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If they were meant to be saved, then is Hyuk needed at all? The foot quite literally popped out of the tumor. He notices a box of acupuncture needles on the table and is shocked to learn that they belong to Kwanghyun. Of course he is! Which leads one to ask why did Fate step in? You can watch them online.

Ooh, I like this development. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2! Was there a vacuum originally? Pls we want new kdramas to be aired in sri lanka. The doctors proclaim their innocence while the same enraged citizens from earlier are brought forward as witnesses against them, and though Hyuk and Heo Gwang have never even seen them before, fellow Doctor Ik-joo claims he has.

Also I’m wondering what kind of burn ointment Jin had stuffed in that bag – because Young Rae was talking about her burn like it was episore the distant past, but it was about days ago, right? Cameos – Doctor Stranger. FYI, the first official stethoscope used in Western medicine was a wooden tube, and was based on other tube-like instruments used for similar purposes.

Was there a vacuum originally?

The king summons him and demands to know if he is willing to put his life on the line to save Dr Ko. Something happened jar baby that caused Jin1 dotcor cross the parallel universe barrier and appear in Jin2’s universe as patient zero. But even though the point and mechanism of time travel in the original version weren’t all that convincing, the show made up for it by giving a truly moving personal journey for Jin and the other leads.


Horse Doctor Episode 25

Then, I could have hated you. Kyung-tak arrives on scene and arrests Hyuk and the other doctors, instantly and suspiciously believing the enraged citizens. You can watch them online.

January 24, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctorsageuk. I agree SLRC do it in a good quality. Why hogse you bringing up the police bureau at the end of every sentence? FlexibleSamurai June 27, at 2: Or something far more morbid which surgey can’t cure? What did Joseon ever do without Hyuk? I would like to see at least one good trait! Very slowly because I actually like starring at Epizode.

The king comes to see Dr Ko in person Jinyung visits Eunso who previously told her that one day Jinyung would have to make a choice between her father Myunghwan and Kwanghyun. The king goes to see him in person. Pls we want ddoctor kdramas to be aired in sri lanka. But I would still like to see at least one flaw!


Minister Kim chides him only a little, but is otherwise fine.

The drama is dragging but, I’m still holding on if only to see SSH. But he says nothing. So preparations are made for the operation. A messenger heads to Hwalinseo to order Heo Gwang to bring surgical supplies to the palaceā€¦ are they joking?

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Contact us about this article. You are commenting using your WordPress. All the doctors are working to find a cure.

I love Korean dramas mama ilanawa my girlfriend gumiho hari who are you hari dream high hari danma kiyala awa hari lassanai gaming kamathi weyi Like Like. How do they do it?!? Sthethoscope was eipsode to what they had in the Japanes drama. Hoon Proposes to Jae Hee: Sung Byung Sook Supporting Cast. Why do you say so??