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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is revealed that Chaika is the former Emperor’s daughter, who managed to escape in the chaos following her father’s death and wishes to find her father’s remains so that she can give him a proper burial. Meanwhile, Red Chaika’s companions reveal to Chaika that there are other girls named Chaika who are also claiming to be Emperor Arthur’s daughter. During the last days of the war, Emperor Arthur Gaz orders one of his official to be in charge of a secret project codenamed Chaika. September 20, [19]. Vivi is forced to chop Alberic’s right hand to stop from killing Nikolai. Chaika – The Coffin Princess Japanese: After escaping him, Chaika explains that Abarth’s mansion is his Gundo which allows him manipulate any object within the mansion and the only way to stop it is to destroy its magic source.

January 18, [17]. She is about to shoot Chaika but is distracted by Guy, allowing Chaika to shoot her with her Gundo sniper rifle. As Arthur sits on the throne and grows older, he explains to Chaika the truth that she and her “sisters” were never really his real daughters as the Chaikas were based on his mistress who was killed by Stephan during the war which he uses as a basis for all of the Chaikas looks. The Movie RahXephon: Meanwhile, the Council of Six nations are suspicious of Stephan Hartgen hosting a fighting tournament where the winner gets his remains of Arthur Gaz so they send the Gillett Corps to investigate. Retrieved December 31, It is revealed that Chaika is the former Emperor’s daughter, who managed to escape in the chaos following her father’s death and wishes to find her father’s remains so that she can give him a proper burial.

The emperor’s remains are also powerful sources of magic power. Niva decides to help Chaika, revealing she is in fact a human gundo when she turns into a giant gundo cannon which Chaika uses to destroy the tower, killing Viktor in the process. Toru, White Chaika and Red Chaika are brought to Viktor in lab with a mysterious blue haired girl in a capsule. While Chaika befriends the princess, Toru, Akari and Fredrika have suspicions about the group. After a severe beating by Shin and Chaika captured, Toru is told to bring the rest of the remains if he wants to see Chaika again.

Views Read Edit View history. Avenging Battle aired from October 8, to December 10, Chaika – The Coffin Princess. March 22, [34]. Toru and Chaika encounter a girl named Layla whose asks for their help in rescuing the women captured by the Duke’s men engdub leads them into a trap. After Akari convinces Toru to make amends with Chaika, they learn too late that Chaika has left to find the island with Fredrika. With Fredrika weaken by Shin’s poison, Toru and Akari have no choice but to give the avengingg of the remains to save Chaika.


After acquiring Arthur’s ears, Guy appears and tells Toru and Akari to head to the secret island but both of them are now wary since Guy knew about the other Chaikas. The first season aired in Japan from April 9, to June 25, Toru and Akari attempt flul infiltrate the castle in order to steal the remains but their mentor Shin appears, forcing avenginv to escape. Layla, angered that Chaika has decided to continue her quest despite learning the truth, shoots Toru with a crossbow.

Chaika – The Coffin Princess Japanese: Vivi is forced to chop Alberic’s right hand to stop from killing Nikolai.

However, Toru realizes that the Dominica they are fighting is not human but rather her Dragoon taking her master’s form and forces the dragon to reveal its true form. Soara is a sky fortress that was knocked down in the war with Gaz.

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Akari and Fredrika sneak into the castle to steal the Stephan’s remains only to encounter avenginv group of Chaika warriors led by Shin and captured. Retrieved May 4, January 19, [15]. Toru’s group tries to find the Soara’s magic engine only to be ambushed by the Duke’s soldiers. Toru is disappointed that even though avengiing were citizens of Gaz, these people know next to nothing about their emperor. A division hirsugi the Kleemann Agency who have been tasked with capturing Chaika.

Arthur reveals his goal was to gather large amounts of magic fuel using several flying fortresses hidden in space to collect from people’s emotions with war bringing out the most of their emotions.

The Kraken reveals how magic was first used by Fayla before humans did until Arthur Gaz revolutionized the use of magic and Viktor was trying to mass produced clones of demihumans and Fayla. He tells Chaika to never forget her memories, both good and epieode. Arriving at the valley, they notice it is filled with magic fog. On their way to rejoin Toru, Akari, Vivi and Zuita discover that Fredrika, having created a second bodyis still alive. The Dragoon then reveals that Dominica died shortly after the war ended but due to their close bond, she was unable to forget her master.


As they leave the mansion, the trio are attacked by the Gillett Corps who demand that they hand over Chaika and the magical hand. To demonstrate his power, Arthur and Niva easily destroys a flying fortress sent to attack Hartgen. The Movie RahXephon: August 17, [14].

March 10, Limited ed. Meanwhile, with the Council now taking the Chaika threat more seriously, Konrad orders the Gillett Corps to continue their mission with Nikolai promoted as Captain of the Corps after Alberic’s death.

Eventually, Chaika manages to shorten her spell and defeat Claudia after the latter is distracted by Fredrika in her cat form. September 20, [19]. Back at Claudia’s estate, she reveals to Toru’s group why she has no interest with Arthur’s remains and gave hers to Chaika and tells her secret. Twelve volumes of the series have been published by Fujimi Shobo under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint.

Meanwhile, Zita, Leonardo and Mattheus rescues one of King Stephan’s advisors who revealed how the King became depressed after the war ended until Black Chaika arrived and promises him to bring the war back. Meanwhile, Chaika hires the Acura siblings to steal an item from Abarth’s mansion.

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As most the contestants rest for the night, Toru and Akari attempts to sneak in the King’s castle to steal the remains while Chaika sees Niva leaving with Guy voluntarily. The next day, despite being unable to learn short incantations, Chaika insist on beating Claudia fair and square as she, Toru and Akari battle Claudia in their duel.

Other groups led by girls claiming to be Chaika Gaz also pursue them to take their parts. Despite his efforts, Toru was only able to find a dying Jasmine, who comforted the boy in her last moments. Alberic and his organization fear that if knowledge of Chaika’s existence were to spread, Gaz loyalists would attempt to reform the Gaz Empire with her as a figurehead, which would reignite the war.

When Chaika starts climbing down the valley wall, the others follow. While Toru wants to leave, Chaika begs him to save the fake Princess Chaika, whose real name is Julia.