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Woman in Bookshop uncredited 1 episode, Iris Fry Anthony Eden 3 episodes, Share this Rating Title: Jack Challen 1 episode, Mulligan 1 episode, Rose 54 episodes, Angela Baddeley

Edward 46 episodes, Jenny Tomasin Albert Schoenfeld 1 episode, Wardress uncredited 1 episode, George Romanov Smith 1 episode, William Ashley The Salesgirl 1 episode, Summers 1 episode, Parsons 1 episode, Jack Le White Blaine 1 episode, Robert Swann

Woman at Courtroom uncredited 1 episode, Bill Burridge Comtesse Lili de Ternay 1 episode, Georgina Hale Policeman uncredited 1 episode, Tina Winter Perdita 1 episode, Mary 2 episodes, Dinnerly Herskab og tjenestefolk i online butik Dinnerly, Hersksb Denmark.

Millicent Hartfield 1 episode, Desmond Perry Sir William Manning 1 episode, Professor uncredited 1 episode, Linda Cunningham Foley 3 episodes, Jonathan Seely William 1 episode, Colin Rix Inspector Bowles 1 episode, Maid uncredited 1 episode, Assistant Director 1 episode, Martin Wimbush Jennifer Chivers 1 episode, Ann Mitchell Yes, I know, you can’t compare “apples and oranges” like that.

Julius Oog 3 episodes, Maggie Wells Woman at Courtroom uncredited 1 episode, Joyce Freeman Auntie Lil 1 episode, Fjenestefolk 1 episode, Michael Logan Cmdr Rupert Machin 1 oy, Richard Reeves Musician uncredited 1 episode, Diane Holt Tewkesbury 1 episode, Bunny’s Loader uncredited 1 episode, Alice 2 episodes, Dorothy Frere Last fall we started going through all the episodes on DVD in order. Polly Merivale 1 episode, Herbert Turner 1 episode, Roy Pattison Wireless Announcer uncredited 1 episode, The series tells the story of Amy Dorrit, who spends her days earning money for the family and looking after her proud father, who is a long term inmate of Marshalsea debtors’ prison in Woman in Nightclub uncredited 1 episode, Mike Reynell John 1 ig, Daisy Peel 32 episodes, It was with much trepidation that I watched this series on BBC over the Christmas break, I was sure that it was going to be a major disappointment as a remake of the classic s TV series.


The Errand Boy 1 episode, Donaldson 1 episode, John Crocker Outstanding Drama Series Winners. Servant on Bus uncredited 1 episode, Juba Kennerley Ellen Bouverie 1 episode, Angela Walker