’re not giving up on me are you? A new teacher, Miss Denby, arrives and settles into the gatehouse, possessing a similar key to KT’s.

Senkhara becomes angry at Nina and gives the mark to Amber, Patricia, and Alfie as well in vengeance. Victor appears out of nowhere, startling Nina and reprimands her for entering without knocking.


She yells at Nina for visiting Gran instead of working through the tunnels. Fabian and Joy go to a movie.

Joy misinterprets advice from Miss Valentine and decides to write a rude post about Nina on a blog by an anonymous blogger named “Jack Jackal”; Rufus meets with Anugis and promises to share the power of the Mask of Anubis with her; Victor has a dream of Vera getting marked by Senkhara, but when she doesn’t show up to make breakfast and Victor tries to find Vera, he makes a terrible discovery Joy reads Fabian’s poem since Jerome put it on her clipboard after finding it, and she believes that it is for her.

When Alfie enters it, it collapses, trapping him. KT screams because Patricia has her and Fabian and her are threatening him to give them the artifact and KT wants Eddie to leave.

Look at these pictures, it looks eisode you’re really in love. There, they find the next clue — a key. Later on, the dollhouse opens a hidden reawakkening to reveal a map. Sweet and is taken back to Caroline. KT, Fabian and Eddie find out more about Frobisher’s history. Meanwhile, Eddie has a vision of a person smashing the phonograph, while the other Sibuna members KT, Patricia, Fabian, and Alfie are watching, laughing. You ripped anubus heart up into tiny pieces, then ripped those up too.

Patricia has to admit to her friends that she has been keeping a big secret about her twin sister, Piper. I mean, I want to say, ‘Eddie, I like you, I think you’re cute’ and all that stuff, but by the time it gets to here points to her mouth it comes out as, ‘Get out of my face, Eddie, you freak!

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Fabian loses a puzzle piece when he shoves his bag away when he thinks there will be a bag search. Fabian explains his epiphany and tells them they need to wait until night, they agree but are unsure of how to do it. The Power of Friendship: Eddie, Sophia, and Dexter learn about the Touchstone of Ra. Klariza Clayton and Tasie Dhanraj Secret Circle of Secrets: Mick excels in training thanks to Mara and the two end up kissing. And just as Nina is getting over the speed at which Amber is aging, Alfie turns into a baby Vera now bears the mark of Anubis and the Sibunas have all the reflectors, but they run out of time and the reflector stands disappear.


Your opponents have already set a match for three days time. Patricia feels that Piper is cramping her style. Miss Denby turns them both into sinners. Turned out, he was slowly dying and needed The Cup of Ankh to save himself. He secretly releases mice in the house to give him a reason to search the bedrooms. Amber comes up with a name for their gang — “Sibuna” Anubis backwards. Meanwhile, Fabian’s attempt to read Nina his poem fails, and Nina has another terrifying dream.

He also finds the panel in the attic that conceals the picture of Sarah. Jerome and Alfie throw darts at a picture of Mr. Sweet about the flea problem and Trudy tells Jerome to write a letter for Joy; Victor is looking for them and they all run; They all run but are crowded by the chaotic people and Frobisher tells them “there is nowhere to hide”; Harriet drives in and takes them which causes him to grow angry; Harriet tells them that KT’s key protects people from Ammut and if they get Denby’s key, in legend, it is said to stop the evil if they places these keys on the staff; Meanwhile at Anubis house, Alfie, Patricia, Frobisher and the rest of the sinners trick the remainders Joy, Jerome, Mara, and Trudy and takes their souls away so that Ammut can get stronger and develop a human form; Meanwhile, Willow, KT, Eddie, and Harriet go to the gatehouse to see Denby asleep with her sun key on.

In Season 3, a major cast change occurred after the departure of Nathalia Ramos at the conclusion of the previous season and Ana Mulvoy-Tenwho left the series in Episode 10 of Season 3. While she isn’t shown to be very smart overall, she does have many moments of genius and is very skilled at fashion. Fabian asks Nina to the prom and she accepts. They resolve to return to the attic xnubis they want to play the cylinders. The answer lies in some old diaries, but one is missing.

While Nina and Fabian visit the attic to listen to the cylinders, Amber sneaks into the attic and follows them. Under pressure, Fabian makes a wrong move at Senet and things look even worse for the Sibunas.