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From Bournemouth with Love. But when Mikey strikes a bond with the patient, Fletch gets more than he bargained for. Nicky tests Sacha’s patience in a bid to prove her abilities. She is further devastated when Michael fails to take some of the blame. Hanssen attempts to express his feelings to Roxanna. Serena is forced to acknowledge what is really troubling her. Bernie’s husband is fighting dirty in the divorce, turning her children against her. Dom’s commitment to his new relationship is tested when he is offered a great professional opportunity that he can only take up by breaking his promise to Lofty.

Season 16, Episode 5 – “Arthur’s Theme” Chantelle faces her biggest fear when Cameron is again admitted onto the ward. Season 16, Episode 13 – “Self Control” When Jac goes into labour early everyone hopes that the baby will be alright. But Guy strikes a deal with Tristan and his reputation hangs in the balance. He’s encouraged by Dominic to embrace internet dating but does he risk becoming someone he’s not? From Bournemouth with Love. When Abigail invites Fletch on a weekend away, he wonders if she’s taking their relationship to the next level.

Ric comes back to the department with a bang, but he struggles to find his place back in the staff.

On Off Show Network: Season 13, Episode 5 – “My No. Gemma brings her son to work once again but when he and medical drugs go missing she has to face the consequences with Ric. Meanwhile Colette discovers Guy cut corners to give her the nursing job and now she must prove herself to somebody from HR.

Season 18, Episode 14 – “The Hope That Kills” Guy’s career goes from strength to strength but has he realised what price he is paying. Can he keep it together? Dominic wants to uncover the truth about Lofty’s private life, but after taking some well-meaning advice from his mum, he is unprepared for what unfolds.

Can he keep it together? Raf and Fletch play cupid for Cara. His clean break does not last long however when he is confronted by a case from his past. Meanwhile Digby struggles to manage an increasingly erratic Malick but will he be able to stand up to his mentor? Meanwhile, Sami, a young foreign national is brought in by border patrol but Elliott refuses to do the surgery he needs done as he is not covered in the UK.


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Your Settings Your Timezone: Iain and Ruby get called to a difficult case of a little girl who has been involved in a hit and run accident, and Marty plays counselor to …. But is her short fuse making Serena too quick to judge? An unwelcome discovery threatens Dom’s career and his relationship with Lofty. Does she still hold a place in Serena’s life?

Serena faces a tough task impressing Guy when a particularly difficult patient arrives on AAU.

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Season 13, Episode 3 – “Tough, Love” Chrissie returns to Holby much to Sacha’s delight but it doesn’t turn out quite what he expected when Chrissie responds to Greg’s charm. When Frieda and a difficult patient reach a place of understanding, she finds herself taking in an unlikely companion.

Verify your username and email to complete your Registration. In the aftermath of the news that Arthur’s cancer has progressed, Dominic is overly protective of his friend, but acting out of character proves rpisode. All-Stars [anim] Lego Star Wars: He’s been on the run and now needs her to help his injured friend.

Tensions run high when Jac puts her to the test, is Darwin big enough for the both of them? Zosia takes action when Isaac reveals his true citt. Season 19, Episode 43 – “The Evolution of Woman” Ambitious Nina strikes a deal with a face from the past, but will she come to regret it?

In true Naylor fashion, Jac pushes her closest friend away as she waits for life-changing news. Fletch struggles with single parenthood as his home and work lives collide. With Gaskell’s dastardly invention inside of her, Jac fears for her life – but the only one who can remove this ticking time bomb is the man himself.

Donna Jackson returns to Holby on its darkest of days, but can she find her place in a hospital that has changed so much?


Season 12, Episode 5 – “Home Truths” Linden goes to visit his wife Olivia’s grave on the anniversary of her death but sees his daughter Holly there and leaves before she can see him. As his suspicions spiral out of control, Zosia makes a gut-wrenching decision.

Season 18, Episode 22 – “On the Ropes” Ric fights to be able to stay in control when operating on his much-loved old school teacher.

Donna tries to find ways to extend Ric’s recovery in order to delay his return to prison. Season 18, Episode 44 – “Indefensible” Bernie faces citt ethical dilemma when her wayward son arrives at the hospital.

How will the team cope when their whole world tvgage torn apart? Register using a connected account. Donna gets herself into some hot water. Sacha tries to protect Essie so lies.

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However, when Kim is accused of a series of deceptions, tvragge hopes and dreams could be dashed. Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy. Season 13, Episode 6 – “Betrayal” On Connie’s first day back, after looking after her father, Hanssen tells her that not all on Darwin are pulling their weight indicating Elliott. From Bournemouth with Love. Can he muster up enough bravery to ask for the help he needs?

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Ric is given an ultimatum by Tristan Wood – sign a proposal which will lead to the dismantling of Keller ward or face extinction himself.

Will she break the rules to help him? Meanwhile, Sami, a young foreign national is brought in by border patrol but Elliott refuses to do the surgery he needs done as he is not covered in the UK. Determined to protect Zosia at any cost, Ollie is blown away by a startling revelation. Season 19, Episode 7 – “The Kill List” Isaac receives a research grant, and an assistant position is up for grabs. Will she manage under growing pressure with only Hanssen to confide in?