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Selmer Jackson Admiral Nimitz. Freddy Warren, a young sailor, is also traumatized by Casey’s decision. This is a Charles H. Love these great WWII movies, both for the movies themselves, as well as the history that remains Upon reaching the strait, The Sea Ray ‘s sonar is knocked out, but the sub successfully navigates the mine field using Casey’s chart. Once outside enemy territory, The Starfish resurfaces, but the vessel has been irreparably damaged, forcing Casey to give the order to abandon ship. Newer Post Older Post Home. He must have listened too much to Sam Katzman.

United States Duration feet: Choose a new password: Selmer Jackson Admiral Nimitz. Login with Social Account: Nimitz to endorse the movie with an opening on-screen benediction. You will receive an email shortly to confirm your email address. Lockwood book as Vice-Admiral Charles A.

When Landon balks, Casey reminds him that the crew is nagy his responsibility, prompting Landon to cut Casey’s cable and submerge, casting Casey adrift. Abbott weathers the storm of disapproval, comforted in part by Nurse Helen Blair Nancy Daviswho admits to having dated the same sailor lost at sea, out of frustration that Casey hadn’t proposed.

Their sub goes on a perilous recon mission, and then Abbott exceeds his orders, charting a Japanese minefield by following an enemy ship. Selmer Jackson Admiral Nimitz. But Abbott’s second-in-command Don Landon Eduard Franz is convincing that Abbott’s sacrifice of Barton was due to the fact nxvy the dead man had been amorously pursuing Helen. These categories do well with the box workplace and when it comes to DVD helcats.

Ina Union outfit is sent behind Confederate lines in Mississippi to destroy enemy railroads but a captive southern belle and the unit’s doctor cause frictions within ranks. Chick as Joseph Turkel Don Keefer Either she and Ronnie did this as a 4th anniversary present to each other “think of it, we’ll have a movie hellcatts together! A forced conflict between the captain and his executive officer.


Search for ” Hellcats of the Navy ” on Amazon. After torpedoing the destroyer, Landon peers through his telescope dynopsis, spotting Casey bobbing on the surface, immediately resurfaces and saves him.

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Please Navt In hsllcats, to make changes to your account. A submarine commander inadvertently causes the death of a romantic rival under his command. Once outside enemy territory, The Starfish resurfaces, but the vessel has been irreparably damaged, forcing Casey to give the order to abandon ship.

Hellcats of the Navy Streaming Movie Downloader is currently the most popular movie in search. During hellcate delicate mission in which his sub is ordered to retrieve a revolutionary new Japanese mine, Abbott is forced to leave frogman Wes Barton Harry Lauter behind to save the rest of stnopsis crew.

Come nightfall, Landon leads the raid, but when their explosives detonate ahead of schedule, the men find themselves adrift in a sea of fire.

David Lang Screen story. He keeps all his scenes on task with his no-nonsense presence and solid line readings. It’s a thankless part, and he does it well, as usual. His sonar and radar disabled syynopsis attack, Casey has no choice but to follow a Japanese freighter through the treacherous strait, making a chart of the deadly mine field as the sub limps along. Every time the submarines go out, so does the sonar amazing, huh?

No matter how much fun the Medved brothers made of Hellcats of the Navy in their Golden Turkey books, the fact is that ol’ drugstore truck-drivin’ man Ronald Reagan is a solid actor.

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He’s square, for sure, but whenever he’s on screen, it’s a real movie. Edit Cast Cast overview: Many people really like to view comedy, horror, action, adventure, or drama videos. Use the HTML below.

Yes No Report this. Freddy Warren, a nqvy sailor, is also traumatized by Casey’s decision. Prisoner of War A dramatization of the British Expeditionary Force’s retreat to the beaches of France and the extraordinary seaborne evacuation that saved it from utter destruction by Nazi Germany.


First officer Landon finds himself in the same situation Casey faced, only this time it’s Casey being abandoned as the sub runs for cover. During the Korean War, an American officer is tasked with infiltrating a Communist-run POW camp in order to investigate the treatment of American prisoners by the enemy. This Week’s Top Trailers.

Nancy and Ronald Reagan’s sole film together, ‘Hellcats of the Navy,’ previewed decades of devotion

For security reasons your password needs to be changed Enter your current password: As it is, she’s kind of an embarassment. At one point, an obvious U. Goofs The Hellcat sub has a Japanese freighter in its sights out on open ocean, but when the torpedoes hit, it is clearly docked in port.

Not a TCM Member? Don’t let this association tarnish his heroic reputation. Irving Lippman Director of Photography. Add to that a dull crew given cute bits of business, and weak supporting characters like young sailor Freddy Warren Robert Arthur, of Ace in the Holeand you have a dull show. Werner Kirsch Sound Editing. Fleet Admiral Chester W.

Hellcats of the Navy

Subscribe to our store newsletter for savings! At the inquiry into the loss of The StarfishCasey is vindicated and given the command of The Sea Ray with Landon as serving as his executive officer.


Allied agents attempt to infiltrate the Nazis’ rocket research site. Love these great WWII movies, both for the movies themselves, as well as the history that remains Navy motor patrol PT boat is pawned off as a Hellcafs ship Create Account Learn More.