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Let one of us regular guys write a terrible children’s book! Enrico Irritazio voice J. Use the HTML below. Homer, I’ll pay you bucks. Feels good to tell the truth. Clot, clot, clot, clot clot, clot, clot, clot!

A deal is struck. The plot section of this episode has much excessive detail. Okay, this is the place. Refusing to accept the loss of all their memories, Marge decides to restage all of the family photos. Did I attach the harness?! Treehouse of Horror list. But we’ll have to move on. It is good doing real things with real people.

Little Girl voice Tress MacNeille Marge Simpson voice Nancy Cartwright I can’t wait to see Krusty. Excuse me, do you have a ladies’ room? He’s trying to make me look like a bad father. This has page one written all over it. Homer says that he will not make them public, as long as the celebrities start treating their fans with more respect and stop taking them for granted.

This episode’s couch gag, often known as “The Homer Evolution” by Internet fans, is the longest Simpsons couch gag to date, running one minute and 30 fulk this, added with the full opening, made the entire opening run for two minutes and 20 seconds.


Hey, Paris,I saw a disgusting part of your body on the Internet– your face!

Look at those celebrities. How about a nice shot of you with the boy you injured? I have no friends. So long, anti-clotting agent!

Is that horrible man gone yet? Dad, it’s Drederick Tatum. Boy, I never thought I’d have my own darkroom. It’s so hard to choose just one item fpisode of the safe.

The Simpsons Season 18 Episode 16 – Homerazzi

There’s the Rich Texan and his daughter,Paris Texan. Experts disagree on location of Heaven? Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Treehouse of Horror list. We will take the deal.

“The Simpsons” Homerazzi (TV Episode ) – IMDb

This article has multiple issues. This is a celebrity scandal. Each member of the family except bomerazzi Maggie gets to put one thing in the safe. Don’t Now we have nothing to worry about in the event of a fire except our lives.


But we’ll have to move on. I say five, Gus says a million.

God bless you and yours. Start your free trial. Or we could just resolve to be more careful with our open flames. You call this a drink? Search for ” Homerazzi ” on Amazon.

Abnormal seeing as Lisa’s been a vegetarian for many years now. Oh, here, homerazzu this one. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The number of scandals he reveals drives the celebrities to the point of wanting revenge.

The Simpsons S18E16 – Homerazzi

Homer, Peisode pay you bucks. Okay, boy, this is that snooty supermarket all the celebrities shop at. I was talking about your baby. Wolfcastle, resigned to having everyone’s outrageous acts exposed, asks Homer what he plans to do with the pictures.