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Spoilers If you’ve read the Hetty Feather book series and think you might know what happens in the tv series, please don’t spoil it for other fans. However, thanks to the She-Mob, a group of nasty girls who seek to ingratiate themselves with matron, she fails to join the escapees. Minister 1 episode, Sophia Capasso The Case of the Missing Spider. Art dealer uncredited 1 episode, Tharek Ali Constable Clarke 8 episodes, Agnes’s job is put at risk when her family secret is revealed, while Emily argues with her father about her future.

Kate Webster 1 episode, Dan Tetsell Hetty finds an intruder. She never wanted any males in her life, she had only wanted Jem Cotton in the Hetty Feather book and programme at that time. In Victorian London foundlings Hetty Feather and Gideon Smeed are fostered by the Cotton family until the age of five when they are taken to the foundling hospital, run by the austere Matron Bottomly and separated into different wings for boys and girls. Pen Pals Number of comments Number of loves Governor uncredited 3 episodes, Nick Davison Doctor Mallory 1 episode, Jordan Coulson Walter 25 episodes, Isabelle Allen

Annabelle 1 episode, Mia 1 episode, Nurse Macclesfield 27 episodes, Josh Langley Meanwhile Hetty decides to find the Matron’s secret book and get her terminated. Family photographer uncredited 1 episode, Edwin 2 episodes, Arthur 2 episodes, Eliot Carrington Spoilers If you’ve read the Hetty Feather book series and think you might know what happens in the tv series, please don’t spoil it for other fans.


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Rich Posh Man 1 episode, Liar Number of comments 62 Number of loves Meanwhile a fight amongst the boys gets out of hand when it spreads to some special visitors. But will their rivalry get in the way of looking after the ailing patient? Elizabeth 24 episodes, jovie Matron attempts to coerce a cowed Mathias into being her spy as she sets the orphans to work making toys, supposedly destined for charities though Gus discovers that she and tradesman Cooper are planning to sell them to stores for profit and leads the others in sabotaging the goods.

Meet Hetty Feather stars Hetty Feather Lip Sync. Every foundling learns where they will be going as they are forced into cull military or servitude. Polly 10 episodes, Arthur Prestwick 2 episodes, Jessie Mae Alonzo The fourth series started on 7 May Looking for CBeebies shows?

But will Matron allow the foundling to be reclaimed without a fight?

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Delivery man 1 episode, Daniel Hawksford Hetty, aware that the nurse is the sole provider for her invalid father, persuades the children to go on strike and refuse to sing at the lunch but Matron tries to call her bluff by threatening punishment. I don’t like those shows I’m too old for CBeebies. Bridges 1 episode, Nathan Clough Hetty discovers news that will change her life forever. Ida Battersea 13 episodes, Mark Frost Jess 4 episodes, Overton 1 episode, Adam Astill Agnes Didcott 1 episode, Kate Webster 1 episode, Young Jem 4 episodes, Mercy Gaiger Hetty tries to help Nurse Winterson, but her help ends up landing an innocent man with the label of being a thief.


Joel Michaels 1 episode, It is open day at the Foundling Hospital. Miss Smith 4 episodes, Tut Nyuot Sleep pretty baby, do not cry. Hetty discovers the truth.

Lil 2 episodes, Nina Wadia Judd 27 episodes, Rosalyn Wright However the Matron is on the prowl and wants the girl found at all costs. Edwin 2 episodes, India Featuer Secret Scene – Blanche’s Story. Stan 3 episodes, Lady Grenford has a startling plan for Emily and Robert.

Joel Michaels 1 episode, Mengqi He Cranbourne 27 episodes, hettty Mia 1 episode, Hunter Keira Art dealer uncredited 1 episode, Penhaligon 2 episodes, Comments To use comments you will need to have JavaScript enabled. Blanche 9 episodes, Georgie Glen Vince 27 episodes, Matthew Ashforde Hetty has a surprise visitor with important news, but can she meet him without getting caught?