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Terminus Hotel and Upper Floors. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers. At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide. Playing the movie does draw away a lot of the enemies near the exit. It is recommended to get rid of at least one of them, by surprising him from behind and hiding the body in a crate or by throwing him out of the window. Challenge Guide by Video Game Sophistry. The Electrician — Part 1 requires you to kill an enemy with a screwdriver whilst wearing the electrician disguise.

This is a guide for completing all the challenges in the Terminus mission in Hitman: Then go into the room the guards came out of. Death Factory – p. A corridor adjacent to the passage from the main staircase is patrolled by one or two guards, depending on the difficulty level. The toolbox near the elevator in the basement has one. Log into your account here: No janitors are in the upper floors, but this disguise is considered “neutral” in most areas on 7F. You’ll have to perform some acrobatics here, but you should not be noticed by anyone during these actions.

One of a Kind.

You must use all three disguises available in the third game mission. The A Night In Paradise mission requires hottel to find a movie reel and play it on the projector in the upper floors. A movie reel can be found in the janitorial closet next to the restroom or in the ballroom.

Completing the Chameleon Challenge

Before you use the door leading to roomyou might explore first one more room located left from here screen aboveadjacent to one of banquet halls. Run For Your Life. December 3, at 8: Electrician disguise is relatively hardest to get and you must do it in the first stage – Terminus Hotel. Use the screwdriver in an Electrician’s garb to stealth kill five enemies and remain unseen.

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Upper floors – Getting to room | 3: Terminus – Hitman: Absolution Game Guide |

Simply hide the bodies in the stall; you don’t recover your points, but you can restart a checkpoint after completing a challenge. The last victim is in the room the previous guard just came out of.

Hunter aabsolution Hunted – p. Next go into the room with the movie reel in it. One of them goes to the side staircase from time to time, which should make your life easier. A ready disguise can be also found in the laundry room on a ground floor Terminus Hotel stage.

Dump the body out of a window. Collect the following Disguises see Items: Took the guard as a absokution and knocked him out and took his outfit. Death Factory – p. In order to complete the second part you have to walk over metal beams connecting two opened shutters on eighth floor the one located near a passage from main stairs and the one located next to the room door.

The Infiltrator challenge requires you to complete the mission without being detected in both areas. Attack of the Saints. Run For Your Life 5: Selecting difficulty level Exploring the area Opponents’ alertness levels Staying in hiding Using disguises Ways to eliminate other characters Using elements of environment Scoring and challenges Bonus content.

Sneak up on the remaining guard and garrote him: Completing the Suit Only Challenge The Suit Only challenge requires you to complete all parts of this mission whilst wearing the suit. The Electrician — Part 2 requires you to throw a screwdriver at 5 different enemies whilst remaining undetected. Terminus Unlock Kovie Edited: It is worth noting, that there is Hope goon disguise lying on a nearby table and you should use it if you do not want to attack anyone.

For The Electrician — Part 1 just take the electrician outfit, take a screwdriver there is one in the flooded cellar in the door near the electrician and attack somebody, whoever is closest. To complete the suit only challenge I found moie best to shoot my way through the Terminus Hotel part. Complete the chapter without using a disguise. Certain facilitation can be a fact, that you can terminuw enemies out of windows by surprising them from behind or waiting for them on ledges.


You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. If you himtan not have a movie reel, you can find it in one of the banquet halls, but it termijus harder to obtain it while remaining unnoticed. The King of Chinatown 3: It is located in the room adjacent to roomon the eighth floor.

Follow the dark path or use the light. The Evidence Collector challenge requires you to pick up the evidence in both the parts of this mission.

The shutter mentioned earlier is a very good solution to getting close to the room Only enemies, not tradesmen.

Completing the Terminus Hotel with Don’t Disturb. Termunus tool of many uses. Path of Exile’s latest expansion. A screwdriver is an easy tool to get so you should have no problems with completing this challenge. This challenge is automatically htel after completing the Terminus mission.

You must kill three opponents with a screwdriver.

Chapter 03: Terminus

Go back up to the front of the hotel and activate the alarm of the car standing near the entrance on the side facing the entrance:. No janitors are in the upper floors, but this disguise is considered “neutral” in most areas on 7F. Terminus Challenges Unlock Last Edited: They never hitmman what hit them. Unlocking the Housekeeping Challenge.