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Keef does not take the hint, so Zim must use more drastic methods to dispose of him. Zim is spying on the other Invaders, checking on their progress via a massive telescope , when static appears on-screen instead of the desired Invader. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Mortos will grant Dib anything he wants, but is tired and requests time and food to regenerate. So he has no choice but to set off in his Voot Cruiser. Zim, through extreme selfishness and sacrifice of his teammates, surprisingly gets to the end of the trials.

Use the HTML below. The device is simple: On December 24, , the pilot episode finally aired on television. Dib manages to unstick the zipper and remove the suit, but now people are suggesting that all legends, even ones that Dib believes in, are false. Zim decides to use the school’s election to gain power, so Dib becomes the manager of his opponent to try and stop him. When a pigeon lands on Zim’s head in class, he is sent to the nurse ‘s office for having “head pigeons”, but he becomes concerned that the nurse may discover that he is not actually human.

Into The Blue 3.

Retrieved January 25, Gaz is on the trail of this video game fan boy and pursues ibvader to his home where she removes and destroys all the batteries.

The robot does not come with batteriesso every few blocks, the machine has to be plugged into a new power outlet to stay cloaked. A new girl at school, Tak, joins the class and “has a crush ” on Zim according to the other children.

Zim saves Dib so that he can get through the portal but he then leaves Dib to the monsters. Zim and GIR are abducted by two aliens who think of them as human and dog specimens. Dwicky, about his problems at school, and Dib tells him about how Zim’s an alien trying to take over the Earth.

The next day Dib discovers that he smells like meat and is ridiculed by the other children, and at that point Zim informs Dib that his vengeance is complete. He finds Agent Darkbootie to be the janitorand Darkbootie helps Dib by sending him to Mercurywhich has been modified the same way Mars has. Unfortunately, as the piggy must replace an object in the past, the piggy supplants Zim’s brain. Bill is distracted and fails to see Zim moult.


After a fruitless attempt at getting information, he is warded off by a horrible smell caused by the baby. What’s more is that the robot is cloaked, but Zim inside is not, making him visible for everyone to see.

As of August 19,all produced 46 episodes have aired on television and been released on DVD.

Zim discovers how much people like Santa Claus and decides to use this in a plan to take over the world by dressing up in a Santa suit full of data about Christmas. He goes back in, only to discover a platoon of babies in strange uniforms.

Peisode is in fact on a space station with his own over-the-top water-based weapon. Episoode monsters have a look through the portal but turn back as they are disgusted by the sight of GIR eating candy.

Out of frustrationZim throws GIR’s rubber pig at the machine and it bounces into the portal by accident, replacing a tricycle Dib had been riding when he was a small child and in pursuit of an alien, which turned out to be a kiddie bop-bag. Invader Zim episodes – ranked.

Skoodge voice Kevin Michael Richardson The whole water balloon plan was to kill Dib and possibly any other Zim finds annoying, the more humans gone, the betterbut, as usual, Zim goes completely overboard. Episodde sees this as his opportunity to take him down for good.

Retrieved 24 November When the probes send back artificial-looking structures, Zim and GIR then travel to Mars to find out what destroyed the “Marsioids” and to possibly use it to destroy the humans. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. He decides that as he doesn’t want to appear strange, he must also have a friend. When the Tallest hkbo what’s going on, they transfer Zim’s control over to the Resisty so he brings their ship in and they self-destruct.

Dib manages to persuade the president to use a digging machine to dig under the girl to get her out. Dib has managed to get a spy camera into Zim’s base in the hopes of recording some evidence that will prove he’s an alien.

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Not knowing what the spells would do, he casts one on his sister Gaz instead to see what would happen.


After Dib controls the planet, Dib finds Zim and tries to stop him. Dib also has cameras to record Zim. Full Cast and Crew. Keef does not take the hint, so Zim must use more drastic methods to dispose of him. Zim discovers Dib and shrinks to microscopic size to enter Dib’s body via microscopic submarine.

“Invader ZIM” HOBO 13/Walk for Your Lives (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

She then puts some batteries into it and continues playing. Zim works in a fast food restaurant on the Irken snacking planet of Foodcourtia but manages to escape before a massive amount of snacking causes the gravity to prevent anyone leaving the planet for 20 years. After failing to persuade them to leave the planet for his conquest, Zim goes about stealing the planet back and is eventually successful.

In order to get back to their home planet the aliens attempt to steal Zim’s ship, but Zim makes it to the repair bay before them and finds GIR messing with the power amplifier againcreating a field that induces stupidity.

Their journey home is complicated further by Zim temporarily losing his vision by looking at the sun, his disguise being mistaken for that of a bank robberand his escape from the police being wrecked by GIR replacing his extra rocket fuel with tuna fish.

Invader Zim characters episodes Invader Zim: Also produced is an explosionwhich is also exploding very slowly.

Invader Zim – Episode 16A – Hobo 13

Dib realizes his father dislikes Episodf. Brian GeorgeJim Wise. GIR escapes to gain more knowledge of the humans so that he can complete the mission. Zim finds that he is severely allergic to the school cafeteria ‘s foodand Dib uses this fact to try to prove to the other children that Zim is an alien.

This list is ordered by the episode order in the DVD releases, with broadcast dates noted.