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During the storyline where Patrick is trying to get custody of Minnie, the boarding house that Maxine is staying at with Darren Osborne and Tony Hutchison, is vandalized with the words “Once a Victim, Always A Victim”. Carl decides Myra is not the right guardian for Bobby and she agrees Bobby would be better living with Carl. Unknown to everyone, Nancy and Darren took hair from a hairbrush in which they thought was Sienna’s but it turned out that the hair came from Maxine’s brush. Prepare yourselves for Maxine: Maxine and Adam reconcile a few months later and she is shocked when she finds out he has been working for his corrupt father Glenn Donovan Bob Cryer. Mitzeee reveals to Heidi that she slept with Carl.

Days after the attack Mitzeee still bares bruises and starts realising the full consequence of what she has done and what could happen if Warren gets off. Soap opera reporting website Holy Soap describe Carl’s most memorable moment as being: Mercedes reveals the affair herself and Mitzeee tries to comfort Riley. Archived from the original on 14 November Mitzee told Maxine what happened to Riley Costello Rob Norbury , as she was devastated as he was killed and she never got a chance to see him. Carl and Bobby run through the woods but Bobby manages to escape from Carl and runs away. He reveals that he will give them each a drink but one contains poison.

I feel very lucky to be part of such a wonderful show and to be working with an amazing team”.

He chucks her on the dirt on top of where Louise is buried and sticks a spade in the ground and forces her to dig. Joel tells Warren about this and Warren takes his anger out on Mitzeee. Carl falls over before he is hit over the head and killed by an unknown assailant. Articles with attributed pull quotes. This causes tension and hostility upon Carl’s confrontation with him.

She screams, alerting Darren outside. Patrick and Maxine break up numerous times mainly over her behaviour.


I’ve had such a positive reaction to the role, which I was a little bit shocked about! As he walked towards Mitzeee in the village, he was shot when a gun being fought over by Brendan Brady and Simon Walker was accidentally fired.

In JulyMitzeee called Maxine to tell her to not trust Warren, after what he has done to her. Mitzeee assists Heidi in a fashion show while continuing to seduce Carl but Carl rejects her further. She explained that when she was told of Mitzeee’s exit storyline she felt it was “just perfect” as it was “just so fitting” and it contained “every single emotion into that last week”. Some believe her, including Sienna and Nancy Osborne Jessica Foxhowever, most believe Patrick – who has told the village that Maxine beats him.

Hollyoaks – profiles – Mitzeee Minniver (Rachel Shenton) – All 4

The ultimate insight into the week’s soaps”. Carl is filled with joy, but still goes after Walker to kill him. She gives him to Cleo McQueen Nadine Mulkerrin and tells her to hide him and reveals that Carl is an alcoholic and that Mitzeee has left him.

Maxine and Adam reconcile a few months later and she is shocked when she finds out he has been working for his corrupt father Glenn Donovan Bob Cryer. Opacic returned again for a guest appearance on 8 Julywhich ended in his character being murdered by Breda McQueen Moya Brady. With Mitzeee storyljne unconscious on the floor, and with Riley and Lynsey on their way back to the flat, Mercedes became increasingly desperate and ended up stabbing herself hoplyoaks the stomach.

However, at the airport, security are summoned when Maxine discovers Patrick planted a knife in her escape bag, so she cannot board the plane. Carl decides Myra is not the right guardian for Bobby and she agrees Bobby would be better living with Carl.

Mitzeee has also done lads’ mag photo shoots and other PA activities before arriving on screen.

Shenton conducted research into the type of character Mitzeee is, and how the backstory would make her act how she does in the holloaks. Without Maxine knowing, he plots a plan to make Maxine look responsible for his murder, such as pretending Maxine hit him and transferring grand sums of money to Maxine’s account. Mercedes sister, Jacqui McQueen Claire Cooperalso finds out about the affair but Carl manages her to convince her to keep quiet by offering her husband, Rhys Ashworth Andrew Mossa job.


Retrieved 20 December Maxine is drugged by Kevin Foster because he was told to kill her. However, Darren and Nancy ruin Maxine and Adam’s date. Patrick also puts a bottle filled with alcohol in her bag and she loses custody of Minnie.

While they are in the car park, Riley and Mitzeee share a passionate kiss. The next morning, Grace arrives so Maxine hides under the table but Glenn locks the door leaving Maxine trapped. Maxine and Simone break into Glenn’s office while Grace distracts him. Rachel Shenton on Yollyoaks exit and future plans”. Maxine tries the pregnancy test, which reveals positive.

Carl Costello

Mitzeee makes many failed attempts at seducing footballers and is jealous over Theresa’s romance with Logan Fairhurst Thomas Sean Hughes.

She also learns that their child has Down’s syndromeand during an hollypaks by The Loft fire escape, Patrick grabs Maxine and she falls down hollyoa,s stairs. It isn’t all cuddles and kisses between Maxine and her sister, the glamorous Mitzeee. Warren decides not to tell Sienna after discovering that Patrick was abusing Maxine but Sienna blackmails Warren and he reveals the truth. Mitzeee is hollyoakks wannabe glamour model and WAGshe is portrayed as being ruthless in achieving her goals and is fame driven.

As concerned Lynsey ran off to find Riley, things took a sinister turn as Mercedes hit Mitzeee over the head with a bottle.

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