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She keeps asking questions, so Grandpa goes to get the set from another room. For me it also “drove home” the major differences in age and stage in life. The best episode, so far. Lee Hyun Jin Supporting Cast. So… you liked your ex-hubby for his music, nothing else? I think the real and major explosion of his emotions ,I mean from the calm and cool Shin might come Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! For her, just being a part of this performance has reinvigorated her love for music and the gayageum, which she was already getting quite sick of.

I am glad that someone mention it too.. It just makes me anticipate the next episode even more! Shut out, he dejectedly heads back to the school. He too runs for his car. That just means he’ll have to try reeeeeeeeeally hard to get her to love him again. Now, if we can just subdue cocky, insufferable Shin and bring out jealous Shin

He gave her a bicycle ride to school. He had thrown all of her music and programs out the front door, which Shin picks up. Silver July 23, at 3: I just said the same thing: One, the lack of Ki-young. Shin, a moody and aloof city boy, is initially smitten with dance professor Jung Yoon Soo So Yi Hyunbut that quickly changes when he meets the feisty Gyu Won, who can be said to be Korean folk music royalty.



I lurrrrrve him, Song Chang Ui! He tells her to stop treating Kyu-won like a slave, since their deal is over. Maybe to prevent her dramacarzy doing so??. He does tell her to beware of Grandpa though. Kyu-won is called over to meet with Professor Hong. I admire her determination without pulling a string.

The best episode, so far. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Does anyone get the feeling that the director guy who keeps rooting for Hee joo pulled some strings as in bribed the judges? Two, the touting of Hee-joo as this amazing singer. One of the bandmembers from The Stupid overhears this problem and reports back to everyone else, which of course sends Shin running for his bike. Why doesn’t KW like Ki-young?

Sigh, I really am begging for episode 8, but PSH’s health is most important.

He overhears Grandpa yelling at his granddaughter for betraying him, and Kyu-won insisting that she wants to do the musical no matter what. So when her mother asked her “why are you hanging out with that kind hsartstring kid?

Heartstrings Ep 12 English Sub – VideoClip

This is the first episode since eps that Jeartstring actually enjoyed: You are commenting using your WordPress. Rather, she catches Shin in the park and hands the necklace back to him. Their worlds collide at a performing arts college, where he is majoring in Western Music and she in Korean Traditional Music. He catches her looking, and she gives him a smile before continuing.


No emotion, no vibrato, so bland. Cindy July 23, at 9: I still believe that Seok Hyun will fall in love with Kyuwon. For her, just being a part of this performance has reinvigorated her love for music and the gayageum, which she was already getting quite sick of.

Silver, I was wondering if you got to see him in Life Is Beautiful There is the translation: That’s what I want to see! Thanks for the recap. Her character has a lot of flaws, but she doesn’t seem evil, but competitive and insecure those 2 together makes ppl end up being alone I think But in her interaction with Ki young drakacrazy she is a good person and wishes him to succeed.

How come men are always ignorant of the fact that if a woman is throwing up, the best thing you can do is to hold her hair back? Finally caught up with this drama! If it was a coincidence, oh well, I still think it was genius.