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You really need to keep your head down, since the turret in the doorway can really hurt. Take out the hunters using explosive canisters scattered throughout the room, and also watch for a floating manhack that’s roaming the area. I think the Strider-Hunter finale is kind of a mess, myself. The path out of here is through the catwalk. It will be guarded by hunters. Use the pipes for cover to pick off the Combine. Listen to his instructions and practice with the device. They are soon interrupted, however, as they are informed a larger force of Combine advancing on the base, complete with Striders and Hunters.

The hall leads to a small room with a broken stairway that overhangs a fence. Walk past them and meet up with Eli. I thought this was a great climax and the best from the Half-Life series of games. Throw the switch by the gun to start sealing the silo. In the room you exit to is another worker fighting off a couple of Combine hunters. Climb up to the second level. Ride it down and then move over to the steam flow.

It’s hard to hit the target when it’s too far, so wait until it gets closer. Blast the 1 soldier who should be on this level. Drive straight, then left and to the end of the railway. Five Words or less review: In the room you exit to is another worker fighting off a couple of Combine hunters. Blast the 2 Combine that try to drop down and ambush you.

After repulsing the first wave, there will walkthroguh another. If you need any help getting past the army of Combine soldiers and hunters waiting for you, then look here. You will have to lead a combat against the Combine.

The other one which is outside is D. Throw the switch by the gun to start sealing the silo.

Our mutual friend p. II – Half-Life 2: Episode Two Game Guide & Walkthrough |

This first part make scenario walkthrougb progress and we also can see the rescuing rocket, which must close Combine Portal. Then move to another strider.


Shoot the barrel quickly to eliminate the explosive threat and the Combine soldier simultaneously. The door is sealed, so we need to crawl under the little stairs and get into the room via the vents. Patrol the area in your car and keep an eye on your radar. But it is also filled with action, so it is hard to walkthrouyh it in one word. The important stuff is just a little joke from the braggart rebel and that the alt-fire is a one hit kill for the hunter.

It will be easier to destroy the hunters from inside the building. To the White Forest p. When you see a new strider on your radar, pack your vehicle with a Magnusson on the back and drive into the action.

Just a bit further is a locked doorway with an emergency override accessible on the right. Eventually, you’ll get through the first waves of striders and everyone cheers.

This car will take us all the way to White Forest for the big conclusion. His motivations are more and more obscure. With the hunters destroyed, you can fire one of the Magnusson bombs onto the striders and detonate ’em to take out the long-legged enemies. Crawl through the broken glass and flip a switch on the control panel to close the silo’s doors.

Half Life 2: Episode Two Walkthrough Our Mutual Friend

The field layout is pretty simple as long as you take note of it early. I suggest you just rush around and climb up again to get to the 3 rd one. When you’ve stuck the Magnusson bomb to the strider, shoot the bomb with your pistol to detonate it.

Listen to his instructions and practice with the device. After taking out the second strider with the Wqlkthrough, go south toward the base where you’ll make your final stand against the last of the striders. Follow the ramp up to the next hall, ready to take on the Combine hunter that meets you at the doorway. Then jump on the machine gun and use it to take out the next set of soldier rappelling in along with a few man hacks.


Kleiner suggests using the technology of the Borealis epiisode the Combine, while Eli insists that it be destroyed to avoid another Black Mesa Incident. You should have 3 shots, so you might as well use them. There’s an explosive barrel on the left side of the hall that you eoisode explode to take walktjrough of the situation.

Just wait it out until Magnusson asks you to 22 care of the alarm. After taking out the first strider at the sawmill, hop back into the car and drive west to the cranes.

I suggest that you just use the alt-fire on the AR2 pulse rifle. Keeping it alive makes the rest of the battle A LOT easier. You will have to defend the base against the striders. Then listen to the commander. There should be Uriah and a medic.

Pour the other 6 shells into it and it should die. When the silo’s finally settled down, jump back through the window and reunite with Alyx across the room. The layout for the fight during the 2nd silo sealing is very pur done.