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I for one shall miss it. I just finished waatching Helix.. If they could now try to do a whole new show, taken only the best creative elements of the first season, and finding writers that know what the hell they are trying to tell the world. Season 1 was ok. Which shows should be doing better? Following a strong freshman season that peaked at over 1. It was weird and dumb. The plot never developed.

Good luck to Deadly Class…. What happened with season 2? I found myself at times during the second season whether to stop watching it or not. These figures are updated automatically as new ratings are released usually a day or so after the broadcasts. It was pretty clear from that sword fight, dude who plays Hataki is pretty good in real life with a sword. Home News Cancelled or Renewed?

Which is weird to say considering how crazy-pants it was. Jordan is using to help females become fertile?

Syfy Cancels Helix and All Its WTF-ery –

Sad too, on many levels. Please enter your name here. Make it easy with an essay writing service February 23, Unfortunately I guess most of the public has become too braindead to follow zyfy that require more than characters worth of thought. However, season 2 was a Titanic size disaster – it had no sense at all and it was just boring.


‘Helix’ Cancelled After Two Seasons at Syfy

November 13, 1: My initial thought was WTF they’re doing Lost now? I adore the season 2! The idea of sterilizing mankind and then allowing them to be selectively bred to a good human who will have the means and interest in caring for the child. Scripted Syfy Network shows listed: As of right now, this one is being canceled, and we are pretty sure that it will stay that way. December 24, I think the change in location was too much for some viewers. That’s why I gave it a shot. It’s like the writer got setting and plot confused.

Just a shame she has to go. I’ve only seen 7 episodes of season 2, does it have a definitive ending?

Channel Zero has been cancelled. I loved the quirky sound track and the detours into confusion it always sfy to make sense at some stage. January 28, 1: Please enter your comment! Top 10 Used Forklift Companies February 23, Not surprised at all it has been cancelled. After that I binge watched everything. With season 2 they were showing us possibly the war reaching its end in the far future timeline most likely aim was season 4 or 5.

Not surprised by the new at all but I’m kinda sad, I still have lots of questions. If it is your job to take photos of half-naked models including Charlotte McKinney, Francesca Eastwood, and Camila Morrone, you would be among the Check the current rankings: I am so heartbroken that they ended the series.


I’m up to S2E5 right now, and I have to agree with the majority. I’m sad to see it go. I really liked season 1 of “Helix” – it was crazy and in few moments even scary. July 25, 1: It seems that the fans and people who checked the series out were satisfied with what they heljx. Season 1 was ok. I watched 1 episode and that was enough! I’m sad to see it go! The best cancellation of the year! Although I must have watched the first 10 minutes of s1 e1 5x before I could get into it.

Soren was a good child actor. So I’m not sad the show was cancelled. I love Helix and was waiting impatiently for Season 2 only to find out that they cancelled after S2. The 1st season was great, but the 2nd season is a train wreck.