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That hurts so bad. Yeah, because, uh, in America, we like to celebrate life after death, so So, we should probably just go take some Jager bombs at the bar in memorandum of Homegirl. Oh, is it cartoons? Blake Anderson Champion of the ramp. She was Malcolm, when Malcolm was in the middle. What do you say we ramp things up and, uh, just kind of oh!

Jillian Belk Erik Griffin Yeah, and he went and started the Backstreet Boys. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The three discover one of their coworkers, “Homegirl”, has died at work. I want to see Ben Affleck at the wax museum. The main office prankster.

We’ll ge Should we not remember Homegirl by at least having some sort of service for friends, and co-workers, and out-of-town guests? Karl comes over later and becomes offended when he learns they bought weed from someone else.

Good Mourning

It was a wild guess. So you didn’t really know this woman at all either? He just said to have sex with no, she You see what he was doing?


Adam and Blake get Anders kicked off the swim team, which leads to their first bonding moments over beers. Every time I close my eyes I see episoed face. Alright, well that was obviously a bullshit holiday, but some companies make it a big deal when bros want to celebrate actual holidays. But seriously, whenever I’m sad, the only fixer is a mixer! But it’s something, uh, a little more meaningful.

Jillian and Blake wind up connecting, but it gets a little weird.

Share this Rating Title: Her name was Roberta Paulson. List of Workaholics episodes.

Edit Details Release Date: Bill as Bill Stevenson Scott Beehner Is it like a cool little droid dude? Alone on Valentine’s Day, the guys turn to a webcam girl for romance.

Workaholics s03e05 Episode Script

Yeah, okay, so if you guys were actually up Alice! No, it’s like a video with last words or wishes. This page was last edited on 12 Augustat After seeing a commercial about a blind woman who makes the best breakfast burritos only miles away, the dudes go on a midnight road trip for the ultimate breakfast burrito.

Very gnar to meet you. And the fact that she showed the entire office her titties proves that she’s the epissode office prankster, tied with me, obviously. No, but, like, what is knowing, nowadays?


8 Moments On ‘Workaholics’ That Have Happened To Every Bro

But don’t let that get you down. Who’s that drowning deviant stares Blake, you need to destroy his sound system.

Just have sex with Blake and Anders, not Adam, ’cause he’s sad and stupid. So Lance Bass, I think, was originally the star, and then Justin Timberlake, like, knocked him off his throne. And check this out.

I cannot believe you would pull that spermicide prank on me. One random night of bong hits could put a bro on the unemployment line. Yo no, you can’t come workahokics.

The guys spend more time with Lisa and even get to meet Lori Beth Denberg. We can do that.